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  1. Minecraft has recently been on the rise in popularity once again. That being said, I've had multiple people suggest the idea of a Sharkbrew hosted minecraft server where we can translate clanning over into a new environment to explore and have new experiences. The server we have in mind will be more than likely "Factions". Factions is essentially what clanning in OSRS is translated to Minecraft. You create a team, claim territory, have wars, raid other clans bases, ETC. This idea sparked interest in some of our community members and I decided to gather some general feedback on whether or not you'd be interested in something like this. As we gain more interest, we'll be open to taking ideas and enlisting in experienced Minecraft players to help make it beyond a meme.
  2. Looks good, needs some minor smoothing to fix the jagged edges. Otherwise, very nice. Good job
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