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  1. Eat shit rage rats
  2. This guy is kinda toxic, sharkbrew please fix
  3. Nobody is going to waste 10 minutes of their life watching a video full of propaganda.
  4. This is what a winning topic looks like btw @Broxxx
  5. Your reponse was longer than your "winning topic"
  6. sick 1 sentence aftermath, impressive dude!
  7. You know your trip was dogshit when you can fit the entire aftermath in 1 scroll.
  8. LOL What the fuck is this? IS THIS YOUR AFTERMATH? Holy fuck, no topic would've been better than a losing topic man
  9. Only ones that seem to think they have any chance is Rage's circle jerk cumming on eachother's face
  10. An audio leak where FOE says we dont need to do anything. Man, guess we're fucked
  11. 'This is why we lose weekends' Did your propaganda machine malfunction? What happened?
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