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  1. gf vr, I wouldn't have tried hitting vengeance with my 8 man pull if I was resurgence either
  2. gz but make your members take those right click kill pics looks cleannnn on topic
  3. when is the last time your clan has cwa'd anyone lol
  4. Cpl examples of victory vs non pure clans. Pures are the only ones who give consistent CWA action so we're happy to fight them
  5. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today we had a multi spells CWA fight vs the pures in Team Potent. R1 FT25: Starting: 19 Veng vs 22 TP Ending: 25-19 to Veng R2 FT25: Starting: 19 Veng vs 23 TP Ending: 25-24 to Veng R3 Knockout: Starting: 17 Veng vs 21 TP Ending: 9-0 to Veng Final Score: 3-0 To Vengeance #Vengup Jonttu POV: Trae POV:
  6. easy money was made. keep barking doggos @16 pray ok @glowen @Verts @Sybum @Dysphoria speak up your clan is so shit you cant even go pking in gmt lmfao, nice 15 man est pk team over there res. u literally get cleared by pures in wildy l0l all these pure clans/teams would smoke u in cwa
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