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  1. z00m 13ox

    -Legion- Returning to free to play clanning!

    nigerian prince hqnding out monies? wheres do i send my credit card picture?
  2. z00m 13ox

    Apex Rank Meeting Colorized (2/18/19)

    thats good banter @toenail884cutter7 now gimme another poop, i cant even see them because account restrictions
  3. once Apex slumps who are you going to fight then? Back to crashing 40v40s?
  4. z00m 13ox

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    who has time to do this shit? It's just cringe shit on the vid so why post, could we get some decent banter at least like Zo rage or Hassan vowing to bomb his clan?
  5. z00m 13ox

    update Segregation of Main/Pure/PvP forum section

    need bigga buttons, didnt even notice them first
  6. gz to IR for winning a small full-out