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  1. z00m 13ox

    Nawe presents: Quality of Shitpremacy

    whats the schooling rate for pakis?
  2. Imagine getting a 50man clump on your opposing clan, and still having your asses cleared the fuck out from the field. Top quality banter there m8
  3. Slush bring justice to this clanning world!
  4. Purge could beat CD in f2p
  5. ranks that were for closing tlp are re-opening it? That seems promising Once tannie's rent is out in his hong kong cubicle flat, he is back on the streets catching meals from sewers to feed his family. Seems like retarded stubborness of CD will prevail, their pures definetly will not.
  6. z00m 13ox

    Torture of ROT

    foe is a prostitute that always wanted a statue for their chastity, fuck em.
  7. z00m 13ox

    R Re-opening april 6th

    you expect me to click on this?
  8. z00m 13ox

    TLP re-opening

    Legacy about to lose their warlord not to trump but to another clan?
  9. z00m 13ox

    lol ly

    ur members are thinking much faster and better than you, long long time ago lmfao
  10. z00m 13ox

    lol ly

    holy shit this is some xlpc level of quality topic here.
  11. wasnt couck gone for months? dude comes back just throw a monkey wrench lmfao
  12. so all i read from this is, Fo still doesnt accept preps vs clans that could beat them, unless every single aspect is in their favour (slump/hype, exodus, timezone, day, sup not having prep same time)
  13. z00m 13ox

    New terms....

    best part of this topic is slush putting ace 6 feet under, dw ace, we wont forget you scamming 10m from your own clan member as a leader
  14. z00m 13ox

    Let's settle this once and for all (POLL)

    now this is a tough choice
  15. z00m 13ox

    showcase Fi Forever dog clan

    Imagine spending your weekends recording a registered sex offender on teamspeak l000l