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  1. Legit crazy how i dont remember asking, i bet u have a massive forehead irl
  2. We massed up 35 big dick gorillas on P2P Sunday peaking at 38 So they tried to crash and got GWASSED LOL Vid starts at 4:45, if u want carnage watch the whole thing TY for another great sunday fam see you all this weekend! If you wanna become a big dick gorilla APPS ARE OPEN. Fill out an intro and application on forums https://www.onslaught-rs.com
  3. Very impressive for big bear clan, I will say that although you had 100 clients on TS and in cc or w.e I didn't see a single hit with above 80 on the cape counter. Either way looked like a great trip!
  4. OOF, it's impressive to see a pure clan still coming out on top after being camped by not one but TWO main clans. More great work from foedaniel, stay winning buddy.
  5. Honestly i think rage would pull it off - sup miiight take f2p but idk
  6. LMFAO fudog doing big tings, can't wait for the actual powerpoint to come out #kek
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