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Found 306 results

  1. Forums|Teamspeak|Discord Friday, 10th July, 2020; Fatality massed up 27 members later peaking at 33 for our scheduled PKRI with BP. We took it upon ourselves to defend and chose white plateau directly west of GDZ, as the fight started it shifted outside of all entrances of the hut, back to the original spot at white plat and eventually far east by new gate, as time went on we eventually cleared them off of the map and exited. Thank you for the fight BP and better luck next time.
  2. #1 Brazilian/Portuguese Country Clan of ALL TIME Discord: https://discord.gg/9TEQcfa 'Arroz cc' clan chat Tonight we had a fight planned versus Latin Crew on wilderness. The rules were 1h cap, Spiders - East Tree an team to clear crashers (didnt see any crashers there, are we actually in a crash war, Exotic v2/Wilderland or whatever that clan's name l0l. Well, the fight started with Latin Crew rushing us at East Tree and the fight stayed around membersgate - east tree all time, we quickly took the control of the fight with a nice k0 power/tanks. We kept nice spams all the fight and had a few more ppl than them, after 50 mins or 1h of fight we both took fall in and ending pictures. All respect to our friends Latin Crew ❤️ Thanks for the fight, was fun as fk boys. Good Job to all arroz members who attended it late night and keep it up guys ❤️ Arroz Starting: 113 Opts (38 ppl) Latin Crew Starting: 30 ~? No pic Sorry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arroz Ending: 108 Opts (36 on fall in) Latin Crew Ending: 57 opts (19 on fall in) Pictures of the fight: ❤️❤️
  3. Original Topic: https://rs-deathrow.com/community/index.php?/topic/976-wednesday-pd-suiciding-ft-nl-ez/ We weren't sure what was out tonight so we just started deep and killed a bunch of small teams for the stank. Once we went up at altar we found NL's Dragisx trying to tank bait us, but we knew that PD was about to log in (check your pies) to try and gwas us. Instantly we rushed west when they logged in and instantly caught a massive 10 man clump on them by the door, effectively clearing them off the map. They wouldn't be able to recover for the rest of the fight and would resort to double hide suiciding just to stay in game. A few NL eventually showed up to help PD in an open CC but still couldn't keep up with the two only having 5 in game combined. Not long after EZ decided to show up and tried to "crash" our fight but instead ended up getting themselves in a 20 man DD clump at the door. We gwased them out and decided to dip when they called for backup. Try harder next time PD and you might be able to get a 3 man spam. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/667214724055826432/730265457969594419/2020-07-08_05-09-13.png https://twitter.com/Nullusiun/status/1281078893391286272?s=20
  4. Thank you to Vendetta for fighting down opts. We hope to have more PKRIs in the near future.
  5. Forums|Teamspeak|Discord Tuesday, 6th July, 2020; For our event today we set up a nice 45minute capped F2P Pkri fight against Legacy at GDZ. We started with about 35 individuals later peaking at ~41, and had an incredibly fun and clean 1v1 with Legacy with no outside interference. Props to them for being open to a wild pkri. ggs
  6.   After running the caves for about an hour, smiting an ags, owning a bunch of vennies/teams, and scrapping with Exodus a few times, we decided to setup a PKRI with the new clan at CA. We gathered 24 men for the fight, with Exodus claiming they had 26 but rushing with 35+, we held our ground and slowly gained opts as the fight progressed. As we hit ~35 in TS an hour or so in, Exodus called a teleport out and we got our ending spam. Thanks for the fight Exodus, let's be more honest about opts in the future. Shoutout to K2P and the boys for massing up 10+ mains/1 item raggers and having 0 effect on the fight. btw, black sallys won't help stop our ending spam lmao - might wanna switch to barrage for that.
  7.  Celebrated 1 year of NL today with some events and fights! Been a sweet year. Thank you lads. First fight was vs Team Sweden. Fight went back and forth, both teams staying spread well & focusing melee transitions. After a while AF crashed in 1 item. AC spawned at GDZ and attempted to crash us at 50s, we preemptively rushed them, meeting at new gate. Mate they literally all died in 3 seconds l0l. We kept fighting despite 1 itemers for a while past the cap then dipped out exchanging GFs with TS. Second fight was vs Divine Forces. We countered their mage heavy strat hard by camping godswords on anything with robes. Fight was well and even until rot crashed, we dipped and restarted elsewhere. Fought another 10 minutes until RoT came again, so we ACed for about 30 minutes and called a wrap. Before during and after we had a zombies event, a battle royale in 3 locs, and 2 drop parties. Hella loot was dished out, hella loot was made. TY for a great year lads.
  8. HYDRA - PKRI vs PURGE - (FRIDAY NIGHT) 3rd July 2020 On Friday night, Hydra massed up around 20 pures to fight purge in the Wilderness. We fought at Chaos Temple & It was a glorious battle between the two clans with very clean action. Exodus offered to anti crash the fight in order for the clean 1v1 to happen between the clans a big thanks to them! Thanks for the clean action Purge! Video below!
  9. ORIGINAL TOPIC: https://rs-deathrow.com/community/index.php?/topic/946-thursday-playdead-avoids-ft-af/ While scouting the wilderness tonight we found a few clans out and decided to mass up on the spot. Quickly we swept out Vetion and killed the few small groups in mystic while we gained numbers. Once we were properly massed we moved inside caves where we began to hunt PD, but they wanted nothing of it tonight. When they heard we were coming PD avoided us like the plague. Noticing they wanted nothing to do with us we cleared out a few worlds and decided to check altar. Here we amassed a few kills before scouting PD once again back in caves. Quickly we moved back over and hopped into PD's world where we rushed to the south and the few they still had left in game teleported out. SV had been looking about for both of us but was widely unsuccessful as they flew in too late. Afterwards we finished up our trip at Vetion where AF would suddenly rush us from the south. We started out the fight on fire with some huge clumps, crippling their numbers in game. Seeing as this is the first time either of us have crossed paths they were hungry to fight us and may have gained a few after the first round of kills. Still we fought back, catching clumps on any melee pile we could. Eventually PD would decide to make an appearance in diary gear with their 7 man pull to crash instead of manning up and actually fight us. We began cleaning up the trash as the scoured everywhere. RoT would catch word about our fight at some point and rush in, so we both decided to teleport out. Thanks for the action AF. Keep avoiding PD.
  10. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan Zenith vs LEGASHIT After demolishing LY during the official p2p trip, we heard Legashit was out with a couple people at the rev caves. All remember, LY is banned from any kind of pking during the coming week. Idle on TS to make sure you attend our trips!
  11.   After clearing their small man revs PK, fo decided to mass highlight/poke/spam to try to take down our GMT revs trip. We PM'd their ranks our world and defended for over 20 minutes until fo finally rushed. What we didn't know, however, was during that time they were getting in a merged cc with SV. We started, and ended, the fight 2v1, getting 3 full clears on the Anti-Rage alliance. I'd say it was hard, but hey, there's a reason fo avoid any matched fight like the plague. oh, and btw
  12. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC On Monday evening, Vendetta approached us for a scheduled PKRI @6EST Tuesday. Terror ranks quickly accepted as f2p midweek action is something we simply cannot decline. Our target was to pull around 35-40 for a matched PKRI, but we received intel that Astro was massing up ~35 to crash our run in. Still fuming from the beat down we gave them, it would be obvious that Terror would be the primary focus, so we sounded the horns and ended up with ~50ish wolves. In a nutshell: All of our skirmishes centered around barb village, with us dominating everything. Thank you Vendetta for fighting down opts and welcome back to the scene. Thank you EF for making an appearance. As for astro -- gl rebuilding. ~Pinoyz Big Own POV ~Vinny Ownage Owning POV
  13. CC: BP PUB We massed 35 huge pp blunted members for a 30min gap PKRI against Exodus tonight. After 30 minutes of complete domination we called it quits and teled out. Ty for action! (SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THE YOUTUBE LINKS???) VIDS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg4S-VuDUpQ @K0ed POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR9qzQYY8yw N8 MARE POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YogEWu7hQwI PICS
  14. Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg l Forums: http://tr-clan.co.uk/ l Most Active F2P Clan Since our last battle was interrupted we setup another fight this week. Both clans posted as CWA to throw all clans off the trail and it worked a treat. 1 Hour of clean action in the wilderness. WL had quite a few more people but we countered that with our experience and Ko power. The fight went as expected really with both clans having big spams and working the clump well. Thanks for the action WL. Cya soon! Video Coming Soon TR Starting: 38 WL Starting 51:
  15. #1 Brazilian/Portuguese Country Clan of ALL TIME Discord: https://discord.gg/9TEQcfa 'Arroz cc' clan chat Kurimao Clan Reborn asked us for a shortprep right after we fought Latin Unit. We cleared them 2x as Kevinn87 lawnmower go brr brrr. YET AGAIN, exotic v2/wilderland was NO WHERE to be seen. Thanks for the CLEAN fight Kurimao Clan Reborn! PS: Another CLEAN fight... Are we actually in a crash war, Exotic v2/Wilderland? Arroz Starting: (on audio and had to drop to ~ 20) Kurimao Clan Reborn Starting: 18 men Arroz Ending: Kurimao Clan Reborn: 0 men Pics:
  16. A few days ago, we approached Latin Crew for some action and both clans agreed to battle today. Pandemic Starting: Latin Crew Starting: 81 Options The fight started around East Tree - Greater Demons and remained around there for the rest of the fight. Both clans had their strong points with decent spams from both sides for most of the cap, leaving for an enjoyable and nostalgic battle. Thanks for the fight Latin Crew, hope to do it again soon. Pandemic Ending: 90~ Options Latin Crew Ending: 90~ Options Videos: Pictures: If anyones interested in F2P battles (CWA or PVP), pm devin#4588 on Discord. WEEKDAYS 7PM+ WEEKENDS 4PM+
  17. We were out pking revs with 40 in voice when we were approached by Foe and Zenith for a 3way PKRI! We aren't officially "open" as of yet, but we accepted the unscheduled event and managed to peak over 50 for a fun 50v50v50 at GDZ After all 3 clans were holding our own for over 40 mins, seeing that it was infested by mains/raggers near the end we decided to head back home and call it a day! TY for the solid action FOE + Zenith we'll be doing it again real soon!
  18. #1 Brazilian/Portuguese Country Clan of ALL TIME Discord: https://discord.gg/9TEQcfa 'Arroz cc' clan chat We approached Latin Unit for a shortprep 30 Minute GDZ PKRI. LU had just defeated 420 Pkers, clearing that team in 5 minutes. We knew LU would be a good challenge, and we respect them for accepting our fight. We peaked with 35 people on audio, and took control early on. As the fight went on, Exotic's junior clan Wilderland did not show up. No worries, it's ok. We understand that GDZ gives all Wilderland members PTSD from the night we savagely beat them. Despite the respectable effort from Latin Unit, we prevailed in our fight. Thank you for the fight amigos. PS: Wilderland, get permission from Exotic before approaching us for the wilderness pass u exotic v2 slaves. Arroz Starting: (on audio) Latin Unit Starting: 30 men Arroz & Latin Unit Ending: Pics:
  19. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Friday, June 26th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 54 Elites to clear GDZ We started off our daily rev action with a standard 20 man pull, cleared multiple small clans, vennies and anything else that came in our way. We noticed that Blunt Purez and Exodus were out. This quickly turned into a nice revenant caves cluster. FOE v BP v EXO (Later Rushed by Zenith) - Caves This was some nice clean action, FOE was busy fighting both clans without a clear regroup. As we started down opts, it taken a while to get gain a grip of the fight, but once our Eagles were called, it started to become just another day in caves for FOE, Victory. FOE v Zenith v EXO - GDZ Zenith and EXO accepted a 3 way GDZ cluster. Not many clans will venture that deep as of late, i mean, who can blame them?!. Respect to both clans for turning out, for which turned into some great Friday cluster. All 3 clans took it in turns rotating from white plateu to gdz to new gate. During this time FOE Eagles peaked a massive 54 Eagles on teamspeak for a unplanned event. Eventually EXO had decided to dip from the fight which left FOE + Zenith battling it out for Friday cluster winners title. Zenith decided to call off returns and FOE taken the 3 way cluster victory for today. Roll on next Friday for more potential P2P cluster action. Hopefully other Shit Clans that still have PTSD from the last time they came to visit us in our home land, will get over it and come fight the Kings of GDZ. ~K2P ~Brian ~fudog
  20. Hello SharkBrew! This is my first War topic here. I wouldn't bother to post since it's a pure based community and has basically 10~ brazilians / portugueses actually using this forum, but since our comrades from Rice Clan decided to post a fake win topic, I wanna show you guys our side of this fight. So, today we had a planned PKRI against The Rising. Since it's basically impossible to get clean fights nowadays, we were expecting crashers to come along and of course, our little friends from Rice Clan aswell. Wilderland Starting: 225 options (75 in Audio) We didn't fought The Rising as we planned. When we arrived at the battlefield, we rushed the Rice pkers on sight and started the fight. It didn't took too long for them to run Greaters and call it their own territory. We had 8 hours of fight and we fought like 6 hours there because Rice refused to leave that place and everytime they left gr8s for any reason (either because we forced them or because they thought they could fight on any other place) they were cleared and ran back to Gr8s. After 2 hours of fight, many of their members started to return in addy gear or stuff like that, even 1 itemers and IT'S FREE TO PLAY. LoL. There's nothing much I can say other than that. Fighting Rice is like playing chess with a pidget. It will jump on the board, mess with all pieces, poop on it and them it will leave saying "proo proo". But since images speaks for thousands of words I'll let these pictures below speak for WL: Rice Clan scared inside Gdz, refusing to get out: The moment we rushed them on Gdz for the 5155151541545454th time... As I said, many of their members ran out of Rune sets and decided to return in addy, hides and even 1 itemers... Dude this is a fucking mithril scimitar guys... MITHRIL... 1 itemer... Lol... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This footage below shows one of our callers transitioning over their members getting 1 hitted all the time INSIDE GDZ... Wilderland Ending: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's it! Thanks for the fight, but next time, give us a decent battle... edit: Video
  21. #1 Brazilian/Portuguese Country Clan Discord: https://discord.gg/9TEQcfa 'Arroz cc' clan chat Arroz intelligence discovered Wilderland planned a 2-week prep for Sunday. I guess they forgot they aren't allowed to enter the wilderness without the expressed written consent of the Arroz clan (the #1 br/pt clan of all time). We mustered 65 men in a few days, motivated to show our in-game superiority over Wilderland.Our performance did not disappoint.Wilderland's spirit drastically diminished in these 8 hours. Outnumbered against 75 Wilderland lizards, our transitions never stopped. Our deep calling lineup took turns picking off their (W)eak(L)ings, constantly applying pressure. We put our foot on the gas in the final hour of the fight, when the numbers naturally to the 50s. 50vs50. Wilderland struggled to maintain more than 30 in-game. GDZ became Arroz' territory. It is now an area where all Wilderland members must remember the night they scattered and logged. Wilderland honestly had no chance in the last hour, and they really should have ended sooner. Our snares became tighter, our members more motivated, our callers more perceptive. Meanwhile, Wilderland turned into Newland. It just felt like they didn't know how to war. Their members were getting one banged left-and-right; their callers were panicking.After several severe beatings, and countless regroups, Diogo96 called off (something he is VERY familiar with doing against Arroz). Arroz proved why we are the #1 br/pt clan of all time tonight. What is next for Wilderland? They have not won a single war. It seems they will continue to lose, and they certainly seem like they will not overcome Arroz. Can the dragon still breathe fire? Gf and stay easy. Arroz Starting: 65 men Wl Starting: 75 men Arroz Ending: Wl Ending: 0 men Pics:
  22. Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg l Forums: http://tr-clan.co.uk/ l Most Active P2P & F2P Clan We originally planned to fight Wilderland today but 10 minutes before that was supposed to start SV let us know they intended to join in the F2P Fun knowing Arroz and WL wanted to scrap we setup a 1 Hour cap. We had quite a poor signup today due to fathers day but we did not fear away from the battle even though we were outnumbered by 25 people. Who else does that? Despite the obvious number disadvantage we held our ground and had good periods DD farming. Thanks for the action SV lets do it again soon. No other clan in the game would off accepted a battle down ~20+. The Rising starting: 42 Sovereign Starting : 62 Pictures
  23. Set out looking for action this Sunday. Since the alliance decided to once again avoid, and multiple clans cancelled their trips/fights, we went to f2p hoping to get teamed on for action. Once we logged in The Rising rushed us at GDZ, which was a big mistake. Despite being unprepped we managed to gain to around 70, and ran a train through their clan. They had around 50 on teamspeak but at multiple times had less then 25 in game. We got off the screen spams, with our spam being bigger than most of their pretypes. There were multiple points where we got 5-10 kills before they got a single one, pretty embarrassing. After TR had enough to being beaten up, we cleaned up some VR/DR (nice 5 man pulls) attempting to snipe arroz/wl in f2p. Another Sunday behind us with SV dominating and the alliance avoiding.
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