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Found 56 results

  1. heard every clan was pking so we went out. to start our trip we hit AC who suicide'd to us while DK was too late to aid them. knowing these clans are all teaming we decided to catch them off guard and do some hit and runs. after several hit and runs on dk/ac they ended their trip not wanting to get harassed even more. 10 mins later we decided to get a fight vs authority after the 4th clear on them jaja finally decided to log in. while smoking jaja 1v1 they started calling whoever they could it began with AS bringing about 20 / DK about 20 / AC about 15 / REV about 15 / pd coming in last with like 5. 40 sv was far too strong for 100+ anti-sv as we transitioned thru everyone killing at least 9 enemies before having 1 of us die/tele out. this eventually got jaja to start suiciding. 1 hour later jaja decided to call it off leaving the rest of the alliance alone for us to kill. eventually the map was clear from anti-sv leaving us victorious. same time tomorrow ? pics DK KID FOR STAFF SEABIRD JAJA MEMBER FOR ZGS
  2. Forum l Discord Heard SV was massed up trying to fight Lil Cards (lmfao) so we waited half an hour for them to finish massing. As soon as they logged in so did we, and we caught them ALL in a HUGE barrage pile until there was only 5 of them left. Beast was so shocked his pussy ass ran to Edge and went AFK to beg his boyfriend for blackup. We fucked SV up for the next few minutes while RoT med levels massed, until there was more RoT meds than there was SV members in their merged CC LMFAO! We stayed for the next hour or so, catching SV in so many barrage clumps that we were calling a barrage pile every minute. SV eventually got so demoralized RoT mains logged on to save them, and we tele'd out. We asked for a round 2 in edge but no one came up. Pussies lmfao ROT + SV MERGED CC WITH ROT MEMBERS ON MAINS LMFAO
  3. we massed up and hit jajas pk after smoking them at the first fight they decided it would be a smart idea to fight us again l0l. 2nd fight was even easier as their ts went silent a few times even started letting Df2/FL invite call for them. moments later they ended not wanting a round 3 demoralized and broken. since we already had 35 men on ts we decided to continue our trip and found ct fighting lil cards. quickly rushed the fight smoking ct til they had 7 in-game farming their sets over and over again til our sacks were full and decided to bank the loot and get ready for round 2. Round 2 lasted for about two hours this fight showed us how low the iq of Ct leadership truly is after countless kills on them we decided to call it a day with almost 40 on ts. another eventful wednesday. pics :
  4. Forum l Discord Went out to hit caves up and hopped around for a bit. It was pretty dead but we eventually found DK and cleared them easily. After that our intel told us SV was out with their boyfriends massed waiting in lobby. We logged in to SV and hit them a few times, catching them in barrage piles over and over until their boyfriends came, so we decided to change strategies. We found SV in 1750 worlds where RoT's med levels can't go (shit accounts lmfao) and proceeded to toss them around like Imsobeast got tossed around by his dad in a van for the next 45 minutes. Eventually SV got so desperate that RoT members started to trickle in on their mains instead of logging in all at the same time, thinking we wouldn't notice them. Keep calling your boyfriends idots LMFAO! Part 1: Clearing DK Part 2: Victimizing SV NICE ENDING LMFAO Part 3: Domestic Abuse in 1750s
  5. Forum l Discord Got the boys together for some late night PK. Wildy was really dead but we still scraped together a few decent kills at GDZ and Vet'ion.
  6. Forum l Discord Heard SV was out with 25 so we massed up 30 jajaonians. We logged into SV's world a few times (we know every move you make btw) and of course their boyfriends were lobbied waiting for us to come. Does RoT slave for SV now? Anyways, after we hit SV enough they got sick of being hunted and ended and we swept the caves for the next hour or so, eventually running into Rev. We organized a fight with them at GDZ, knowing our mutual enemy would come to crash. However, it took Rat a good half hour before they came, and when they did they logged in with a half ass mass barrage that failed miserably, with many of their members planking instantly multiple times for mystic and torags! They continued to suicide for the next 10 minutes until CT/SV came to help their failed crash attempt, and we ran off with millions of gp in our looting sacks. Thanks for the action Rev! Part 1: Ending SV + Sweep (loot at the bottom) RoT lobby pking with their boyfriends LMAO Part 2: Fight vs Revenant + Baiting MutedB and Chrusty to Mass
  7. Forum l Discord Started the day off bullying 2K worlds as we have been for the last few weeks. As usual they get cleared a million times and we take all their loot for ourselves with zero resistance. Then around 10PM we were hoping to find our buddies SV in the wildy, however their trip was called off. So we went and swept the caves for the next 2 hours, clearing everyone we ran into and harassing the 1750 worlds (worlds that SV is supposed to be protecting!) as well as the 2K worlds. While hitting the 1750 worlds our good friend Sam decided to donate his ZGS and SV decided to stop trying to defend the 1750s after that embarrassment. We then got word through our advanced intel that SV was in high risk worlds hiding from us, so we logged in and hit them and of course, they ran instantly! We hit them a 2nd time, baiting them and their RoT boyfriends into a mass before teleing out. Hope to see you idots tomorrow. (2K clear) (Baiting SV throughout the day) (SV + RoT merge in high risk)
  8. Paragon

    pkri Paragon’s Midnight Snack

    We got word that the wilderness was empty, so we went out and picked it dry. Sadly, the rumors were true, but we still managed to fill our bellies for the night! This is #Paragon.
  9. Forum l Discord Our intel told us SV had a prep today so we hit them as soon as they massed. Since SV's boyfriend RoT were also out we decided to 1-item until RoT got bored, then switched into ballista and farmed SV for sets in every world they logged into as we live streamed their TS audio LMFAO
  10. Went out on this fine Sunday and bullied the living shit out of Jaja. https://imgur.com/CNp2LCF s
  11. Forum l Discord Rolled up to 1750/2k/2.2K to do our daily sweep of our caves and of course found zero resistance. Don't people pay for protection here? We also ran into FSK/Veng/Lil Cards and had quick little scraps with each of them throughout our trip. Pretty sad when FSK/Veng/Lil Cards aren't scared to fight us but anti-Jaja is LOL.
  12. Forum l Discord Swept wildy until we ran into Veng and got into a little scrap with them for about 45 minutes. Of course anti-Jaja (SV+RoT) came up in 1-item in a merged cc, because neither of them can effectively 1-item without each other LMFAO! GF Veng.
  13. Arrived at the caves with a peak nigger count of 35. Even though we were pking normally we still hit the 2k total worlds multiple times to keep them sweating. For two to three hours clans were completely avoiding making it completely free reign for us. Eventually we got a rare sighting of rev as their two hour pk window was finally open due to rot being in the middle of closing foe (Press F) we decided to punish them by taking the fight to single where their opt advantage and lil card/jaja alliance couldn't help them needless to say they soon crawled back into their hole. Once rev had spiralled into depression and fucked off we thought it would be funny to get inside lil cards head by baiting him into a return fight due to their track record of breaking at the one hour mark and history soon repeated itself despite being down around 30 opts. We rounded the trip off by out numbering jaja in one item and running them down to level one from 50 ports. (literally) Stay mad, stay easy, stay dead. victory dance by nigger greg IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/580655188704faf7bf4d86bf01d335e8.png[/IMG]
  14. Forum l Discord Gathered up the 2K Jaja gamers to hit 1750 + 2000 worlds in search of free +1s and the RoT/SV minions and PVMers were kind enough to donate to us. People actually pay for protection when a 10 man group can control the worlds by themselves? LMFAO
  15. Forum l Discord Wildy was extremely dead but we swept caves/altar. Ran into ibilys and cleared them. That's about it!
  16. Forum l Discord We geared up with word SV was in caves and logged into them. They immediately ran and tele'd out, typical SV pussy shit. Even with RoT shadowing them, they still were too afraid to fight us. After just this one hit, they ended their trip entirely. Afterwards we hopped around some and ran into RoT with even opts. We fought them for a bit until they were forced to call a mand because they couldn't clear us on even opts lmfao. Go back to hitting pures, it's what you're best at. We regeared in shotguns and swept for the next 2 hours uncontested until caves were dead. Part 1: Clearing SV Part 2: RoT
  17. clan-rage.com | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Tonight Divine approached us for a PKRI at around 6est and we gladly accepted. We had two run ins, the first took place at sperm where we decimated them pretty quickly before gearing up for round two. The second fight started at 13ports before moving to ca, corp and 18s. The fight lasted over an hour and went back and forth, however for the majority of the fight it was the Rage Bears who were on top and that's exactly how it ended. After an hour of fighting, the 38 Bears that remained pushed what was left of Divine into east graves to claim our victory. we simply cannot be out returned, The Bears are back in town. Thanks for the fights Divine logs @Broxx POV Recording corrupted half way through but there's still 12 mins of own @ChaluPOV

    lpc Hydra - #1 Pure Clan

    Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on pking instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's a noticeable difference. Join Hydra Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Pkers of all experience levels welcome, but skilled pkers preferred. Requirements: 65+ cmb 1-20 def 50+ att 70+ str/rng 85+ mage Cc is cc_Hydra Website Discord Leader: Trikb0w High Council: Alpha Q Hard Officers: Toni, Skru, VotxKrom Council: The One Pure Warlord: VotxKrom
  19. Our first fight was an easy clap, they tried to keep returning (while having snipe teams hit us from the opposite side and mains in their capes hitting us) but like a flame, we suffocated them. They claimed they had "40 at corp" when we won, but as you can see in my video, they had 3 people running north from certain death 3v35. 1-0 Immortal Our second fight was about an hour long, still continued with the snipe teams and the level 70s/80s in full rune hitting us with their capes on. But again, we kept shutting them down over and over and over. There was a small portion of this fight (about 3 minutes) where we were out of food because we had been punishing them for so long without dying or banking, we dropped to about 15 people and made a rotation . Once we fully regrouped at corp we easily buried them in the dirt as they ran south west and proceeded to log out claiming it was "1-1" (while they were being hit by 30 IMT members) 2-0 Immortal Gf divine thanks for the action.
  20. Website: https://clan-nrg.com ~ coming soon. TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/bnTuCPc We are currently not accepting applications and are invitation only, please PM a High Council+ via our discord if you are interested in joining. Thursday, January 10th Energy took a break from training and massed up 30 later peaking at 37 for a last minuet PKRI vs Immortals and some CWA fights: We took a early lead in our Wildy PKRI and didn't look back dominating the fight. We won the 25v25 Prep 2-0, before losing a FT 50. Thanks for the fights 😛. @BrapPOV (Wildy+ CWA): @ParmWildy POV:
  21. Supremacy massed 41 men for a wildy F2P PKRI vs FOE The fight was on Corp Hill and capped at 25 minutes. It was pretty safe to say Supremacy had the upper hand for the majority of the fight as seen in our POV's. Our ops when we reached the time cap were 37 SUP to 33 FOE. Thanks for the clean action Final Ownage Elite! Ham Phil
  22. MISFITS VS EOP 30 MIN RETURN FIGHT AT CA [AFTERMATH] Misfits and EOP talked to each other and managed to coordinate a 30 minute fight at CA. So the hive massed up 35 bee's to fight! The fight went head to head but was dominated by Misfits for the most of it. Thank-you EOP for the Action! We hope to do more of these fights in the future! @Oi_VC White Page POV (Black bars cuz rendering fked)
  23. hotguy (magin fan)#7042 or Moe#2740 - pm for singles events tysm WAR for the clean event
  24. Vs. God MOB Tuesday Night, November 27th. Supremacy, being the most active and best clan that exists on osrs atm, had a shitoad of tigers iding on teamspeak. We decided to go out and clear the F2P worlds and ended up running into god mob (main clan that aids IR). After smoking them with ease the first fight they decided to spam their cc and mass up 15-20 tanks but knowing these kids are as braindead as the clan they help we knew we could take them even as pures. We got one of our mithlords to lure them into gap and we took off from there single piling the shit out of these ugly fucks until they had ZERO ingame. Ham aka goat PICTURES Vs. Vendetta Wildy After smoking IR's shitty main clan we decided to ask VD for a pkri which they gladly accepted. We both had 27 or so starting, and Supremacy later peaked at 32. We fought Vendetta once at maze 27v27 and instantly ran a train on them, picking off piles 1 by 1 and dropping their pulls down to the single digit. They tried to regroup outside of the maze but we chased them outside, continuing to kill them. This is where they called returns off and asked for a rematch somewhere else. For the second fight, Vendetta decided to choose the fighting spot at barbarian village. We got word that Eop were trying to crash with their slump of a clan and anticipated their weak failed attempt to ruin our fight. We had Vendetta rush us in the middle of barb, got a few kills on them again, and got word that eop were finally logging in with their 9 man mass with mains. We instantly got off Vendetta and switched our focus to eop, making every single eop dog who wasted their tuesday night regret being in that shit clan l0l. We had our sitters join us for a total of a 32 man beat down and got 4 kills on their mains, 3 on their pures, and made the rest of them tele out like the failures they are. Vendetta went west and killed the last remaining dogs in single. At this point, Vendetta asked if we wanted a first to 50 at clan wars. We decided to take them up on their offer. CLAN WARS The first round of FT50 - Supremacy swiftly took a 11-3 man lead at the beginning and camped Vendetta at their portal until we had 48 kills. We decided to run to the orb and straight up flame eop dogs watching our fight on their tuesday night l0l. We ended with 50 kills to their 30 or so. The second round of FT50- Same thing happened round 2, we got a nice lead on them, pushed them to their portal and got a big kill lead. We started killing their sides with great transitions and worked our way up to 50 kills right next to their portal/orb. They ended with 30~ or so kills to our 50 again. Poo Walnuts Ham Mustafa
  25. On this glorious Monday, Mother Ascent pulled ~20 Ascentians to smoke piper Noxious clan in the Wilderness. Smoked them even opts once at Corp Hill and then again at Fog. After they claimed they ended, our leak told us they went to Clan Wars to do inners. We followed them and got the 2-0 in a mini. No more piper or we'll continue to close your clan, Noxious.