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Found 217 results

  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Friday, April 3rd: Final Ownage Elite massed up 77 elites, later peaking at ~80 strong for a F2P Wilderness PKRI vs Zenith at GDZ this Friday night. Zenith managed to peak at 90 today so we were ready to take them on down 10-15, confident in our ability to take the victory. We rushed each other west of the GDZ hut and instantly pushed into them hard getting a bunch of kills early on. We quickly brought it to matched and kept our aggression up forcing them to kite back as we kept pushing into them. Eventually we gained a lead and held it for the entire duration of the fight. Apex crashed early on with around 55 and kept distance of the fight sniping whoever they could but it didn't really bother us as we kept fighting in the 3 way cluster while both maintaining the most opts in game and keeping strong position. As time went on we could see the numbers of both other clans slowly going down while ours stayed strong at 75+. Eventually it became too much for both clans and Zenith moved east away towards new Gate. We fought Apex 1v1 but we had far too many so they moved south east of GDZ to single strip. We caught Zenith a little north of the east vents, but Zenith moved south east towards singles and we walked back west to the hut to take ending. Good fight Zenith + Apex, thanks for the Friday night action. Strong pulls form all clans Total Deaths each side: ~Heism ~Paul ~Jordai ~Parm ~Pete
  2. Decided to headout with a few lads to abuse total worlds with the hope of baiting anti-rev. To no surprise, NOBODY wanted to face REV alone. We continued to hit SR worlds + SV rejects forcing the entirety of anti-rev to mass up in a poor attempt to protect their worlds. Just as we wanted, RoT with their 20ish pvm recruits logged in south making it a 1v2 for REV. After a mere few minutes, REV proved too POWERFUL, FORCING them to beg SV for aid. Proof HERE The arrival of anti-rev was met with overwhelming spam and dps - within minutes the map was completely purple while RoT/SV attempted bail north. For the next 2.5 hours we continued to farm RoT SoTD magers with never-ending barrage piles and devastating spam. Happy 35th birthday Matteus (loser) - SPECIAL FEATURE - JAY#3067 Scaper#6559 Jimmy#6302 https://pastebin.com/aN4biTFb
  3. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc We massed up about ~40 Rage when we heard Zenith were going PKing. We got into a fight with them at caves after they didn't want to PKRI us anywhere above 5 wild. We dominated the fight from start to finish. I don't think we went down opts once, despite Zenith peaking at ~50 on TS. Rev Warriors, SV, and other main teams were sniping throughout, and we were surprised to hear Cookies call for his members to go on mains about 40 minutes into the fight. Nevertheless, we were able to farm the mains and pures Zenith used until they finally called a tele out around the one and a half hour mark. Thanks for the fight, Zenith, mains aside, action is always appreciated. Tons of Pictures In the Spoiler Below
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday, April 1st: Final Ownage Elite massed up 70 elites, later peaking at ~80 strong for a F2P Wilderness PKRI vs Apex. Apex approached us earlier this week to fight so we prepared for a 30 Minute capped fight at GDZ. The fight started at 71 vs 66, but both of us gained a few more over the course of the fight and also ended up extending the fight to 45 minutes. From the beginning of the fight, we dominated hard pushing Apex around the map and never looked back on the aggression. We appreciate Apex fighting back down 10 or so but our performance today was near perfect so it didn't really matter at all. We made sure we fought hard for the entire duration and pushed them around the hut for the entire fight also ending with 75+ still strong on the map. No other Pure Clan even dared to attempt to crash us today at GDZ because they know they are no where near our level no matter how hard they try. Good fight Apex, amazing performance from everyone who showed up today. If you want to be in the best clan, join today. Total Deaths each side: ~Jordai ~Real Me ~Parm ~Brian ~Cody ~Pete
  5. We got word that Anti-AF affiliates were fighting in the caves and quickly got the men together to put these kids in their place. Within mins of rushing rot, they were reduced to black d hide/book barraging. Obviously we predicted this and pushed them against the north wall, so we could sit back and farm them in a relaxed manner. This went on for quite a bit and the only real noteworthy moments was when they tried to do some mass log ins on the north wall which always resulted in them getting barraged out in a dd. After mercilessly slaughtering them for about an hour, rot became quite desperate and made their allies SV and IF rush the fight. We sent half our men onto SV and IF and chased them into the north west corridor where a similar slaughter occured. The cries of desperation on sv TS and imsobeast being his usual depressing self made everything even easier. With good spams and transitions we smashed any sort of organisation they might have had and before we knew it they were battered, broken and cleared. After this we got all of our men back on rot and decided to farm them until they either had 5 ingame or their sets were reduced to 50k loot. After about another 30 mins some of rot their retireds couldnt bare seeing what their clan has been reduced to and started leaving. From this point on it became nearly impossible to find any rot ingame. Seeing as we achieved both win-conditions, we decided it was time to bank our loot.
  6. With the whole clan world out on a week prep we threw up a 1 day Prep, knowing that was enough to fight the clan world. Rev was out with a-lot of people but Rot was too scared to hit them and would rather fight 30 Sv so Rev hit us up for a fight. After a-bit negotiating we agreed on single spells and despite the 20 man disadvantage we were confident. That confidence proved right as even with less every pile was 1 hit, every spam was off the screen and we killed them at a much faster rate due to some excellent calling by all involved today. In the entire hour cap Rot only crashed with 2 med levels, why didn't all the pure clans come and help you lol. Why was Anti-AF allowing 200 AF/Rev a clean 1v1 for an hour on newgate in a box lol?
  7. Massed up 29 powerful NL warriors today for a prepped fight with Elite Zerks. We dropped dropped 9 ops into a different CC to loot the fight and fought EZ 20v22. Our in-game spams were pretty solid throughout the fight, and we had pretty strong melee piles. EZ had several really good tanks that we had to commit to but our transition game and b-piles kept us on top for the whole fight. Both NL and EZ caught 1 big clump on the other at the beginning of the cap but after that both clans did a great job at not clumping. We held the momentum the whole fight but it was a very gf. Whole prep was clean as a whistle, only looters were our members. TYFF AND GF EZ!
  8. Scouted Apex pures trying to pk in our caves with a good amount so we massed up 30 purple men and rushed em. Apex thought it was a good idea to kill our 2-3 pkers and flame them. We instantly took control and wiped out their callers and destroyed their raggers. We focused their magers throughout the fight and sliced through them 1 by 1, they were literally suiciding. Ayuda came as well to join in on the free Apex farm session. They lasted about an hour before they all logged out. 😂 Thanks for the free +1s, s/o to apex for trying to put up a fight though. KYPING KYPD 20X LMFAO, NL WONT SAVE YOU.
  9. We started pking around 3:00 est with a small man trip and ran into Resurgence at altar and took them for a ZGS. We also pked all around deep wilderness making absolute bank. Although fights in are scene are coming a little bit more the norm, they are still a bit few and far between. Luckily for us though, we were able to fight Resurgence tonight matched ops. Despite getting off to a slightly awkward start on our end, through some sick maging and tanking we started dominated the fight. Midway through Rylan picked up the primary calling and Resurgence didn't last long after that. We smoked them back to back dropping them instantly. They tried a semi-regroup north east in corridor, but realized it was hopeless. Our superior member quality shined tonight - mad shoutout to everyone who came short notice and great performance. #Ez for Ez baby
  10. We went out macing cos wildy was dead and it's safe to say we made quite a lot of loot... (missing few pics but it's safe to say we got enough lol!) Dragon Claws x8 Armadyl Godsword x39 Staff of light/Staff of the dead x13 Zamorak Godsword x4 Shoutout to Rot for taking 8 hours to mass and losing more GP to us than they got (ty for SOTD + Blessed spirit shield), Team weden for more of them dying when they tried to (lol?) and a SV Captain for AGS. Was a good day
  11. https://wildmight-rs.net/ | CC: wmchat | #1 Country clan | discord link TBA We planned a fight against The Rising, fought for 45mins straight had fun and dominated most of it. Good fight TR. The Rising Starting: 28 Ending: 32 Wild Might Starting: 30 Ending: 34 Video
  12. Earlier in the day, Kyle told anti-af that we were going out today, in the hopes that they would finally get the balls to fight back (for the past week they have been hiding on med levels). SV were the first to go out today, and we were obviously short on their heels. A couple minutes after they started PK'ing we hit their 20 man PK (they peaked at 28, despite their best efforts, lol) in rev caves and pretty much cleared them on sight. They dragged it north in an attempt to stay in game long enough for TS/RoT to login, but unfortunately for them we know literally every single move these shit clans are going to make. A couple minutes into the fight we knew TS were getting ready to log in, so we ran south and set up for them to log in. They logged in on the wall and got barraged out instantly. RoT were slow at massing (lately they've been having some issues with their numbers/slow masses, more on that soon), but lo and behold 15 minutes after the initial fight started they were setting up south in rev caves to log in and crash. Unfortunately for them, we were there to hit their mass before they could hop worlds. We logged in, and reduced them to a handful in game pretty much instantly. They never recovered. Today showed exactly why they have, for the past weeks, sent SV/TS to crash in their stead, and why they have spent the better half of the last two weeks on their med levels. Sit, you fucking dogs.
  13. After a minor delay earlier in the month due to forums going down unexpectedly, we pushed the opening PK trip back to today and had a fight set up with Anonymous Community. We massed up peaking at 41 ninjas and did some warm ups before the fight. After some minor issues, we set up east of 44s and logged into AC. We fought for 30 minutes with both clans having a solid performance. The fight was clean and we got a few +1s, all while shaking off the rust. After this we scouted Vengeance pking in low wilderness. We quickly banked for teles and logged into their world. They were fighting some random team and after 30 seconds they were cleared off the map, not interested in fighting. Went back to caves and hopped all the skill total worlds, running into Infliction multiple times, clearing them with ease each time. Thanks to everyone who came out and all the clans for action.
  14. http://playdead-rs.com/ | Most Active | Biggest Money Makers | https://discord.gg/Uy4GGSJ PART 1 - Vanguard & Nothing Left @deep Went out to clear deep with small man and ran to Vanguard clan, had a lil scrap with them for couple minutes till they got cleared. After that we decided to hop at deep for a bit see if there's any loot and surprisingly there was a lot loot, we gained numbers and got into couple scraps with random teams at RDG, cleared them fast and shortly after that we got info of Nothing Left being deep as well so we ran to GDZ to fight them for a good 5-10 minutes until they were cleared. Good fight NL, respect! Couple +1s farmed =). PART 2 - Caves Sweep ft. Nothing Left & Infliction (?) Gained more numbers and moved to rev caves to see if any clans were out. Shortly after hopping we found NL and had a little scrap with them, good fight NL! After NL we mass hopped and found some small teams with Infliction name changes so we went to clap them, good fight. Kept sweeping caves for a bit till PART 3! +1s farmed agane! PART 3 - Bullying total worlds and Sparc Mac After clearing multiple ballista teams and baiting out other small teams we decided to HAWAS a bit. Sparc Mac gwased multiple times and total worlds shook. After 6+ hour trip the raccoons went to sleep, the end. "a team immediately logs in after you guys leave wtf!" PART 4 - THE AFTERMATH (Authority broken and raccoons rich!)
  15. We were approached earlier in the day by Zenith asking for a PKRI, We gladly accepted and when time came around we massed up 32 Red Warriors. We rushed Zenith who was defending north of Varrock level 5, Within seconds we pulled east and started transitioning through their pile. After some time Rage came to crash and started hitting both clans, We pulled east and started focusing through both clans. We cleared numerous clans, Time after Time, Rushing their regroups which were spread throughout the map. The fight eventually moved north to CA and this is where we took full control. We held our ground the entire time and ended up clearing both clans several more times. Both clans would regroup while we cleared up the other clan. We eventually got Zenith isolated by themselves west of sperm. We clashed for some time until our amazing returns and quality cleared Zenith completely off the map. We teleported down to edge and thanked Zenith for the fight.
  16. DISCORD Tuesday: Elite Zerks Vs. Resurgence Today Elite Zerks took for the wilderness to see what was poppin, we started off at caves since we knew Resurgence was at altar with a fair amount of ops. We cleared a few worlds until we gained enough to fight them, we sounded the horn and both clans massed until it was time to start the fight. Res ended up pulling 21 to our 19 but we went with it because this action is pretty irresistible once you get a piece. The fight started of extremely strong, both sides preforming very impressively. We caught multiple clumps and transitioned piles as quick as we could, Resurgence gained a bit of momentum on us in the middle of the fight but we managed to bring it back strong in the end. Both teams showed an insane performance and represented our scene with a perfect replication of what clean action is supposed to look like. Thanks for the action, Res!
  17. We setup a PKRI against Irrelevant Outcasts at Chaos Alter, We massed up 27 Resistance Members. IO defended and we rushed from the west. We ended up smoking their north side. Special Forces crashed from the west and both clans turned their attention to them. We cleared up SF and restarted the fight. We took at advantage from there and didnt look back. IO teleported out and we ended up clearing the rest of SF and teleported to bank.
  18. Full topic on our forums: https://elitezerks.com/index.php?/topic/3503-saturday-clearing-or-x2-claws-pk-singles-sesh/ Around early afternoon Saturday we got a few people that wanted to pk together and massed around 5:00 est to small man rev caves. We made some bank there clearing out PvMers and moved to altar when we gained more numbers. We stayed there for a bit and got some +1s and then decided to check what was out deep. We ran into some mains who were identified as Override and cleared them in 2 mins. We then ran into them a second time and they gained more to try and get the win on us. We made a strong push and gained to 18 and then from there just controlled the fight until they decided to stop returning after about an hour. We then took a small break and went back to caves to pk and ended up going singles in max. We got some sick kills including claws in a high risk world and towards the end had a max team in multi twice and red barred both time. All in all it was a sick time and we finally called it quits around 5:30 am EST.
  19. Full topic on our forums: https://elitezerks.com/index.php?/topic/3507-elite-zerks-sunday-pk-ft-2-max-sets-resurgence/ Went Pking for hours today, moving between altar, deep and revenant caves. Absolutely fucking owned. Pked 2 max sets. Fought res for 5 mins before it was crashed by SV. Money clan wins again baby #EZ
  20. Forums | Discord We were out Pking with around 20 Resistance Members, We were contacted by Onslaught asking for a fight. We accepted and massed up 25 Goon Members and went to Chaos Alter. We fought for quiet some time with Resistance being in complete control of the fight. Thanks to everyone who showed up.  
  21. gg ez ty for playing brothers
  22. Started off the night by crashing Sv and making them go into 1-item after 5 minutes. After ruining their fight vs Jaja we properly massed and followed them into Rev caves. 30 seconds in and Sv were cleared so Rot logged in to save them. With Sv cleared when they logged in Rot had no allies in-game with them and it showed. From the moment Rot logged in we swarmed them, with our spam off the screen they were deleted instantly. Normally at this point they go and hide in the corridor but today they had no ability to do that as we looped behind them and pushed them even closer to single. At this point Sv arrived in Single and Team Sweden in Dragons making it a 1v3. With 3 clans on us we took it to dragons and continued to destroy them. Even with 2 other clans with them Rot continued to suicide mage and Sv de-geared into snakeskin/ moonclan. With the clan world on us it felt like 2015 again and our performance reflected that. Swapping between single piles and barrage piles we bullied Rot around the map and forced Ts/Sv to stay on the outskirts. After 90 minutes of fighting we dipped so people could go prepare for the super bowl or whatever else Americans do. Fucking Destroyed 1v3. Pictures: I wonder what Rot's excuse will be after they got destroyed 1v3.
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