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Found 109 results

  1. PART 1 Decided to mass up 13-vikings which quickly gained till 19. Started off the massacre in the Rev caves where we hopped into small random cc's & profit pkers. Didn't take long before we started bumping into JaJa and their 14-17? man pull. We scraped them for 10-minutes time before we decided to dip out due to their increasing numbers. We got a re-group & the entrance and started sweeping the caves again untill we bumped into JaJa again where we fought for a while & decided to call it a fight when we we're down a lot of opts. The clan world were out today hunting each other which resulted in us switching location to Altar where we filled our bags with treasure before we decided to call it a trip. PART 2 We massed up for another PK-trip this time for the purpose of entrance/altar pking. Lead to absolute bank loot. We also had a fight up at Annakarl against Rev which lead to some decent loot too.
  2. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Massed up 32 bears to fight Apex in our scheduled P2P PKRI located at the Chaos Altar, our fight happened without Apex having team capes but they also had around 30. We started off strong and took advantage of their clumps, we caught alot of Apex members in there and tried to wrap around from the south to dominate our opponents in the fight - only to get crashed by Fearless who also had around 30 opps. This turned into a big return fight afterwards wich lasted for about 30 minutes, the fights shifted from Corp to Pond, back to ghost hut and the chaos altar where the fight originally started. Thanks everyone for the action! Spiral (Shadowplay recordings ~ Missing start)
  3. A1v1 & Friends

    pkri Monday - Bullying Jaja

    Got word that JAJA was crashing CT vs WM so we massed up 25 warriors and fucked them up not once, not twice BUT 3 TIMES IN A ROW. https://youtu.be/vK4KepLllro pics:
  4. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today we massed up a strong 21 vikings to roam the wilderness. We had a feeling that a lot of big teams were in the rev caves and our prayers were heard. We quickly ran into Vitality and fought them for about 15 minutes before Team Sweden logged in. We kept fighting and not long after it Jaja also flew in (love the crashwars I guess?), we still managed to stay strong and fought for a while until the adamant returns flew in and we cba'd. LIVE SCOREBOARD: Vengeance counter: 0 Resurgence counter: 0 We continued to pk in the Rev caves until we smelled a nasty stink. We found out what it was and it turned out to be Resurgence. Once they all logged in a clean fight emerged with about even opts. We smoked them easily, and a green cape Ballista squad logged in. Mammoth, a Resurgence member asked us to not teleport so we decided to stay. Resurgence however thought this was a good excuse to teleport out and let us take the fight vs the ballista squad. We didn't think twice and made work of the ballistasquad as well so we cleared both clans and took our fall in. Vengeance counter: 1 Resurgence counter: 0 We were waiting for a Resurgence regroup (took about 15 minutes) and we baited them inside the caves, where our supreme Vikings logged in and immediately took control of the fight. It took us less than 5 minutes before Resurgence was cleared for the 2nd of the night. Vengeance counter: 2 Resurgence counter: 0 After Resurgence knew they couldn't compete with us in the Rev caves they decided to go to Altar. We got word of it and it took us less than 5 minutes to find them for the 3rd round of the evening. They immediately ran and left their member 'Bassive' to die with a dihns on a half-tb, even when our focus staff specced by accident. This was enough for Resurgence as they ended their trip right after that. We wish we didn't have to do this, but threatening to dox Veng members is an absolute no-go. Vengeance counter: 3 Resurgence counter: 0
  5. Hotgun decided to challenge Arroz for a F2P PKRI and I gladly accepted it. We had nice numbers and tbh I didn't expect to have that pull (bad day and time for us) so the fight ended up being sick af. 5 minutes to the fight like 6 ~ downfall members decide to log in to crash (lmfao) and after around 50 ~ minutes of fighting RoT logged in resulting both clans to call it a day (no point giving action to some boring clan)... Thanks for the battle The Rising Arroz Starting: TR Starting: 44 gamers Arroz & TR Ending: 50 gamers ~ Pics:
  6. Steeze

    pkri Resurgence EST Sweep Ft. DL

    COME TEST YOUR GRIT FORUM | DISCORD Resurgence took the wild this evening to see what was out to feast on. We started at altar which was dead aside from a few lost souls who got sent in the right direction. A Resurgence warrior informed us of some fat looties in High Risk world so we swept through to see what was poppin. We cleared some stragglers & bumped into DL squad who put up a decent fight & actually returned. We fought back & forth for about 30 minutes til it turned to a rag fest, then bailed with some stank ass loot. Overall solid night for the boys, thanks for the action DL. ^^^^ eASY KiLLS Where was elite mains??
  7. A1v1 & Friends

    pkri Sunday - Multi Spells Vs Ae

    Ae asked us for a fight and we gladly accepted, the fight started at white plat were we instantly caught them in a bclump taking 1 for a sotd. AE fought bravely but called it at 30 mins and we both took endings. AE Starting : 38 SV starting : 40 Ae ending : 0 SV ending: 56 https://youtu.be/5SKneWJzRak
  8. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Massed up a solid 18 blood thirsty vikings to go hit all the mains in this weekends pure fights. We were in contact with several pure clan leaderships about keeping mains from the fights. We organized an AC with 2 of the clans fighting and went to work on anyone over 26+ Defence. We got a mixed reactions as some clans were happy to see there scene being cleaned up while others were a bit bitter Gz on all the action and Congratulations to FI for your 13 year Anniversary.
  9. I PMed Violent Resolution earlier in the day and reassured them that we'd stand up to RoT beside them in F2P. Knowing this would be the only way to get F2P action in the wilderness, we defended spider hill w84 awaiting VR to rush. That they did, and the fight began. Critical Damage Starting: 23~ Violent Resolution Starting: 28~ Arrowz Starting: 26~(ACed and later helped to fight rot) Reign Of Terror Starting: 50 Reign Of Terror rushed the fight we had with VR, Shortly after the 3v1 began, Arrows/VR joined our cc to isolate ROT at spiders which (eventually when Arrowz logged in) made for a pretty clear cut 3v1. I'm not sure where Legacy was, probably still licking their wounds from the beatings we gave them earlier in the week. Anyways, that's beside the point. They put up a decent fight and we were able to give everyone some F2P action. Thanks arrowz for the ac. Thanks, Rot/VR for the fight.
  10. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR VR's GMT Sweep Earlier in the day, GMT unit decided to sweep the caves and made some loot. PK went on for about 2 hours killing PvMers and some small man teams, you know, the usual. Saw a bunch of VR posting total loot tabs of 15+m each so, pretty sure fuckin BANK was made. VR vs CD A week or so ago, CD approached us looking for a fun little F2P scrap. At first we were skeptical as F2P wasn't really something we've been focusing on lately and most of our newer members were P2P but, we decided to accept and get an old school battle going. Coming to the day, we heard that ROT would more than likely be coming to the fight to crash but we decided to fight it out anyways for the lawls and some fun action and Arr0z agreed to come anti-crash any randoms but weren't sure if they'd get involved when ROT came as they didn't really have enough ACing to fight ROT 1 v 1. Violent Resolution Starting: ~25 - few looters/watchers in the pic before we locked cc Critical Damage Starting: ~20 CD defended on top of Spider hill and VR rushed in from the south west. We took control of the fight pretty quickly as CD had some lower levels and were outnumbered but, they still fought through and kept a solid main pile. After about 10 minutes of fighting, ROT showed to the world and both clans moved west to single and logged out. VR + CD + Arr0z vs ROT After coordinating with Zeke from CD, we decided to re-rush each other on a different world and agreed that if ROT crashed, we'd merged clan chats and put up a little fight before numbers were overwhelming and we'd leave. We told Arr0z the plan and invited them to join the clan chat if ROT was to come in but, was told most of their ranks weren't wanting to get involved. We did just that with VR vs CD restarting for another 15 minutes or so before ROT got word of it and hopped in around the fight. VR instantly moved to the CD's open clan chat and started turning piles on ROT members. VR + CD fought for a while before Elrond rallied the Arr0z men and decided to get involved as well for some action for them. After a 3 v 1 battle and a lot of fun, all clans decided to call it quicks and spammed GF ROT ingame before we moved to the west and called it a night. Thanks for the action to all clans tonight, was a lot of fun! Old School memories https://image.prntscr.com/image/rFIL3vO4Q7eYxdmxShW5QQ.png
  11. A1v1 & Friends

    pkri Killed ct again

    wasn't on just realised we [email protected] again... Whats the score? 23-2? Jesus u suck.
  12. lnfamous Jet

    pkri delete this

  13. Prior to our prep with Kings we decided to take a quick tour of the rev caves smoking everything in our path. Once we had our fun it was time to get serious for our prep, we'd both agreed to a 15v15 as we felt up for the challenge of a matched ops fight vs mains. We held our own for the entirety of the fight keeping a strong unit on the field at all times. The fight remained even right the way through until the end. Thanks for the 30 minutes of clean action Kings! Hope for more in the future! What crashwar btw? #Vengup LOOTS:
  14. We hit the caves for our daily profit pk trip, we ran into VR a few times so we decided to set up a clean fight. We fought each other for over an hour in what was a very even fight, we had a couple of opts on them the entire time so respect to them for fighting. Midway through the fight we got crashed by DK but we managed to clear them with ease. CL decided they wanted to join the party so us and VR teamed on crash. After clearing the crashers we decided to take ending after over an hour of fighting. GF VR and respect from Vengeance #Vengup LOOTATIONS:
  15. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR After a few hour prep last night, RJ decided to lead a little GMT trip with the lads. After a small sweep, clearing SV and DK multiple times, we ran into Veng who had a good chunk. After a small scrap that we were outnumbered, we dipped and remassed to get some more people. We logged into CL and fought for ~10 minutes before few DK crashed and we dipped from the fight to remass again as CL had 20 ish to our 10. After a small remass, we PMed Veng asking to either team to fight vs CL (both VR/Veng had 10 each and CL had 20) or to just fight 1 v 1 10 v 10. After trying to find CL, they had just ended so we decided to set up vs Veng and logged into their world. Violent Resolution vs Vengeance We fought ~10 VR vs ~12 Veng for about an hour pretty clean with handful of DK and CL coming in at points but both clans just turned and cleared them easily. Fight was back and forth with both clans maintaining strong units. Veng had some more mages than us but we fought through some barrage clumps and continued the fight. At the hour mark of the fight, few more CL came in and was massing in full to crash so while they were in edge getting to the world, we took our fall ins and compared endings. Violent Resolution Ending: 10 Vengeance Ending: 12 Thanks for the fight Veng, was a lot of fun 9 kills, 2 deaths Pics:
  16. After slaughtering the 1500 "MOI" cc yesterday some of their members got a little to mouthy for our liking, we decided to mass up today to clear them out of their worlds. After clearing them with ease we'd leave them free to amass some loot for 5 minutes or so before we'd slaughter them again, essentially harvesting them for their loot. We rinsed and repeated for over an hour before they finally started to give up on their worlds and resort to some non wilderness PVM . We stuck around in the caves for a while and managed to find DK with similar numbers. They were quickly dismantled after a few minutes of fighting and we took ending. GF and thanks for the action. #Vengup
  17. Asap

    pkri Northern vs Ly pkris

    We set up 2 pkris with Legacy The first fight ended with us clearing Ly off the map completely at gdz The second fight moved from dwarves all the way to corp hill where we couldn't hit their low lvls anymore and we decided to dip Ty for action Ly (also killed tribe in a quick pkri lolz) UTC Pov Mallu Pov
  18. The 40 year old virgin @iTz Zoo (happy b-day again btw) decided to mass the squad up to go PK. We started off at altar and gained throughout the trip as we collected some easy loot and +1s there. Not long into the trip we garnered a free AGS off some kids. Shortly after that we struck the goldmine and took another whale for max. To put the icing on the cake, we ran into Veng at GDZ and quickly went to boss these retards around. This time they tried to fight back and there were no mains - no excuses to be had really. We cleared them in mere minutes despite being down opts the first time. We mass poked and they teled back up alongside us and a second fight broke out. So at this point the opts were even yet they were getting absolutely decimated. After about 5-10 minutes they all were dead or ran south. Another easy win for Resurgence, I guess this is why you run around the wild hiding every sunday?
  19. Forums | Discord Early this afternoon we got word Vengeance was out with 20 for a fight. We quickly massed up to go pop in and say hello. We instantly started wiping them off the map and taking their mystic sets. We then spotted them in caves and smoked them time and time again. This forced them to use their usual tactic - the rev cave entrance pking (LMFAO). Like usual, their pulled started to drop at this point and after another hit they decided to move to altar in search of safety. We hit them again and fought them in singles at this point. Towards the end we smited a trial member for claws. Sybren will NOT be happy another +1 lost! 🤣
  20. A1v1 & Friends

    pkri Sovereign Annihilates anime clan

    We got word ct (no capitals as a sign of disrespect) was in our caves without a permission slip, we could obviously not allow that. So we quickly hit them 16v25 knowing that we would gain in the next 5 minutes (none of that pussy wait till we gain like ct) ct tried to take a ending before we even logged in knowing they would lose the fight from the start in hope they can brainwash their reddit recruits, sadly enough nobody is that fucking stupid lmao. Just as usual we dominated these twitter rats from start to finish sadly they only donated for 1 hour this time before 30 year old groomer christy (no capital as a sign of disrespect) called it off. we ended with 48/48 pretty much shows how one sided these fights are. Shoutouts: RoT for the AC ct for the fake +1's spams ct for losing a rivarly to lil cards jaja for freezing our returners just to die to them ct for claiming lil cards was there (very poor propaganda) ct for killing their own members 720P vid we apologise, it would of been to graphic in 1080P @Tova thats loss #18
  21. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Final Ownage Elite approached Rage for a matched 38V38 P2P wilderness PKRI and Rage thankfully accepted. The event consisted of 1x defending at dwarves and 1x attacking round at CA. Both of which Final Ownage Elite were victorious after very strong performances. Thanks for the PKRI Rage, see you next time for future events. Fight 1: Defending North Dwarves - Victory A 30 minute cap fight which resulted in FOE clearing Rage in under 5 minutes after strong control of the map. Fight 2: Attacking North CA - Victory A 20 minute cap fight, full return fight in which both clans stayed until the end, with FOE having control of the fight for the majority. ~Ryan ~Erik ~Utc ~Dean
  22. Want to make bank like this on the regular? Join the #1 RunePure/Med/Tank Clan Today! Forums | Discord What a fucking day lads! We started pking early in GMT at Altar, running into Veng & their single squad body shields off the bat. They lasted about 15 seconds on the map before we dropped/escorted them out of our wild. We kept clearing world after world but the loot kept fucking coming, legit was no stopping it today. The evening came closer so we took a two hour break to gain a bit of men from our EST squad. We came back & continued to snipe the single kiddos who thought they could single to multi us but we always ended up with the loot. We spotted VR leader doing in singles with a little squad that we scrapped with for a few minutes, grabbing a kill or two before ducking to the bank. Thanks for fight lads. One team tried their luck with us and rushed into multi, ultimately getting cleared and providing an easy AGS/Staff pk. Eaaaaaaaaasy fucking bank today boys. Good work. Thanks to all who came out!
  23. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR P2P Rev Cluster Action Got off work early today and saw a bunch of V2R on so, we decided to head up for a little PK trip. Beginning of the trip was slow with us clearing PvM loot but as time went on, CT/ROT/Sweden/Liths/JaJa/AE/DK all came out and started fighting to the south. VR logged in north in the corridor and cleared anyone attempting to return through us. We kept a scout south and as we saw there wasn't much left in the fight (no idea who won), we rushed in and cleared the remaining kids, and took our ending. Clearing Divine Forces PvM Trip We continued our PK trip and found Divine Forces attempting to PvM, clearing their trip. Hopped around some more killing some more PvMers. Violent Resolution vs Lil Cards Since we had the numbers and Cards was out on a Private PK, we decided to go hit them up. We rushed them as they were fighting Vitality and cleared both clans from the world. Vitality ended up returning but we dipped out. We hopped again and hit Lil Cards x3 more times throughout the night to the point they just ran when they saw us log in even thought we had 16 to their 30. Violent Resolution vs Ansatsu Empire We then ran into AE and started a small scrap vs them. After 10 minutes of fighting, we were told to wait on the same world and they would re-rush. We waited but nothing ever happened. We contacted their leader asking for a fight and they accepted but then started messing around saying they were getting hit and doing random shit when really, we were scouting them sitting around hopping worlds sweeping (lol). Seeing this, we decided to start hunting them. We hopped to their world and they put up a small 2 minute fight but nothing serious and we took our ending. We then scouted AE coming down on a world and barraged them all out at the bottom of the corridor. At this point, AE ended their PK trip. Hitting 1250s We hopped around looking for more action and ended up running into the 1250s CC (Rendual) and cleared them 2-3 worlds in a row. Violent Resolution vs KID We then were told that a random team was in World 494 and hopped in. At first we thought it was Veng as they were mainly Zerks and had the same kites, but after fighting for a bit we found they were KID (no idea who still but ok cool welcome to the clan world if you're new lol). KID put up a decent as we started fighting 13 vs 18 or so of them. After 10 minutes of fighting, they were cleared and we took our ending. Hopped around some more and found KID again, clearing them easily. Killed Rendual's CC again and then decided to hit up the 1500s CC. We hit them for 3-4 worlds before they just sat at edge regrouping. Cleared out 1750s and then High Risk worlds but with nothing else out, we decided to call it a night after 4 hours of PKing. Good job to all VR who attended. Was fun 25 kills 5 deaths 7m profit Pics: 
  24. Had our weekly event and then took the lads pking, we smoked PD's attempt at macing one of our members with a quick gwass & picking off the survivors. We hopped a few worlds & cleared some small man teams then took it to altar. Altar provided easy bank for the lads so we camped it until it was juiced. Thanks for the action
  25. Started our trip an hour early knowing that JAJA was out.We ran into JAJA instantly clearing them within 5 minutes. After the first fight JAJA didn't seem to get the message so they decided to go out again where we yet again cleared them. After clearing them we got word that AE and Veng were fighting at GDZ. So we went ahead and crashed the fight, fighting them 2v1. Jaja showed up for abit but we cleared them. After clearing JAJA we rushed AE where they would fight us for around 1 hour before they dipped. After clearing AE we rushed Veng who run on sight. After that we made our way to Revs where we ran into AE yet again we scrapped for around 20 mins before they dipped again. After that we ran into DF fighting them for an hour before they ran. https://youtu.be/2gnfc7b_viw