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Found 38 results

  1. Website: https://clan-nrg.com ~ coming soon. TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/bnTuCPc We are currently not accepting applications and are invitation only, please PM a High Council+ via our discord if you are interested in joining. Thursday, January 10th Energy took a break from training and massed up 30 later peaking at 37 for a last minuet PKRI vs Immortals and some CWA fights: We took a early lead in our Wildy PKRI and didn't look back dominating the fight. We won the 25v25 Prep 2-0, before losing a FT 50. Thanks for the fights 😛. @BrapPOV (Wildy+ CWA): @ParmWildy POV:
  2. Supremacy massed 41 men for a wildy F2P PKRI vs FOE The fight was on Corp Hill and capped at 25 minutes. It was pretty safe to say Supremacy had the upper hand for the majority of the fight as seen in our POV's. Our ops when we reached the time cap were 37 SUP to 33 FOE. Thanks for the clean action Final Ownage Elite! Ham Phil

    lpc Hydra - #1 Pure Clan

    Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on pking instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's a noticeable difference. Join Hydra Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Pkers of all experience levels welcome, but skilled pkers preferred. Requirements: 65+ cmb 1-20 def 50+ att 70+ str/rng 85+ mage Cc is cc_Hydra Website Discord Leader: Trikb0w High Council: Alpha Q Hard Officers: Toni, Skru, VotxKrom Council: The One Pure Warlord: VotxKrom
  4. MISFITS VS EOP 30 MIN RETURN FIGHT AT CA [AFTERMATH] Misfits and EOP talked to each other and managed to coordinate a 30 minute fight at CA. So the hive massed up 35 bee's to fight! The fight went head to head but was dominated by Misfits for the most of it. Thank-you EOP for the Action! We hope to do more of these fights in the future! @Oi_VC White Page POV (Black bars cuz rendering fked)
  5. hotguy (magin fan)#7042 or Moe#2740 - pm for singles events tysm WAR for the clean event
  6. Vs. God MOB Tuesday Night, November 27th. Supremacy, being the most active and best clan that exists on osrs atm, had a shitoad of tigers iding on teamspeak. We decided to go out and clear the F2P worlds and ended up running into god mob (main clan that aids IR). After smoking them with ease the first fight they decided to spam their cc and mass up 15-20 tanks but knowing these kids are as braindead as the clan they help we knew we could take them even as pures. We got one of our mithlords to lure them into gap and we took off from there single piling the shit out of these ugly fucks until they had ZERO ingame. Ham aka goat PICTURES Vs. Vendetta Wildy After smoking IR's shitty main clan we decided to ask VD for a pkri which they gladly accepted. We both had 27 or so starting, and Supremacy later peaked at 32. We fought Vendetta once at maze 27v27 and instantly ran a train on them, picking off piles 1 by 1 and dropping their pulls down to the single digit. They tried to regroup outside of the maze but we chased them outside, continuing to kill them. This is where they called returns off and asked for a rematch somewhere else. For the second fight, Vendetta decided to choose the fighting spot at barbarian village. We got word that Eop were trying to crash with their slump of a clan and anticipated their weak failed attempt to ruin our fight. We had Vendetta rush us in the middle of barb, got a few kills on them again, and got word that eop were finally logging in with their 9 man mass with mains. We instantly got off Vendetta and switched our focus to eop, making every single eop dog who wasted their tuesday night regret being in that shit clan l0l. We had our sitters join us for a total of a 32 man beat down and got 4 kills on their mains, 3 on their pures, and made the rest of them tele out like the failures they are. Vendetta went west and killed the last remaining dogs in single. At this point, Vendetta asked if we wanted a first to 50 at clan wars. We decided to take them up on their offer. CLAN WARS The first round of FT50 - Supremacy swiftly took a 11-3 man lead at the beginning and camped Vendetta at their portal until we had 48 kills. We decided to run to the orb and straight up flame eop dogs watching our fight on their tuesday night l0l. We ended with 50 kills to their 30 or so. The second round of FT50- Same thing happened round 2, we got a nice lead on them, pushed them to their portal and got a big kill lead. We started killing their sides with great transitions and worked our way up to 50 kills right next to their portal/orb. They ended with 30~ or so kills to our 50 again. Poo Walnuts Ham Mustafa
  7. On this glorious Monday, Mother Ascent pulled ~20 Ascentians to smoke piper Noxious clan in the Wilderness. Smoked them even opts once at Corp Hill and then again at Fog. After they claimed they ended, our leak told us they went to Clan Wars to do inners. We followed them and got the 2-0 in a mini. No more piper or we'll continue to close your clan, Noxious.
  8. Pedrolito

    pkri Arroz Vs Brazil Forces PvP

    1 week ago, we manage to get a figth Vs Brazil Forces in PvP, to show the rest of the clan world we still alive. Rules: 30min Capped, Snipers Off , Bounds: Spiders-Gdz. Starting: Ending: Arroz : 86 Opts Brazil Forces : 86 Opts Results : We dominate the whole fight, but the result was: Draw Some pic of the fight:  Video: Thanks everyone ! Arroz still Alive and open for fights!
  9. Daddy Nate

    pkri Vendetta vs WAR P2P PKRI

    https://vendetta-rs.org/community/ - "V Clan" clanchat Today we asked War for a P2P pkri, both clans massed 20+ opts for a fun eventful evening on this fine Tuesday, going 6 days in a row now with events vs other clans. If your not in the most active pking community clan Vendetta your really doing something wrong. @jay. POV @Bryan POV
  10. Crest227

    pkri JaJa performs euthanasia on Sv

    Sv had a 2 week prep together with Rev hoping to 2v1 us. With us being the alpha clan that we are, we took up the challenge and posted a prep ourselves. Ended up outpulling Sv who prepped for 3x as long as us so the fight went easy as fuck until Rev came in making it a 2v1. Not letting being teamed up on demoralize us we waited on Ct / Pd to come ac Rev for us and after doing so they crumbled once again. After 30 minutes they teleported out making us the clear winners of this "fight". After chasing SV loc to the loc they refused to fight us as Rev were already occupied. (Nice 1item/Lobby pk rev) To all SV members there is only one way out of this: PM Marky#7564 or Jibs#5286 Farming Sv:
  11. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR With the wilderness being active on Sundays again with pretty much every clans going out every weekend, we decided to follow suit and head up for a Sunday PK trip to see what was out. Going into the day we heard that SV vs JaJa/CT/PD was going down with ROT anti-crashing Rev from getting involved so ROT vs Rev went down on another world. We heard Vitality was out with about 25 and with us having 18, we decided to ask them for a little short prepped fight. Violent Resolution Starting: 18 Vitality Starting: 24 Knowing we were going into this outnumbered and with us really not having a planned fight in a long time, we figured we'd be on a backfoot for most of the fight but fought through the disadvantage. Fight went on for 30 minutes as planned, completely clean and at the end of the cap, Vitality stood victorious as they had more numbers. Thanks for the fight guys, was a lot of fun. Violent Resolution Immediate Ending: 19 (20 on ts) Vitality Immediate Ending: 21 (24 on TS) Probably some randoms in the piles as well. After our fight with Vitality we decided we would go into Revs to see what action we could find. We got everyone to the north door and threw our scouts around the caves. Our first world, we found a small 15 man team running north through the corridor chasing someone and ended up logging in north and barraging them all out with very few escaping. We headed south and held the 30 line and found a few more 5 man teams that we cleared easily. Hopped around and found that first team again, barraging them out inside the middle of the cave. We then set our focus on Lil Cards stream, as he wasn't there but his Discord was still PKing with ~20. We followed them around, having our tanks tank them north and then logging in and caught a few of them. We repeated this process until we heard that Vitality had rushed them. We moved our locations to the south side of Revs on the wall and logged in and barraged everything out, killing a good chunk of the stream and forcing Vitality and the rest of the stream to teleport out. With not too much out other than Vitality in rag ballistas, we decided to call it a night and headed back to our PvM competition vs Vanguard. Thanks for the action all clans tonight, was a good time. Pics:
  12. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VRTwitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VRVR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Just went out for a fun random pk with a small amount, we killed a bunch of pvmers and then ran into a clan and had a fun even opts scrap, nothing much to say about today since it was just a chilled PK trip and nothing more.
  13. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord Original Topic Vanguard has been wrecking havoc on the clan world recently, and it was no different today. We massed up 20+ strong men and went looking for whatever we could get our hands on. We killed PvMers and small teams alike until running into Lil Cards and scrapping with them for a short period of time before forcing them to bail to edge and remass. While clearing LC for a second time, Pd came running in with around the same #s, who fought us 1v1 at the NW shortcut for a short amount of time before moving east somewhere. This allowed for a quick feasting on Lil cards (who had just ran back into the fight) for a third time, knowing PD would be back soon fresh on supplies, we took our loot and banked. In hopes of a 1v1 with PD we quickly teleported back up and found PD within the next 15 minutes. Both clans found decent barrage piles, and KO power was high but Vanguard stood tall, pushed onwards and took a lead over the fight in Northeast of the caves, near the 25 minute mark. After one last massive barrage clump, we cleared the few remaining white dots from Lil cards, SV, and PD we took FI in the center of revs, stood around for 2 minutes and claimed decisive victory.
  14. Our fight versus FOE was originally supposed to be in clanwars but we wanted to get frisky and take it to the wilderness. The TIGERS OF SUPREMACY BIG FUCKING NUT CLAN brought 55 motherfuckers to take on FOE in a 20-minute capped return fight. The action started at Corporeal Beast hill with Supremacy defending. FOE were absolutely overwhelmed by our piling and were soon on the backfoot for about ten minutes until EOP came in our capes. We backed off while FOE went to single to regroup, took off our capes and cleared all the non-SUP members in our team-cape. Before we could collect ourselves FOE re-rushed us with prayer and food advantage putting us on the backfoot for a few minutes. We were able to re-gain our ground by the cave and ended up blasting FOE again. FOE ran down to CA for prayer and we took them all the way down to lvl 5 wild before giving them time to breathe and killing more EOP in our cape. After EOP were cleared we got a regroup at CA where FOE rushed us. We pushed them out of the altar all the way around the mouth. FOE could never get above 30 as we were killing them too fast causing them to retreat to level 1. When FOE were by the ditch with below 20 it was 1 minute until the fight was over so we decided to take a fall-in with our remaining 50 and call it a day.
  15. KingTheGreat

    pkri The Return of Reapers of Runescape

    I know we haven't posted many topics out but we been working on recruiting and doing more with the clan. We will continue to push forward, ignoring the haters and make sure to not look back! October is coming up, time to make this a very spooky Reaping Season! Tonight was a great night for Reapers, PKing 2 Zamorak Godswords and lots of PVM loot! #Reapers!
  16. With the DMM hype reaching its conclusion, we picked up right where we left off on oldschool. 30-minute Multi spells fight against liths was eventually crashed by 5 green, degenerate, sexually confused, basket cases a full 25 minutes in. Then hit the caves with 30 heads hoping Marky would have the courage to hit us.. of course, they failed to show up and left the takings to ourselves. Vid: Bonus Clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/PopularGiantLobsterWholeWheat 150M pk: Spams & Spoils:
  17. Sv was out with 20 men so we paid them a quick visit taxxing them for an Ags in the process, second time we caught them in a fall in in the middle of revs completely wiping them off the map and telling rev to log in literally as soon as the fight started Part 1 - Taking SV for an AGS Part 2 - SV Hit on Login
  18. topic created by zewy - check out the original topic After running into Destiny few times in rev caves we decided to set a scrap for today. We massed up the warriors for a fight east of bandits. We settled on a 15 (veng) Vs 18 (Destiny). A slight advantage given our combat levels and experience. We started strong and controlled the fight with Destiny making a good effort to push back mid fight. After the 20 minute Cap Vengeance quality proved just to much and we brought home the W. A good fight from a fast improving Destiny. I am excited to see more of them in the future. Thanks for the action. Video and some loot from a quick sweep of caves to follow. PS: Sorry boys. I'm still learning how to render videos from vegas.. it look'd good in editor then fuck gfx up after rendering .. Anyhow enjoy: https://imgur.com/okVltTO
  19. We were out small manning with the intelligence JaJa was out and PD would be there to back them up. Both clans knew the intensity of the battle ahead of them, but I think it's safe to say we took this fight more seriously considering JaJa & PD is dogshit and we didn't want to give them any room to breathe. That being said, the result was going to be pretty clear based on those factors. Sovereign Starting: 24 JaJa Starting: 23~ PD starting: 8 Not much to say about the fight, like I said lack of quality hurt JaJa hard and when you're fighting us at peak form that'll never be enough to put up a decent fight. Our numbers and momentum grew as the fight went on (the fight was so easy most of us were smiting through it), and by the time it came to an end, there wasn't ever any doubt as to who won. Sovereign Ending:36 Jaja: Dust in the wind
  20. To all the pures with either a Zerk, Tank or Med Pk Account ; know that Vengeance allows Multi-Clanning.Even if you don't want to join officially we have a Clan Friend rank for you . Intro today at http://www.tastevengeance.com We started around 7pm est, gathering our strong warriors for some rev caves action. We didn't find much action to satisfy our hungry warriors, so we tried GDZ and Alter with little action but not enough to quench the blood lust. So with that being said, we took our strong warriors back to rev caves finding PHAT ACTION. From main teams to black hat pures and our long fight against Destiny. With nice baits and strong clumps we gwassed them a couple of times. Props to Destiny for fighting for a good while! MAJOR PROPS TO CONNOR AND ZEWY FOR THEIR SICK TANKING! Looties were made, banks got fatter and I still get pre-tb'd. #VengUp bois. :Flex:
  21. Bemb

    pkri Thursday: Back to Normal

    Went out PKing and ran into CT roughly around 5 times, by the the 5th time they had enough and tried to fight back. The fight began in the middle of Revs before we basically had CT cleared off the map so they resorted to running to the black dragons to attempt at getting a return advantage but also to make sure the 18 JaJa that showed up to our fight had a way to camp our returners up north. DF2 made a slight appearance trying to ballista bomb both clans but RoT showed up and quickly AC'd them off the map, SV decided to mass up for JaJa and as soon as SV logged in CT gave up suiciding and decided to run using SV as en excuse to run away from a clean 1v1 with us (SV was literally north against the wall doing nothing spamming "where's JaJa" while we continued to fight btw). Original Topic: https://rev-rs.net/community/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=13151&app=forums&module=forums&id=13151 Vids: Pics:
  22. Reminder: To all the pures with either a Zerk, Tank or Med Pk Account ; know that Vengeance now allow Multi-Clanning. Even if you don't want to join officially we have a Clan Friend rank for you .Intro today at http://www.tastevengeance.com We were out on one our usual mid week pk trips this one combined of a GMT outing and later in EST and made the rounds around the wilderness. Revs was uncharacteristically quiet other then couple small mans and a quick scrap with VnG. We Collected our loot including the #9th AGS since the rebuild a few other +1s. We moved to GDZ where pures showed up at just the wrong time (for them) and they were annihilated (vid below). Finished up with a quick sweep back at revs where we claimed a few mystics for the looting bags and went on home. Enjoy the entertainment: This savage gem:
  23. Paul

    pkri Renegades vs Avalon

    Part 1: As our first official multi spells fight, we got in contact with Avalon our long anticipated battle. When the clock rolled around, both clans mustered up 25 warriors for a [nice] [fresh] [cool] [sick] battle. Not much to say, we took the advantage from the start and never really let the lead go. Thanks for the battle Avalon. Ending: Part 2: After our battle vs Avalon, we heard a certain homosexual clan (lol imagine being gay in 2018) were Pking so we decided to quickly end their trip. Not much to say, as soon as the gays seen "devinwallyg" running at them, they instantly bailed and ended their trip.. (lol fags) Pictures:
  24. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR So we went out with a few men today just for a little bit of fun and scouted the wilderness, due to us pking literally everyday more people just wanted a break but the hardcore men was still thirsty for some loot, the isn't much to really explain we ran into a few teams, veracs and around 20 men of divine forces.