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Found 324 results

  1. Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. We aim to focus on high quality pking/high skilled clanwars action, instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic It's a noticeable difference. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pure Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Invitational/Refferal Only Clan Website: https://hydra-rs.com/community/ LEADERSHIP Founder: Trikb0w Leader: PX TYLER (pxtyler#8071) Officer: Xenyle Council: Cmon Taseit/ Zered Warlord: Zack Mangler, French MEDIA
  2. Finished off our F2P fight vs Tempest and decided to ask AF if they were down for a fight. They accepted and quickly massed up and defended for us north of 50s. Felt like we had majority control of the fight but nonetheless the fight was 60v60 and both sides definitely put in work, but lets talk about how Anti Rev didn't bother showing. Saturday... Prime Time GMT... Unreal... See you soon.
  3. Most Handsome Members | #1 Luso-Brazilian Clan | Best Luso-Brazilian Community | We Spit Fire Earlier today we scheduled some F2P wilderness action with Zerg Unit. We ended up pulling 46 people even though the short prep and we sent a few shareds/dropped 10 people so we could have a more even fight. Wilderland starting: 90 options (dropped from 135 opts) Zerg Unit starting: 90 options After 45 minutes of scrap we compared our immediate endings. Wilderland ending: 70~ opts Zerg Unit ending: 50~ opts Thanks for the scrap boyz, was fun
  4. We were out pking saw veng, hit them up for a little fight. Went to boneyard and for some reason TS / ROT thought they'd log in. Started farming theese garbage 3rd world country players. They called more clans as plex/sr/legion/sv etc all came up to their two merged clan chats. Legit farmed them for an hour until they returned in 1 item and rag and we peaced being the GOAT clan as usual.
  5. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We went on our normal Reapers PK Trip with 10 Zenith Reapers when we ran into absolute bank loot. We started hopping around when we found Fatality with around 20. @ Lava Dragons. We logged into Fatality massed to the gills, We started fighting back as we have no idea they were squaded at Lava Dragons. We started pulling the fight east to GAP and returned hard. We started massing up and gaining opts and taking back the lead. We continued pushing through and eventually took the lead in game and started pushing Fatality west. We pushed Fatality almost to spider hill and cleared them up. We took a ending and walked down to bank and asked them for a setup fight. @ Chaos Altar We setup a fight with Fatality and defended Chaos Altar, We spread out and waited for them to rush. They logged in north and the fight started. We started pushing Fatality far west and within minutes we had them on the verge of being cleared. We pushed them fully west into singles and cleared all the remaining members. Once they were cleared up we went to CA and caught a fall in and waited for them to come back. They came back and we re rushed for round 3 and unfortunately they logged out.
  6. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Sunday rolled round, saw that AC were out with 25 ish so chucked up a highlight. Got to 20 men and rushed AC at dwarfs area. Started off catching them in clumps and we were on the front foot the entire fight. AC dragged the fight a bit and were keen on the old teleport which left them struggling for numbers in game, gained up to 30 on ts and they ended about 35 mins after the fight commenced after handing us 3 plus ones. Respect for the 1v1. VR on top as usual. Special shoutout to Sp33dy, Danglin Nuts and C00lbeer for donating the family 2 AGS'S and 1 Elder Maul. By the way, stop returning in 1 item spears, not looking good on your side. VID: Easy as fuck
  7. Most Handsome Members | #1 Luso-Brazilian Clan | Best Luso-Brazilian Community | We Spit Fire Original topic: https://wl-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/828-f2p-wild-wilderland-smoke-the-rising/ Earlier this week we heard that a cluster was gonna happen in the free to play wilderness, so we gathered our troops and headed up looking for action. Initially we killed a few randoms for 5-10 minutes in the supposed world of the fight, until we found some clans fighting south of Spiders and started killing The Rising. In less than five minutes it became a clear 1v1 around RDG, and eventually migrated to south-west greaters. For the entire duration of the fight we were able to keep up the better spam, pile and tanks, even with TR calling backup (lmfao rice), until their members started running outta sets and their leadership decided it was bed time. Same time next week? Wilderland Starting: 114 Opts (38 on Teamspeak) The Rising Starting: 120 Opts (40 on Teamspeak) Wilderland Ending: 120 Opts (40 on Teamspeak) The Rising Ending: Nothing to be seen in the battlefield (nada, nothing, zero, non-existant, nadia) (40 on teamspeak) Pictures of the scrap
  8. Approached DF with a spur for tonight and they gladly accepted. Started fighting at 2:30 PM EST (RoT started massing at 2:35 PM EST) we continued fighting in a box with DF waiting for RoT to tele up so we can catch them at 50s alone before their alliance massed up. RoT teled up (alone at 2:57 PM EST) and we hit them instantly as they got to 50s, we farmed them until their alliance started trickling in proving tonight to their members (some already know) that they NEED the rest of Anti Rev to compete with us, we logged into them 1v1 and they still called SV in record time (less than 2 minutes). We peaced when the entire Anti Rev alliance showed and restarted our fight with DF for another 30 minutes and took our endings at 3:30 PM EST and stayed around in a fall in alone (till 3:40 PM EST) to see if RoT would log into us but they were still pretty petrified after getting hit on login so they sent their Med levels to try and 1 item us instead. We cleared up the final wave of 1 itemers and peaced out, knowing Anti Rev (like always) was just stalling for numbers and for the rest of their alliance to mass up. Proof of Anti Rev massing: Hitting RoT on login before the rest of Anti Rev was called because they were getting smoked 1v1: pics:
  9. Heard ALL of Anti Rev (even some new clans newly added to Anti Rev) were prepped for tonight so we decided to bait everyone out with a fight vs DF at 2PM EST. Fought cleanly while ALL of Anti Rev stalled for #s and called everyone they could who they knew could enter 2K worlds to help them tonight. Nothing much to say about this fight besides complete utter rape. Anti Rev invited everyone they possibly could tonight but it didn't amount to much as we had them cleared multiple times off the map proving without a doubt and exposing in many ways tonight why they needed all of these randoms clans to help them tonight.
  10. With a cluster planned for today we headed out unsure on who'd be battling. Started with Tempest we scrapped for a short while before Rot rushed in. We continued to kill both sides as WL rushed in looking to focus on TR. We moved away and the battle began despite being outnumbered for the whole duration of the battle. Felt like we had almost complete control to transition at will as they refused to clump forcing half of their mages into range within a couple hours. After around 3:30 hours of battling we decided enough for one night. Proud of the lads for a great performance on this fine Sunday evening. TR Starting: 36 TR Peak: 45 TR Ending: 40
  11. ORIGINAL TOPIC: https://rs-deathrow.com/community/index.php?/topic/946-thursday-playdead-avoids-ft-af/ While scouting the wilderness tonight we found a few clans out and decided to mass up on the spot. Quickly we swept out Vetion and killed the few small groups in mystic while we gained numbers. Once we were properly massed we moved inside caves where we began to hunt PD, but they wanted nothing of it tonight. When they heard we were coming PD avoided us like the plague. Noticing they wanted nothing to do with us we cleared out a few worlds and decided to check altar. Here we amassed a few kills before scouting PD once again back in caves. Quickly we moved back over and hopped into PD's world where we rushed to the south and the few they still had left in game teleported out. SV had been looking about for both of us but was widely unsuccessful as they flew in too late. Afterwards we finished up our trip at Vetion where AF would suddenly rush us from the south. We started out the fight on fire with some huge clumps, crippling their numbers in game. Seeing as this is the first time either of us have crossed paths they were hungry to fight us and may have gained a few after the first round of kills. Still we fought back, catching clumps on any melee pile we could. Eventually PD would decide to make an appearance in diary gear with their 7 man pull to crash instead of manning up and actually fight us. We began cleaning up the trash as the scoured everywhere. RoT would catch word about our fight at some point and rush in, so we both decided to teleport out. Thanks for the action AF. Keep avoiding PD.
  12. Zerg Unit scheduled a PKRI today with Arroz. We ended up massing 35 strong Zerg's for this fight, and performed very strongly. We put out strong spams and consistent piling to take a marginal lead after the 30 minutes was up. Ty for the fight Arroz 😎 ZU Starting: 29 Arroz Starting: 32 ZU Ending: 35 Arroz Ending: 29 MEDIA: NICK: Dean:
  13. #1 Brazilian/Portuguese Clan of ALL TIME / CC: Arroz CC / https://discord.gg/YERVQmW Today, we had a planned PVP fight against Zerg Unit for 30 minutes. In my opinion, I think that both clans had a great performance in this fight and for obvious reasons we ended up deciding it was a DRAW (despite having 3 more ops at the ending) because of the sick performance of both clans in this fight. Thanks for the battle, Zerg Unit. Arroz Starting: 36 men on audio/ingame Zu Starting & Ending: Starting with 30 men on audio/ingame and ending with 36 on audio and 30 ingame (90 ops) Arroz Ending: 40 men on audio / 31 ingame (93 ops) Pics: --------------------- Video: -------------------------
  14. Massed 34 for a scheduled PKRI vs BP Sadly BP couldnt pull close to our pull so we decided to make it a three way cluster with Terror involved. Thanks for the clean fight BP and Terror! Clan Chat: SF RS Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? We do not allow sharkbrew recruits, only fresh blood.
  15. Wilderland vs The Rising Wilderland Starting: 120 Opts (40 TS) The Rising Starting: 114 Opts (38 TS) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wilderland Ending: 180 Opts (60 TS) The Rising Ending: 0 Opts (40 TS) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Video Wilderland vs The rising
  16. Discord: Aw7qsj | 'Wolves Den' CC Tuesday, August 18th 2020 Proud to say Terror massed up ~35 Wolves today later peaking at ~39 for what would be our first F2P fight in the LPC scene. Unfortunately OG pulled around ~28 but still managed to put up a good fight down opts! APEX also made an appearance with around ~32 opts making for a very nice cluster between the 3 clans. The fight begun just northwest of Chaos Altar with the Wolves defending as OG prepared to rush. We initially clashed for around 30 seconds before apex made an appearance on the battlefield. With swift movements the Wolves were able to position themselves to avoid the sandwhich which lead to us chasing APEX around the map eventually dropping them to single digits ingame. APEX then decided to hit us in singles which called for an end to what was some fun action! We don't entertain NH tactics so we banked our loot and called it a day. Thanks for the action OG & APEX! Videos 웃 VINNY 웃 웃 PKR 4 SH0 (4k quality)웃 웃 PINOYZ 웃 Terror Pride Worldwide 웃웃웃웃웃
  17. Zerg Unit approached us looking for a F2P PKRI, Being the 1 year anniversary of our reopening we prepared hard and managed to lure back many old faces who hadn't played in years. The fight started off quite messy but eventually settled into clumps were we managed to find great success with huge Ko power and spams. Thanks to Wilderland for Acing! Shout out for ZU for putting up a great battle TR Starting: 46 ZU Starting: 40 TR Ending: 49 ZU Ending: 35
  18. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Sunday rolled round and we had nothing planned the boys were just chilling. Anyway my misses wants to watch Selling Sunsets or some shite so i roll onto the pc and we decide to head deep small man. Ran in to 420 pkers with about 15, fought them for 5 mins before they were cleared by about our 12. Moved Vetion and saw AC out, checked their discord and they were on a week prep with 35 people (pic below for proof) we only had 20 but since nothing else was out we set up at dwarfs lured and barraged them out. Round 1 lasted like 5 mins before they ran to single and teleported away (pic again for proof) They spent 15 mins re-massing and eventually came back up with 35 to our 25 or so, we fought again and dominated the entire fight with our strong performance, about 45 mins in with them dropping to 25 on discord (pic below for proof) they decided to do the AC special of calling rot (again pic below for proof) Stay shit AC you're week prep smashed by our small man.
  19. We approached TR for a scheduled wilderness fight on this fine Saturday morning. This was Zerg Unit's first wilderness fight on mains and we performed well considering the lack of experience and the fact that we were down a few on TR. We maintained consistent piles throughout the 1hour return cap, throwing up strong spams as well. Thanks for the fight fellas 😎 VIDS: PICS:
  20. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/website/ Today the lads had scheduled action vs. Divine Forces, a well respected and very old main clan that's been around since long before Vengeance was started. We set up a PKRI at boneyard, with DF sitting extra opts from their higher pull out for the fight to make it even. Big respect to DF for always doing that, we appreciate when larger clans allow us a fair shot. The fight was extremely even, both clans getting in a few minor clumps and exchanging single piles. Honestly I wouldn't really give us or them the upper hand, seemed like both teams were experiencing the same amount of success with their tanks / piles. After a while some dumb SV / EZ whales tried to crash. Reaching out to DF, we decided to team on crash. What happens next will SHOCK you. [In the hood] [Prank gone wrong] [Gone Sexual] type shit. After getting absolutely pummeled and forced to camp singles for quite some time, SV begged their masters RoT to come save them from humiliation. We hung up our hats for the night, with good clean action vs DF and a smoke show against SV under our belt. GG and ty for being classy as always DF Media:
  21. Most Handsome Members | #1 Luso-Brazilian Clan | Best Luso-Brazilian Community | We Spit Fire Original topic: https://wl-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/659-f2p-pvp-wilderland-vs-the-rising-ft-salmΓ£os-007-klan/ Video: Ahhh yes, hello agane, Sharkbrew! A few days ago TR asked us for some PvP action and we gladly accepted, having in mind that actual clans fights in wilderness. We had 5 PvP events in the last 4 weeks pulling 60+ to all of them, while our supposed rival "Rice Klan" has been busy losing in Clan Wars and leaking their own 0,07cm dicks while fucking ugly hookers infected with HIV/Sifilis/unknown DSTs. They crashed with their usual 15 men squad (all they can pull) in hides & addy and once again got smoked while they watched real clans fight. I'll keep the offer: beat us on a 1v1 of any kind (PvP or CWA) and we'll gladly pay you 100M. I'm sure you're not putting your money where your mouth is, so stay irrelevant and stick to crashing in addy. Since we're the superior clan, we don't spread out fake ass propaganda saying to PM for fights unless we're actually down for it, that being sad: PM D96#7723 to get smoked. Wilderland starting: 54 TS The Rising starting: 35 TS After the time cap we took endings and killed the remaining grains of rice that were still on the world. Wilderland ending: The Rising ending: 35ish people Thanks for the enjoyable scrap, TR!
  22. Discord: sfct5b | 'Wolves Den' CC Friday, August 7th 2020 After months of completely one-sided dominance in the xLPC scene, Terror Pure Clan decided to venture out into the realms of P2P. We set up a P2P Pkri vs Special Forces, amassing ~40 Wolves in anticipation for actual wilderness competition. Despite this being our first P2P event as a clan, we came out with an absolutely dominant performance. We rushed SF at boneyard and swiftly pushed them all the way down to CA. We continued to push SF from CA to Corp and back for well over 2 hours, farming their returners until their banks were emptied of return sets. Thanks for the fight SF, and I couldn't be more proud of our wolves for the unexpected high-quality P2P performance we put on tonight! Videos ☠ PINOYZ ☠ ☠ VINNY ☠ ☠ PKR 4 S H 0 ☠
  23. Got word DF was planning on fighting Revenant so decided to quickly mass up. Before we could even hop in SV beat us to the punch and began hitting DF, leaving Revenant to us. Knowing these rats have been hiding behind open CC's for almost a year now (they were still in an open CC today, mind you), we were excited to catch them alone. Within minutes it was clear who was in control of the fight. Our minimap became more and more purple and would have continued to do so had the fight went on longer. They tried to return in staff mage, but it didn't work. They lasted 10 minutes or so. After our victory we decided to cycle through some worlds ran by infidels. Eventually Revenant decided to test their luck versus our small man PK - this didn't end well. With a single poke our numbers were even almost instantly, and given their very poor quality, they did not last at all. They lasted 2 minutes this time. In a clean 1v1.
  24. After hitting some small teams at revenant caves we decided to go to lava gate. Found out Onslaught was out with a small crew. They decided to mass up and we set up a fight at gdz. We rushed them with 24, later peaking at 27. Dominated the first 45 minutes, until they started bringing mains. Really NH. At some point we decided to focus their mains west, while Onslaught ran off east to get a fake winning topic by logging out. Check the videos for the winning topic! Clan Chat: SF RS Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? We do not allow sharkbrew recruits, only fresh blood. Edjez POV
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