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Found 231 results

  1. clan-rage.com | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Tonight Divine approached us for a PKRI at around 6est and we gladly accepted. We had two run ins, the first took place at sperm where we decimated them pretty quickly before gearing up for round two. The second fight started at 13ports before moving to ca, corp and 18s. The fight lasted over an hour and went back and forth, however for the majority of the fight it was the Rage Bears who were on top and that's exactly how it ended. After an hour of fighting, the 38 Bears that remained pushed what was left of Divine into east graves to claim our victory. we simply cannot be out returned, The Bears are back in town. Thanks for the fights Divine logs @Broxx POV Recording corrupted half way through but there's still 12 mins of own @ChaluPOV
  2. HYDRA vs INTOLERANCE fights at the rev caves 21/12/2018 We get crashed hard by some random med levels so both teams dipped out 😜
  3. Misfits set out for one of our many daily Pk trips with 25 PrimeTimeKilla Bees we quickly ran into Doom and approached them for a PKRI to which they accepted. We quickly massed up 40 Big Dick Bees to fight Doom. Doom was defending east of rune rocks, Misfits rushed from the east and quickly took the advantage catching the Doom members in huge clumps. Shortly after the fight started FOE crashed from the west it an absolutely horrible attempt at crashing the fight. Both Misfits and Doom proceeded to smack the foe members around. We logged out and relocated TWICE on FOE and gwassed them both times, easily clearing them before resuming our fight with Doom. We then set up a second fight with Doom around pond where FOE, once again.. tried crashing. We gave them so many stings it was like they all had anaphylaxis and we took away their epipen. Thanks for the clean Action Doom! Misfits Videos Venom Blitz BackwoodsL Jaya Bae Misfits Pictures
  4. On this fine Thursday, we had a scheduled fight vs Px. Supremacy massed up 40 Tigers for this fight. Thanks for the action Px, always a pleasure fighting you, shame mains had to ruin the fight. Ham the goat Mustafa !!! We had a planned F2P prep vs PX this Thursday afternoon but decided to take our fight into the new F2P pvp worlds instead. We massed up 40 strong Tigers to take on Phoenix’s 45 at barb village and started our 30 minute return fight on a good foot. We rushed Px who were defending in furnace room and got a nice aggressive start on them, making them move out and around barb village. We managed to drop them down to even numbers, and then gain a solid 15~ man opt lead and continued to range them down 1 by 1. We matched their aggression with our scims and followed them around barb until they eventually caught back up in numbers with the help of returners. As we ran out of food and prayer, they regained replenished members. At around the 15~ minute mark of this fight we lost our lead heavily due to an excess of mains and randoms focusing golden capes. Knowing we had a fresh 12~ man return group on our way, we pulled closer to the north side of barb to get the disgusting mains off us and meet with our returners. Around the 20~ minute mark of the fight, we jumped back up in numbers and got aggressive once again on PX. Their pures started dying and the mains and randoms who entered this fight scattered in multiple directions. We began to chase a bunch of them all around barb village until we managed to gain a 20 man lead. PX decided to do the same thing as us, and pull closer to edge bank for returners. At the 25~ minute mark they once again jumped back up in numbers while we tanked and fought off the mains and random 1 itemers. For the next 5 minutes we fought head to head and around the 30~ minute mark we matched their opts at 35~ until they eventually took over with the help of their returners/random mains/1 itemers at the 32~ minute mark. Found it funny how they decided to move it into single 2 minutes after the fight was supposed to end just to get their full group together, but thanks for the battle Px.
  5. TOPIC by VENOM BLITZ Misfits noticed Doom was out pking so we approached them for a PKRI to which Doom gladly accepted. Misfits started with 18 and peaked at 28 strong sexy motherfuckers. The blow is the aftermath of what our killer bee's are capable of. Viewer discretion is advised... Misfits Videos Venom Blitz Backwoods Misfits Pictures
  6. www.px-rs.com / ts.px-rs.com / px clanchat Today Phoenix embarked into PvP worlds with 42 men for our last minute pkri vs Doom. The fight began at Wizards Tower 40v52 (we were down 10-12). Despite being down double digits, we held our ground and kept at it. Before we knew it, Foe crashed with ~35ish only to get pushed to singles and cleared within minutes (unfortunate). We proceeded to set up another fight at varrock sewers. Once again the fight was crashed by foe, only for us to team on crash, and fully clear them a second time. Both Doom and Phoenix got a bank, and set up a third fight, where both clans went back in forth in opt advantage. After ~30 minutes of clean 1v1ing, IR crashed with 40 people only to get slaughtered like the sewer rats they are. Thanks Doom for the fun action. Spiral Royce Dealla Exzrts
  7. www.px-rs.com | px_clanchat | ts.px-rs.com Initially Phoenix had a scheduled f2p prep vs. Supremacy, but with the newly built f2p world released, we decided to have a F2P Pkri instead. The fight was originally set to be 35v35 but both clans ended up having 40+ each. We respectfully chose to defend as we had a couple more opts than Supremacy. Throughout the encounter we had the upper-hand, however Supremacy at times made some fair plays themselves putting up an admirable fight. After ~30 minutes of some intense f2p action both clans decided to call it. Thanks Supremacy for the enjoyable event. Spiral Moatsem
  8. After a long day dominating the p2p server and destroying everything in the wilderness, Misfits were chilling in the lobby pking in the f2p pvp world with about 6 trusty Bee cadets. We ran into Apex and quickly massed 20 later peaking at about 30 Big Dick Bees to go battle it out the f2p server. We had some very fun fights with apex in Fally centre and in the bar, which we dominated with our impressive team work and coordination. Thanks for the action Apex! irc logs (22:37:31) <noxx> Zee (22:37:32) <noxx> come multi (22:37:35) <noxx> we got magtched opts (22:37:36) <noxx> fight us (22:37:47) <Zee> ok (22:37:57) <noxx> faladar center Videos Brandon's POV Pictures
  9. Outburst approached Supremacy for a fun wildy fight on this Friday afternoon for some fun good action. We weren't exactly sure if this event was going to happen but decided to mass up last minute anyway, and pulled a solid 34 people to this hour notice fight. Outburst managed to mass up a solid 30 or so people and had the balls to fight us down numbers. The initial fight began with us up 4 people and we got really aggressive really fast. Our scim pushes on their lower levels and badly positioned members got us an easy lead which we kept for the following fight. OB pulled inside bandit camp later on to regroup while we turned our focus on the mains, making quite a bit of easy money. OB rushed shortly after with 30~ people to our 31, putting up a good fight. We were in our zone of dropping piles left and right, and managed to get another quick lead. At this point, AAO decided to grow some balls and rush the fight too. Surprisingly, they died faster than OB did in the past 10 minutes. AAO and their solid 25 members crashed and instantly got focused on, dying repeatedly until they were completely cleared off the face of the map. Within a minute or two of clearing AAO, we turned our attention back on OB and sent them off for another regroup. We decided to wait for OB to rerush once more with full force, and met their aggression on the south side of bandit camp, roughly 30v30. We decided to follow through with our bows and scims until the fight ended up west of bandits in single, were we got a fall in with our 32~ opts and walked it down. Thanks for the nice fight OB, nice pair of balls you guys have to fight us down opts.
  10. "Just Getting Started" After the all the fun p2p shenanigans we've had this week, we were excited when Phoenix approached us for a F2P PKRI. We haven't done a single F2P Event since our move from xlpc. We agreed to have our first fight south @ wizard tower. We defended with 50 Demons. From the start we had the advantage and never let off the gas until FOC decided to crash. LMFAO. (I warned you not to touch the fight holymemes.) We quickly got off PX and smashed FOC till there was no more. We setup the second fight in varrock sewers. After a few minutes of fighting, FOC decided to crash again and got erased again lmfao. wtf were u thinking holymemes? For the third fight, we had a long 30+ minute return fight that went back and forth at the same location until IR decided to make the same mistake as FOC. Silly IR. After getting rid of IR, Doom and Phoenix both had 50+ and decided to call it. - Thank you for the fights Phoenix, looking forward to many more. Foc... foc off lmao IR... don't follow in foc's footsteps
  11. Doom-rs.Net We had 10 or so Doom members Rev pking when they were rushed by IR so we decided to ask intense Redemption for a Pkri they accepted we got 2 fights including a very long and clean return fight at Bandits. Thank you IR for the action hope we can do more in the future. Doom Peaked 36 at this event. #LateNightDoom
  12. After we pulled 50 Green Warriors to P2P Sunday Yesterday, We were eager to repeat and demolish anything that stood in our path. We massed up 25 Green Warriors for a P2P Trip. We ran into Intense Redemption midway through out trip, we had even numbers. We rushed them when they were half in a world and quickly cleared them up. Eventually they regrouped and we met again. We originally met them in the middle of revs and pushed them north after killing the majority of them. We continued to push north and they had a strong return, We ran south and dipped. Shortly after we ran into them when they were hitting SOG. We began to smash them and steamroll through them once again. They went from 20 to 4 real qucik. We stayed south and didnt allow them to get a regroup and rerush. We quickly Banked and went back up, Once again IR logged into our world. This time it wasnt even funny. They were completely unorganized and got into a 5 Man clump on login. We pushed right through them and wrapped around them perfectly. They all died. IR ended after that GWAS. Thanks for the clean fights Intense Redemption. @Marcus @Ninos
  13. After having a very eventful day, our scouting bees informed Headquarters that Fatality and IR were warring in the wilderness, being in the middle of a trip we quickly massed up 28 Misfits peaking at 38 throughout the fights. We crashed the FI and IR fight more than once which resorted them on teaming on crash, which is understandable. Knowing we had a challenge ahead, we took it headstrong and fought off both clans at the same time, coming out successful. The first fight of the trip was a set-up PKRI vs IR. We defended west of GDZ and IR rushed from the West. We quickly caught them in big clumps throwing chins and barrages picking off kills right off the bat. Soon after we focused their north side weakening IR at a fast pace. We quickly did a rush pushing them all the way west from where they hopped in. Few IR attempted to return through GDZ, where we went right on top not giving any breathing chance for IR to return. We got the full clear, took our loot and dipped. Thanks for the fight. PKRI logs We got word that both clans were fighting north of CA. We quickly went to east graves got a spread and hopped in. We got a east to west on the CA and swept the fight pushing both clans north swarming anything that was in our path. Getting tremendous amount of kills and loot. We ended the fight within minutes, so we took our loot and dipped. Part 1 Once again, Fatality and IR were fighting by 26 hill, we placed ourselves at 21 hills logging in and having IR right in the crossfire, banging as many as we can. After cleaning up IR, we pushed north to end FI which were north of 26 hill. Not having a fighting chance we got a full clear on them as well. Part 2 While we were clearing up FI, IR had the time to regroup and go east of P18s, where we rushed and got them once again in massive clumps. Our inventories were low on from the previous fight, so we pulled north-west and took the fight to Corps where we were able to gain numbers. At that time FI and IR were both holding CA fighting us off from the West. We were able to get both clans into clumps, clearing IR first as they were in the fight longer. As IR was cleared, FI was left alone west of CA. We got a East to West north of them and got a rush. The fight didn't last long as a lot of FI dropped quickly. Part 3 As soon as FI dropped, IR rushed from the North, giving us no breathing time, but it wasn't a problem, we re-jigged our spread and took the fight with ease. Once we've seen their numbers dropping we called a SPEC rush clearing most of their numbers. Knowing that FI and IR were planning to sandwich us, we called a movement east to CA right before FI was rushing us from the west, putting IR in the middle not giving them the ability to team. By doing this movement, we were able to isolate FI away from the fight for some time. As we got the full clear on IR on top of CA, FI rushed from east of CA. FI having fresh inventories and us being low on numbers and knowing IR was going to re-hit us we pulled west where we were able to gain returners once more. We had momentum on our side and pushed both clans aggressively back to CA being able to get the end and get the full clear in this 1 vs 2 fight. Thanks to both clans for coming out, was lots of fun. Hopefully clans augment their wilderness activity! Happy holidays Zee's POV Backwoods POV Rihanna POV Pants POV
  14. Apex asked us for a 30 min pkri in the wilderness; we accepted and massed up 21 long dongs in just couple of minutes. The rule was that both clans have to limit themselves to 21 warrers, a rule apex sadly broke. However, winners like us don't complain and we instead decided to show them our amazing warring & calling by bending them over the knee and spanking them down 2 with ease. Gfapexty Mustafa's POV Noel's POV Pieter's POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxACSjbD9mE
  15. Our Hungry Bees were dying to PK again today, so we decided to set out on a nice casual little trip with about 22-24 Strong Blood-Thirsty Hornets. We PKed at Rev Caves for about 30 minutes to an hour when APEX ranks queried us for a CLEAN FIGHT. Logs down below: Spoiler TIME: 1:30 AM EST - 2:30 AM EST Of course we got word clans wanted action and MISFITS QUICKLY ACCEPTED without even thinking twice. APEX wanted to DEFEND the first fight just SOUTH OF HILL GIANTS GAP. We quickly cleared them and rushed bank to ask for a REMATCH. APEX ACCEPTED ONCE AGAIN, and this time MISFITS would DEFEND at FOG in W25. Both fights were about 25v25s and ended with MISFITS on top. Overall, it was fun.. THANKS APEX FOR THE CLEAN ACTION WAS FUN! @BackWoodsL POV: @Danrics POV: PICTURES DOWN BELOW:
  16. After running into Intense Redemption at Rev Caves on our late night Wednesday/Thursday morning trip, we query'd them for an arranged PKRI, without hesitation they accepted. Our Bee's were hungry for action so we quickly buzzed on over to Al-Kharid where we defended. Upon battle we cleared them 25v25 within minutes. We respectfully asked them for a rematch and to our surprise IR accepted AGAIN. The 2nd PKRI was located at boneyard where Misfits would defend again. This second fight was a bit longer, Misfits holding the upper hand until a few mains crashed, Misfits & IR cleared the mains together mid pkri but then Misfits appeared to be the only clan left in the wild. GF again IR, thanks for a night full of clean action. @BackWoodsL PoV @Jaya Bee PoV @PANTS PoV PICTURES
  17. Our Hunting Bees gave us word that APEX was out with a few people by Venonatis Safe-Spot. Originally, we ran into them with a solid +5 on them and fully cleared them. After PKing a bit afterwards, we were not able to find much until APEX decided to stop massing and finally hit us. We had decided on a 25v25, but APEX ended up having over 28 + a few mains/raggers that would not stop camping us Misfits. Was fun APEX, logs down below: The fight started out directly South of Corporal Beast Cave where Misfits would be defending and the fight dragged out between CA and Carralangar the entire time. @Venom Blitz POV: PICTURES DOWN BELOW: GRATZ TO OUR NEWLY FORMED MAXED HORNET EJUICE <3
  18. [Start Time] 7:00 PM EST | [End Time] 7:45 PM EST Apex was approached by Misfits for a PKRI, so we got 30 Sharks together and gladly accepted. Misfits rushed us and the fighting moved around the wildy between Chaos Altar, Ghost Hut, and Corp. Phoenix crashed from the East at one point, so we quickly cleared them up before shifting our attention back to Misfits. The fight continued for some time, both clans eventually getting tired of the steamroll we were dishing out. Thanks for the action! Nixon Nerdy
  19. Our Scouting Bees got word that FATALITY was out with about 15-20 Members. We decided to quickly mass up to hit them. Our numbers jumped from 10 all the way to 20-22 instantly. It turns out that Fi had just ended, but we found APEX and INTENSE REDEMPTION out by 21 HILLS. Originally, we ran into IR at 21 HILLS, but they had +10 on us at the time, so we quickly got a mass at the bank to fight them matched with 25. We moved deep after all the cluster fights to get a setup PKRI with INTENSE REDEMPTION, logs down below: TIME: 10:30 PM - 01:30 AM EST After grouping all the Hornets together we had multiple run-ins with IR, but APEX kept rushing us with a few less opts attempting to crash. We had multiple hits and re-rushes vs. APEX/IR. The whole thing just turned into a huge crashfest in the end with everyone just constantly teleporting out avoiding crashes. The fights kept getting dragged around between CA and CORP CAVE. It was back and forth fights just crashing each other for a while. Finally, we decided we wanted an actual 1v1 with a clan, so we queried INTENSE REDEMPTION for a fight. We decided on a fight directly West of GDZ where Misfits would be defending down opts. Originally, we decided on a 20v20, but as the fight started we realized they had 25+.The Bees quickly Swarmed up and we ended up peaking at 28 PrimeTimeKillerBeez for this trip. We ended up getting a full clear on IR just North of Gap and we pushed back to GDZ to ensure they had none left in-game. IT WAS A FUN FIGHT! THANKS FOR THE CLEAN ACTION IR! @IwentBee POV: @Venom_Blitz POV: PICTURES DOWN BELOW:
  20. After a long day of PKing we decided to look for a mini, but it seemed no clans wanted too. This was when OUTLAWS approached us with a F2P PKRI 20v20. We could not deny the free action, so we quickly accepted and instantly massed up 20 Hornets for the F2P occasion. We decided to fight OUTLAWS just South-East of Chaos Dwarves where us Misfits would be defending. We quickly cleared them, giving them no time to return. GOOD FIGHT OUTLAWS and thanks for the clean action. @BackwoodsL POV: @IWentBee POV:
  21. The Bees were out PKing as usual when we ran into INTENSE REDEMPTION at Venonatis Safe-Spot. We had been PKing for a total of about 8-10 Hours already, but as soon as we heard IR was out our numbers quickly jumped from 12 to 25 Hornets. After asking IR for a fight, we decided on a 25v25 where IR would be defending North of Boneyard. Logs down below: TIME: 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM EST After the quick CLEAN fight vs. INTENSE REDEMPTION we decided to ask them for a rematch, but their numbers dropped to 17 and ours had sky-rocketed all the way up to 34 PrimeTimeKillerBees. After looking around and nearly asking every clan for another PKRI, we decided to head to Deep Wilderness to Clear up some Mains. @BackWoodsL POV: @IwentBee POV: PICTURES DOWN BELOW:
  22. After a clean F2P PKRI with OUTLAWS, our Bees were still hungry for blood. We decided to ask OUTLAWS for a rematch, this time in our server. We agreed on a P2P PKRI 20v20 where Misfits would defend again in the same location, South-East of Chaos Dwarves. They took quite a bit of time to actually hit us, so we casually go into a massive DD in multi, just waiting to defend. Just as they rushed us, The Bees Swarmed out ready to attack anything in our path. We got a quick clear on them, not letting any returners make it back to the fight in time. Thanks AGAIN OUTLAWS for the CLEAN ACTION. @IwentBee POV: @BackWoodsL POV:
  23. While on our daily pk trip we found Brigada hopping at glory hill. Seeing they had quite a few people on we asked our Lithuanian friends if they wanted to do a small pkri. We quickly gathered 13 Bees to match their pull and chose to defend at dwarves. After getting a full clear south of dwarves Brigada quickly rushed us again. The Fight went on for a few minutes as we kept pushing Brigada South and finished them off just North of corp hill. Thanks for the pkri Brigada! Was really fun and respect to you guys for good returning! Asap POV IwentBee POV Pants POV pics in the spoiler
  24. Special Forces sets out with 20 Later peaking 30 To the P2P Wilderness. Special Forces Steps foot into the wilderness after being asked by Outlawz for a fight. We decided to make it as far as possible and brought 20-22 guys like they asked us to. We defended Gap and waited for Outlawz to show up. Outlawz logged in from the north side of gap and Phoenix weirdly logged in straight south of us. We quickly ran east by callisto and logged out. We then heard Outlawz rushed Phoenix and we decided to log in south of gap. We quickly cleared up phoenix and Outlawz but focused on Phoenix. Eventually Outlawz got out of the area and we punished Phoenix for crashing. We got a full clear on Phoenix and teled out around boneyard for a rematch. Special Forces Gets a rematch with Outlawz at Fog. We quickly hopped in and started to rush Outlawz, we quickly ended the fight in hopes that Phoenix would crash us. Phoenix never showed up so we made sure Outlawz teled out. Special Forces Accepts a War vs Phoenix Via Teamspeak. We let them defend west of Gdz with their 15 man pull it looked like. We quickly hopped in at annakarl and Phoenix logged in another 10+ guys. We had a great return fight main free for once and kept this going for approx 20 minutes. We then got crashed by Outlawz but the cluster remained. We quickly cleared up part of Outlawz and Focused on Smoking phoenix until a main clan hit. We ran west towards moss giants and logged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt_BmGkqXyE
  25. Wednesday evening Lithuanian pure clan Brigada massed up to 17 members and went out for P2P PK trip. Was killing randoms at different spots until we got to know that StrikeTeam was out with similiar opts. We offered them a PKRI and they gladly accepted it. Fight 1 1st fight StrikeTeam was defending east of CA, we rushed them from the west side. Had around 10 minutes of return fight. Whole fight both clans were getting hit by some random main snipe team. At the end we managed to get a full clear on StrikeTeam and telled out. Fight 2 Since the 1st fight was getting ruined by mains StrikeTeam asked us for a rematch. This time we defended at south east bandits. Once again we had around 10 minutes clean return fight. Making some moves and catching some clumps we managed to clear StrikeTeam entirely and telled out with a win for Brigada. Shoutouts to all Brigada boys who did a really good job returning, tanking and specially not giving up. Shoutout to our Baltic Brothers - Striketeam for a really challengive fight, was extremelly fun and good fight boys!
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