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Leadership renewal

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Big dick club lol


Ye Retired here and in Supremacy now, safe to say I don't play RS as much as I used too. 


Lmfao. I still love you as always, regardless of how much you play or where you call home.

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First of, big thank you to @@Destroy for committing his time to moderating these forums, while he hasn't took on the leadership role I expect from my ranks, he has nevertheless put in a fair bit of effort in putting out flame wars on these forums. He has indicated that we wishes to step down to retired, so I have granted him his wish


Secondly, we have demoted a bunch of inactive mediators and we need more fuking moderators, so congrats to the following for applying and getting the respected rank








Getting Respected doesn't necessarily mean you will get mediator, it just simply means you are doing something that we like, and we might promote you in the future. Hopefully with the respected rank, you can step up and contribute to the community


Mediator promotions- these mediators will be put on a 2 week trial which can result in their demotion if performance is not up to standard


@@Batman - You have indicated that you wanted to be part of the decision making process. After a yolo moment with braden, I decided to promote you to mediator. You are the first mediator I promoted while I am yoloing


@ - You are only promoted because i can't find a foe who is mod worthy. Don't make me regret my decision


@@Elder - I felt i needed someone else to promote, so I looked on irc and saw u looking for a mini. That makes you the first mediator to get promoted while looking for a mini


Elderr> .mini op

<sharkbrew>  Elderr from Olympus is looking for a mini

-sharkbrew/+#sharkbrew-  Elderr from Olympus is looking for a mini

* [EoP]Murd has quit (Quit: )

<slushpuppeh> Elderr, do u have

<slushpuppeh> any oly who is respected on sb?




















@@Braden - I recruited you from that brown sticky stuffty pure.pw website that was slumping. Since then, you been my right & left hand man on sharkbrew. We have been through the thick and thin. While we had our moments of disagreements, you still had the maturity to push back from the table to see the bigger picture. Moreover, you have taken over some of my roles on sharkbrew such as posting the previous 2 promotion topics and helped managed some of the incoming mediators.


After your successful host of the RvB- with minimal input from me, you pretty much had all the qualities & earned the experience for overseer. I think it would have been safe to say everyone seen this coming, and it was just a matter of when. Congratz on achieving the highest rank possible on sharkbrew!


dripz 4 mod worthy

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