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Olympus Eggs Rage to Irrelevance [3-0]

God Steve

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Teamspeak: Ts.Olympus-rs.com

IRC #Olympus




On this fine Monday night we approached Rage for a F2P prep. We massed up a strong 25 Eggs. Our egg rushes were on point and we pulled out the 3-0, with relative ease. Good fight Rage, also thanks for the new app.


Meet my egg friend.






@@Tom Valor








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L0l. If @@Niblet would of listened a week ago when I first red flagged him we would of smoked you guys with ease. HUNTER to respond to your poke "duval knows my reflects" yes your right I do. Your slower then a box of cement. GZ OP

what leak haha also did you watch r3 im sorry we egg pushed you so hard lelelelelelelele

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