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pure/weekend Saturday: Chasing Fo out of Our Wilderness

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Original topic: https://eop-rs.org/topic/110144-saturday-chasing-fo-out-of-our-wilderness/



Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord

Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org

8/25/2018: On this fine Saturday the ship set sail with 65 Pirates ready for some quality F2P action.  With all clans (including Fo) having near 50-60 opts today, we knew we would get tons of action.  Despite having matched opts, Fo would still run from us at every fight.  Clans such as Apex, Fatality, Intense Redemption and Supremacy gave us good action today with lengthy fights and a few 1v1's.  Hopefully clans continue to fight back after the amount of action that was displayed today.







Eruption of Pures vs Apex + FatalityFinal Ownage

Our trip would begin with a quick hit on a cluster near the southern side of Castle.  All clans quickly moved to single as we made our way towards graves.  Once we received word of Apex being at Ca we hopped into their world at the east side of Graves.  Fo had the same idea as they hopped in under us but wouldn't dare to come into multi.  We chased them down through Graves, forcing them to logout.  After forcing Fo out of our world, we began to continue our rush towards Apex at Ca.  A fight began and we instantly gained the opt advantage.  Not long into the fight Fatality would attempt to crash from the west.  We moved west of them and sandwiched them, forcing both clans north towards Sperm and then onward to Ca.  Fo would attempt to make another appearance as we re-rushed Ca and caught them off-guard, forcing them back to Graves and eventually logging out.

Eruption of Pures vs Fatality + Final Ownage + Intense Redemption

Our next fight would take place just minutes after the last as we stayed in multi on Corp Hill waiting for clans to rush us.  IR gained the courage as they rushed us up opts.  The fight moved back and forth between Corp and 18 Ports multiple times until Fi would attempt to crash our action again from the west.  We pulled south as both clans focused us.  After gaining opts again, we moved north to clean up what was left of both clans.  As we ran north, Fo would try and hit our action late again.  We watched as they ran into singles, took their capes off and logged out despite being up opts on us at the time (lol).

Eruption of Pures vs Final Ownage + Supremacy

Our next hit of the trip would take place south of 13 Ports as Fo and Sup began to fight in the middle of our regroup/bank.  We quickly teled up to Ca and ran east towards the portal.  Forcing both clans into single took only seconds despite us being down opts due to half our pull still banking (lol again).  Not long after this hit a few clans would try and fight near Fog/Hollow Tree.  We rushed in and forced all clans to single almost immediately including Fo who literally hopped out of the Wilderness on sight of Eop.

Eruption of Pures vs Apex + Fatality

Our next fight would take place on Corp Hill as we approached Apex for a 1v1, they gladly accepted.  We defended as Apex rushed.  We hit their backlines and took the opt advantage almost immediately.  The opts swayed back and forth but remained slightly in our favor.  It wasn't long into the fight until Fi thought it was a good idea to try and crash our action again.  We pulled scims on them as soon as they approached, forcing them to singles and dropping their opts to ~30.  Thanks for the clean 1v1 Apex, always a pleasure.

Eruption of Pures vs Fatality + Final Ownage + Intense Redemption

Our last hit of the trip would take place at High Altar as Fo was being smoked by IR in a clean 1v1.  Fi attempted to crash, so we showed up.  The fight started as we rushed in from single, hitting any Fi trying to snipe from the door.  As Fi ran south, Fo took their capes off and ran for the hills.  This left only us and IR at High Altar.  We rushed IR despite their clear opt advantage.  We held our ground as we dropped plenty of their opts until Fi showed up at the door again to snipe us.  We instantly put pressure on them, moving them to single and then south again.











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