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  1. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    [PSA] we're still debating whether to go LPC or XLPC, but EnVy will come to your screens very soon, stay tuned. Clan Information: Clan Chat - EV Lobby Forums - TBA TeamSpeak - EVCC.TEAMSPEAK3.ORG Discord - https://discord.gg/zH4sKNe About us: EnVy is a 5 + year old pure clan which was opened by former ranks of another pure clan Bloody Vikingz. We take great pride in our community and have a strong core on the back of this, a core which we are always looking to add to! Rank structure: Hassan/313 Overlowd Enza TheReal Killer Bigmeat Elmir 380 Hazard R4ngeTAP Noodles Combo Events: EnVy takes great pride in forming a family and community that despite the outcome of fights, can have fun.
  2. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    from who sir?
  3. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    Nah, we open and close when we feel like it, we don't have time to be staying open for years on end like some clans. Nor do we care about being less exciting lol, we open for ourselves, not for you or anyone else.
  4. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    You was vieiwing this topic for a good hour and that's all you could come up with? l000l you're a fan and you have no power in your current clan ahahahah aao is dead.
  5. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    Remember envy's #1 retard is leader in ur clan l0000l, stay in a rev teams place and go die in caves please. Less type more action mr elder krave.
  6. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    your opinion stopped getting cared about when you scammed one of your members for a nandos meal.
  7. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    Damn, every envy topic you always front and centre! you can ask for an autograph bro.. we know you a fan lmao
  8. Enza

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    has a sig of a random team called dingalingers? definitely not a below average iq player l0l.
  9. Enza

    pkri Outbreak vs RD 2-0 pkri ft.noxi smoked

    Looks like ob winnered
  10. Team 39 and lines of E

  11. rip the lost video, but yes envy stronk etc
  12. Enza

    Feast my piggies

  13. Enza

    @lpc scene

    If you don't have haters you not poppin' look at this comment section lmfaoo
  14. Enza

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    Goodluck gamers
  15. Enza


  16. Enza

    midweek Purge Vs DT - Ft Salty DT Audio

    Did you just release an audio leak on a 10v15 fight!
  17. Enza

    RIP nrg?

    Batteries ran out
  18. Enza

    oi imt lol

    That envy comment was from like 2 months ago, and is life that bad for you to still be trying to get clout off a dead site? lmfao... a freak.