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  1. Enza

    Feast my piggies

  2. Enza

    @lpc scene

    If you don't have haters you not poppin' look at this comment section lmfaoo
  3. Enza

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    Goodluck gamers
  4. Enza


  5. Enza

    midweek Purge Vs DT - Ft Salty DT Audio

    Did you just release an audio leak on a 10v15 fight!
  6. Enza

    RIP nrg?

    Batteries ran out
  7. Enza

    oi imt lol

    That envy comment was from like 2 months ago, and is life that bad for you to still be trying to get clout off a dead site? lmfao... a freak.
  8. Enza

    Rage vs FH mini (2-0 in sets)

    Nice win
  9. what can you expect from descendants of eom lmfao
  10. Enza

    xlpc question

  11. missing @TheReal 

    1. DilL


      FUcking same tho 😭

    2. TheReal


      The come back is soon, dust off ur blue armour

  12. Enza

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    on gang, kid's comment if rlly mad
  13. Networked by envy elmir lmfao
  14. Enza

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    Dats my boi dill
  15. Enza

    Fatality vs Legacy 2-1 P2P Mini Sets

    it we fatality
  16. On this Fine Wednesday we were approached for a PKRI. We massed up 35, later peaking at 41 out the window shooters to fight Fearscent. Our PKRI's lasted substantial amounts of time giving either clan the opportunity to come out on top, however we were able to do just that. Despite being sniped by snipe teams like FH's dogs, we were able to constantly maintain significant opts in game and still take the trophy home. Thank you Energy for the action, hopefully we can continue to have the same clean fights. Interested in Joining Immortal? : www.Rs-imt.com. Click on our discord link and message an overlord.