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pure account ex-mf looking for a warm home

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Depends what you want

Midweek activity FOE is best, SUP/EOP/IR prob tied for second midweek

P2P clan wars apex

F2P clan wars no1 rn

If FOE ever closed i would of joined MF tbh, I wouldnt join 90% of the clans open rn just because they dont offer anything different, like Misfits did.

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8 hours ago, Uncle Dutch said:

Checkout the community's yourself bud !
Find out what it is you want to do: clanwars / midweeks / official trips / just hang and such.

join some teamspeaks/discords, talk to the boys and then make a decision.

Goodluck ! LoveYou ❤️ weird canadian french guy

Literally this.

Dont join a clan just because all your mates are there, you have to remember that even if all your mates are there you are joining a clan with another 100 people so you need to take what they are like into consideration. 

That being said, don’t join Fo.

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6 hours ago, Sybren said:

Well you already got the name.. 

had good moments in vengeance v1 back against Revenant, i won't lie i thought of returning to veng.



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