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Update & Assure Your Security


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As far as I've found out, a website known as WeLeakInfo (https://weleakinfo.com/ enter/use on your own will) has recently updated their database with hundreds of millions data incl. emails and passwords. I would not advise using these websites. Why is this important? I had a password on a place that is usually secure, and with a very personal phrase that I have not used anywhere else and its on there..

I advise you take the necessary steps and update/enable your security via;

  • Use strong passwords, I'd recommend https://passwordsgenerator.net/ at the highest levels.
  • Use 2FA when possible everywhere. Nearly everything has it now.
  • Be cautionary of unknown websites, forums etc. do not share your information, accounts etc. anywhere.
  • Do not include IRL information anywhere, esp. with passwords.
  • EDIT: Also keep your identity secure and setup the necessary steps to secure your IRL, e.g. social media.

Just letting you know, be safe boys and girls.

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