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cwa [EPIC COMEBACK 15V20] Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ P2P Prep ~ 3-0

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Thursday, July 5th, 2019; Outrage massed up 40 members for our scheduled P2P prep versus Supremacy. We attacked the first round and took the win pretty convincingly, round 2, however, was a lot tougher as we went down opts almost immediately, as the round went on we finally brought it back to even and gained a lead that we never lost thus securing us the victory.

We fucked up round 3 in the start by rushing through centre causing us to get in a huge clump which put us at a disadvantage right off the bat, somehow we battled through this entire fucking round and even when we were down 5 (15v20) we never gave up. We miraculously brought back the round to level and finished it off strong, thanks to excellent tanks from @Htown@Kembe and @Marko as well as @2ndch4nce clutch snipe freezing to even the playing field down opts.






Round 1;

Outrage Starting: 24 - Outrage Ending: 15

Supremacy Starting: 24 Supremacy Ending: 0


Round 2;

Outrage Starting: 24 - Outrage Ending: 15

Supremacy Starting: 0 - Supremacy Ending: 0


Round 3;

Outrage Starting: 22 - Outrage Ending: 4

Supremacy Starting: 22 - Supremacy Ending: 0







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