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  1. sounds like a great all around plan long as everyone goes thru with their part, as far as toxicity goes its everywhere nothing wrong with good banter just sometimes people get outta hand with what they are saying and make things unrunescape related, cant be competitive without a little banter. the clanning wiki guide sounds like a great idea, when I was in ir we had a lot of first time clanners and they didn't know anything about clanning (i.e. eating, tanking, switching prayers how to get on site...). so yes if everything is implemented this would help the community out a lot.
  2. purely clanning, pking is boring I do pvm on it though cause I want 99 slayer and a slayer pet
  3. nice dude im maxed 106 combat and I enjoy my account lol except in rev caves but I don't even go to rev caves =\ I have basically every item that 20 def can get in game except the staff from myqure quest
  4. dam supremacy sucks, lotta those key players from ir looks like, INTENSE FOREVER!!!
  5. 30 def is useless 20 def metaaaaaa
  6. outburst was ez to clear.....I look forward to clearing them more in the future 😃
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