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announcement WCOTM/COTM relaunch(Starting 1st Dec 2019)

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Wilderness clan of the month & Clan of the month is finally back! Our primary mission with relaunching these 2 systems is to reward clans for participating within the community, and hopefully we can also give your members something to look forward to at the end of the month. The topics and the content you post will eventually be used by our marketing team to advertise the activeness of our community to other social media websites like reddit and twitter- our ultimate goal is to create a positive feedback loop where the activity generated by our clans will result in more users willing to trial out clanning, which in turn generates more activity within the scene thanks to the larger player base.


The prize money has been sponsored by our community sponsors, I hope you all will take this opportunity to check them out on the right of the forum index page.

How do WCOTM/COTM work?

For each event topic you post, your clan group receives a number of points, at the end of the month, our system will calculate who has the highest number of points earned in that month and announce you the winner!

Starting time: 1st day of the month, 00:00 EST

Ending time: last day of the month, 23:59 EST

All topics must be posted within that time period or they will not be counted


How do I participate?

First ensure you have a clan group here:


Next check that your clan group is listed in the ELO league:


Finally post your event topics in either the wilderness of clan wars section.

WCOTM - All midweeks and weekend events count

COTM - Only preps, FTXX, Fullouts count



What is the criteria for winning?


Earn the most number of points within the month to win. If there is a tie, we shall organize a clan wars event that partly mimics the conditions of a wilderness fight


The top 2 or more(if there is a tie) highest scoring clans(regardless of points difference) shall engage in run off round robin standard 1 def pure prep. The fight type would be decided by the clan with higher points

What are the rewards?

The winning clan shall receive:


A signature depicting their win

Medal awarded to all members in their clan group

30m RSGP



A signature depicting their win

Medal awarded to all members in their clan group

40m RSGP- COTM gets more due to the mandatory run off prep



What are the rules?

We reserve the right to disqualify clans who attempt to game or cheat the system, this includes(and are not limited to):

  • Reusing old fight pictures
  • Farming clans for wins

Due to the relative poor health of the scene, we hope that everyone respects each other and plays fair, but if needed, we may take necessary action based on the advice of other clan leaders.

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