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[AUDIO LEAK] Supremacy Presents: The Breaking of Fatality (part 2)


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0:00 - 70v70 fight @ Varrock ditch: 
0:21 - Tyen acting surprised that Apex shows up to help them l0l
0:42 - Kenny I'm down pick up 😢
1:14 - Actually go straight south (to ditch LOL)
1:25 - Jumble of confusing ear rape
1:50 - Random has to stop calling after 20 seconds TOO MUCH PRESSURE
2:12 - "You got a couple returners coming, keep going" down 70-30 l0l
2:21 - "Look at my @ signs" - the guy calling is on a 77 def main yikes!
2:30 - YOU ARE BRINGING IT BACK! 90-45, your members aren't buying it
3:11 - Tyen rips on Apex for not being good at holding their hand
3:28 - Kenny spends a full 30sec trying to get these green retards to move onto a hill together
5:09 - Tyen calls his own members morons - he's not wrong tbh
5:25 - Kenny's definitely getting a sore throat from this
5:39 - Apex leaves FI l0l time to go to lvl 4
6:38 - We're gonna go south - wait, we can't anymore
7:29 - All the ranks are dead SOMEBODY CALL 
7:58 - Caller dies and takes 7 seconds to let his clan know "somebody pick up"
8:22 - P13s pond fight, a decibel chart showing us where Tyen's wonderful calling falls
8:47 - No ranks are alive to pick up again, they're too busy returning on multiple mains that keep dying LOL
8:52 - Bliss' turn to call with his mic cutting out LMFAO
9:28 - Someone else finally picks up because Bliss' mic is fucking dog ass
10:22 - Suicidality suicides to FOE
10:44 - "Stay on top of ports/SE ports" x22 or something idk I lost count
11:14 - Kenny lies to his members about being camped 2v1 and the guy corrects him
11:30 - They flip shit when they realize they're getting fucked on P13s l00000l
12:22 - Emo speech time
13:19 - Good job today not getting cleared despite being down 50 on capes l00000l nice thing to be proud of retard
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1 hour ago, Brock Lesnar said:

Asspex helping zenith and fatality. Dog shit clan lmfao :spits:

legacy is on a 5 prep loss streak lmfao but I guess that's what happens when 70% of your clan are sand crabbers and tanks.

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