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  1. Sybren

    midweek Veng Thursday all day PK

    TOPIC CREATED BY ZEWY | READ ORIGINAL TOPIC Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today the Vikings were out for around 10 total hours today. Starting Early GMT we started out in caves with around 10 and continuously gained to around 22 and moved around the wild until every location known to the Veng Warriors was clear. Around 6 EST we found a random clan of mains that led us into a 1.5 hour return fight. Fantastic clean action. Towards the end of the we night found Resurgence at altar. We chased them out from there and into deep wild were we found them again and cleared them pretty quick. Turns out theres no team named kings ^^^^ idk. GF mains though. Was fun.
  2. Sybren

    pkri GMT PK TRIP Feat. JaJa & Rev

    Join Vengeance if you like pking, we do it more often than any other clan 😛
  3. Sybren

    [Tutorial] Creating a Clan Page

    ah, was needed
  4. Sybren


    Looking pretty good my mans @Origen Good job VengaChads
  5. Very nice guide man, this will be helpful
  6. @SybumIt's that time to reply again! Give us something juicy tho so you don't look silly in just a couple of weeks What a great Sunday for Veng btw, GeeGee
  7. Sybren

    showcase Recent Showcase/Work #10

    Despite some of these negative replies, I like your work Lenin - You're definitely improving keep it up!
  8. Sybren

    @Vengeance? @Legacy?

    EVERYTHING!? Do you have mental issues or are you too young to play OSRS? But no problem I'll help you out, for now... We were hitting ANY mains we saw, most likely even Legacy mains because who the fk knows which mains belongs to which pure???
  9. Sybren

    How Cd spent their saturday

    Well we can sure say there was pretty much one clan triggered hard when we were hitting all the mains during the pure clan war cluster
  10. Sybren

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    ^Aaah yes, there's always that one fella who got triggered hard when we were hitting all the mains during the pure clan war cluster. The only thing you're achieving with your troll comments is to show the whole clan world that your clan was relying on mains
  11. Sybren

    @Vengeance? @Legacy?

    Lmfao @TBR You're making yourself look stupid. Propaganda doesn't work in 2k19. I'll be the one to tell you: karma's a b*tch. The only ones making a big deal about us focussing any mains out their are the ones who rely on them
  12. Sybren

    midweek Vengeance EST action ft. Rev & UNK

    Was a great fight
  13. Sybren

    midweek Veng EST adventures

    topic created by Mike | original topic source Decided to sound the horns and start our second trip of the day with a solid 15 man pull. This time letting EST with a mix of GMT show their dominance. We started off at altar getting a couple of boners and single pkers, but all in all it was pretty calm and there wasn't alot out. After clearing altar we decided to do some cave entrance single to multi which turned out to be a good decision. We smited a couple +1s and eventually ended after a solid 3 hrs of pking. #vengup
  14. Sybren

    TADADADA Its the DO Dubble GG

    Welcome to Sharkbrew Weed