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Status Updates posted by Pigwrestler7

  1. Name - Unbreakable 
    Status- Broken 
  2. @slushpuppywhere COTM sexy badge for shark ty

  3. ub suck

  4. Apex retained the F2P belt btw 


  5. @nawe any commentary on most recent p2p prep vs Apex?

    1. nawe
    2. Pigwrestler7


      Xd well fought, solid pull and improvements 

  6. Fo leadership quality shining through rn lmfao


  7. Fom big main clan

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    2. Pigwrestler7


      Says the dude with the name red vision. How do you think your eyes got so red lmfao?

    3. slimjim


      I don't see how I flamed him?

      Get that sand out of your vagina brother.

    4. Red Vision

      Red Vision

      Says the guy who's fucking pigs. Who tf names themselves pigwrestler @Pigwrestler7

  8. Looks like foe did really well at revs today

    keep it up 

  9. Overheard in Fo ts:

    ”run south until we can’t see them anymore and then tele out” x4

    Hope you enjoyed the cardio session today

    1. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Let's hear the audio? It was more like we fully cleared them down 30 and aren't playing this 8 hour rag war shit. We won and left. If your fucking members knew how to eat food and didn't insta die in 40 man clumps maybe the fight would last a little longer but when we take you from 150 to 10 inside of 8 minutes, fights fucking over bud you lost.

    2. Pigwrestler7


      Seem mad, thx4essay

    3. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      LMFAO typical Asspex propaganda easily proven to be a lie. Better luck next time.

  10. This has to be the most embarrassing era of fo in its history. Why can’t they admit a loss? They were cocky enough to hang around for 4 hours and try to get the full clear on Apex, then get out returned, outlasted and pushed to THE DITCH. Their forums are currently full of delusional GMTers who didn’t stick around for fo’s slaughter and actually think they won.

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    2. Erase


      1 hour ago, Down Opts said:

      Was great to finally get the win after 8 hours 


    3. Deserie


      Yeah gotta say ending fo was too easy l0l 


    4. Pigwrestler7


      @Big Bad Eagleany pics or vids to support this claim? Maybe an official video on Foe’s YouTube channel like you did last Saturday? Or was this weekend somehow different?


  11. What will Fo members do for the rest of the night now that they don’t have an aftermath topic to circle jerk each other off on and post 1000 times?

  12. If you want a clan with some actual quality @mf


    1. Cody9204


      Yes, help them pull more than 30 to weekend trips.

    2. Pigwrestler7


      Oh hey it’s Fo flaming, what’s new.

      Update: if you want a non-cancer, respectful, quality clan join Apex.

    3. Cody9204
  13. Where the fuck did my topic go paying tribute to the late pkeru3000

    1. Satans


      Surely he needs an award or something for most -rep on Sharkbrew ever?

    2. Pigwrestler7


      @Satans that was the point of the topic, his account is gone :’(

    3. Satans


      Fuck I missed that one and didn't get to read :(

  14. Even main clans can't compete with Apex

  15. What happened to that @Elve guy

    Havent seen a topic from him in a while - did his clan go downhill or something?

    1. DilL


      fi pulled 30 on saturday lol

    2. deer


      Fi's bi-annual month of relevance is over already lol! See ya in 2020

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