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  1. Welcome to #Prestige! We are a P2P & F2P Warring team that strives to revive the clan wars scene, and also help newer players build their skills and become the best they can be. Our community is based off of respect and dedication. We expect every member to come to events with the "Can Do" attitude, and to be the best for the team, not the best on the team. We hope to see you join our community soon! Discord: https://discord.gg/VfDbmX9 Clan Chat: Prestigechat Home World: 362 Forums: Coming Soon! Requirements to apply for Trial Member: -110+ Combat ( Some exceptions for good friends of members and officials) -94+ Magic or 90+ Range -70+ Prayer -Barrows Gloves ( Some exceptions for good friends of members and officials, will need to get asap if exempt) -Required P2P Gear -Must Speak English -Positive Attitude and Activity All applications are to be posted on our discord! You will be expected to make most events while in your trial period!
  2. Lol only a matter of time until you retards go back to berserker pure clanning lmfao xd xd
  4. Tribby


    cool ass concept but kind of dark and hard to read
  5. Jesus Christ you're climbing the ranks of the biggest retards on these forums
  6. You guys are trash as fuck cya in 3 months after 3 versions of envy close and you attempt this brown sticky stuff again
  7. Gratz EOP on curing the pure community of the cancer that is SV

    1. 2 ponytails irl

      2 ponytails irl

      thank you but we still have one more patient to kill with cancer (tannie)

  8. You come off as kind of a broccoli bro
  9. Misfits is hardly ZU and Ruin you seem like a slow fatality member, how's it feel to be bragging about full out wins to EOP when you got smoked by Supremacy hard as hell in your last full out attempt ? Must suck knowing Supremacy has more respect in this community then you
  10. I just seen a topic where a FI member was talking brown sticky stuff to an EoP member regarding full out wins, ironically the last full out FI had they got completely smoked by Supremacy, a clan that has been open less the half the time of FI , stop talking FI

    1. Cody9204


      wasnt it sup 2 year anni?

  11. Whys fi talking about full outs when Supremacy gave them the paws in a full out xd
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