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  1. stop giving rot the attention they lack irl
  2. The time clans were doing 30 and 20def preps/pcls
  3. we dont even need def capped worlds we just need worlds where you cant equip iron+ armor in the wildy or maybe fog could be a place where they sell trinkets for teamcapes which would give a small bonus but you can only wear it in a certain def bracket making you left click mains with your teamcape on
  4. 1bangs

    Pvp Safespotting

    it needs fixing, sadly most of the games mechanics nowadays are just bugs they dont want to fix
  5. 1bangs

    some1 help me debunk todays trip plz

    lets not complain about mains when foes been advocating for them by defending sup
  6. dont see why they cant bring back dangerous clanwars just add a 1minute timer with a fullscreen warning or more worlds with low total skill level req because rag tanks dont normally have above 500total lvl and then its on the pures to not fuck themselves over and over level
  7. you mean 20def cap? mystics are pretty big vs 1def robes, gj regardless
  8. 1bangs

    Slushpuppy bias against IR? Why?

    so your solution is for IR to just bow down to Sup and let them do whatever they want? okay got it thanks. Once you make a post on Supremacys use of mains ill take you seriously but at the moment your main concern is IR polluting the scene with pures Mediation with sup? you clearly dont know 3at and were past that this ends when either clan closes Your also under the impression that IR has to set a good example for the community, what other clans do that? at the moment IR can not do that until supremacy is taken out of the scene because as of right now they are the scenes biggest problem with heavy use of doxing in the past and consistently bought mains all throughout their existence, basically whatever they can think of that they can use they'll do it. You bring up IR hiring mains but this has just been a 1 time thing, everything you can think of that IR has done in the past that is deemed wrong was just done in retaliation and its not like they constantly did it, its IRs way of saying we can use the same tactics as you so drop it I dont know much about the Eop situation but im pretty sure we've only recently started allying vs foe+sup and they've dropped the majority of the mains is there anything else you want to critic about IR?
  9. 1bangs

    Slushpuppy bias against IR? Why?

    yes because IR is going to waste their time recruiting people to other clans? the other clans simply dont recruit them there are thousands of pures which they can recruit they just dont. The ONLY problem in the pure community that is affecting the newer people is the fact that lazy clans can just bring mains with no consequences and waste everybodys time and until other clans want to stop the use of mains nothing is going to happen clans like Sup who bring 50+ mains on saturdays and 1item/rag on sundays need to be given 0 action until they learn what there doing isnt going to work Get it into your head IR is doing what they can to revive the scene yet clans that cant compete will rag the newer guys until they leave but obviously IR is the problem LOL
  10. 1bangs

    Slushpuppy bias against IR? Why?

    the only thing turning these recruits away from pure clanning is having to constantly fight main clans so start blaming sup instead of IR, and its not mass recruiting you dumb fuck these guys go through the same app process that every pure clan uses, other lpcs are not recruiting these guys so why do they deserve them? I dont know why you think these fights are so 1sided IR is fighting sup down opts atm because of mains and still coming out on top link me 1 time sup has ever came out on top whilst down opts nobody cares about foe, all foe is doing right now is agreeing mains should stay in the scene by defending sup There is no 'legacy clan' that is giving IR bad enough trips that they are making people leave
  11. 1bangs

    Slushpuppy bias against IR? Why?

    why do you even get an opinion? just shut your mouth and run this site, its no suprise people dont use this site when your clearly this biased towards certain clans Foe is latching onto whatever they can to give their members action they are mad that they arnt the center of attention not to mention 3at and adhi are probably fucking irl Its amazing that you think bringing new people into the community is a bad thing just because other clans cant keep up, if you cant keep up you dont deserve to compete with the same clan that is doing so much more than you are, your posting topics about whats wrong with the pure community yet you for some reason think the problem is bringing in new members unbelievable Are you in love with kim? I cant see any others complaining that IR bringing new members into the community being a a bad thing
  12. yep lets just ignore the fact that hes posted a solution to the topic and make him want to use even more mains, the pure scene is already dead and you guys dont even see it
  13. 1bangs

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    It would be Jagex running the events, tbh with the amount of money going out of the game from duel arena im not sure why they wouldnt be able to add gp rewards for events they run it would really boost the activity in the pvp scene
  14. 1bangs

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? mains What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? pure worlds How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? Don't waste your time the real problem in pure clanning is the clans themselves, the scene will remain fucked until pure clans can stop for a second and think about what they want for the future of the scene and actively pursue it. If pures wanted to stop clans bringing mains they could, we have clans like foe who claim to be the most honorable clan in the game yet all they've been doing recently is defending the clan that consistently brings 2/3 of their opts as mains and boast there will be more next weekend. The only real solution are alliances, sup and foe are clearly pushing for a less active wildy or just a rag fest filled with mains and to combat that other clans need to come together to stop it so clans dont have to retaliate with the same tactics they are using. If pures are not willing to save their own scene then I hear runepures deal with mains much easier, or just move back to private servers where the owner will actually make updates for the scene
  15. 1bangs

    lol world championship

    Obviously I want Fnc to win I just hope these asians leave eu west as soon as this is over
  16. 1bangs


    once clans stop defending sup this main crisis will be over
  17. 1bangs

    whats worse?

    You guys started doxing first so why is it a big deal? As for the mains you may feel that they have always impacted pure clanning to this scale but I dont remember a single time where the 4 highest pulling pure clans would bring more than half their opts as mains
  18. 1bangs

    whats worse?

    I seriously doubt your ranks care about being doxed, maybe mustafa does he seems pretty insecure and there is no reason to compare which is worse im just saying that bringing mains is going to eventually kill a scene thats been around for over 15years which imo is worse than a few irls getting leaked
  19. 1bangs

    whats worse?

    pretty sure this was just in retaliation because ir members were being doxed and without a doubt mains will kill the scene the fastest which id argue is worse
  20. 1bangs


    wouldnt mind the pure scene to turn into a med scene tbh, we need main clans to force them to adapt because pures are retarded
  21. Sup is basically foes side chick right now, foe refuses to acknowledge them in public
  22. gratz on camping singles line, being scared of 40 lvl3s for the whole video until foe could come to help you anyway
  23. I recovered my account because I was getting hit off on trips where I wanted to use it when 3at just wanted to impress his mcm adhi
  24. I haven't been on for 2weeks but from my pov you've always had mains, a while back your entire clan would be falled in on a main for trips so dont act like you dont use them and are you really not looking for a solution to clans bringing mains and instead just saying you'll bring more? also id prefer you post that intel instead of dumb topics like this
  25. so why are you complaining about a unit of mains there to kill mains? obviously they would have a hard time distinguishing which clans mains to hit