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  1. Your clan is trash and you will never beat nrg in anything lol.
  2. Fujii

    What Can i Say? NRG On Top.

    LPC deader than xLPC quote me if mad =]
  3. Big shooters in #1 Matched xLPC.
  4. Fujii

    midweek Energy vs Immortal PKRI

    I enjoyed the fights IMT, thanks.
  5. Thanks for posting a 3 minute pov of you getting bullied to clan wars, ez btw l0l.
  6. stop crying. @The PlagueYou're easy btw, feel free to prep us if you are crying about being down 2 it'll just be an easy win for us.
  7. you skipped wilderness because your clan pulled 15 for inners lmfao.
  8. @Scimsyour clan sucks dude.
  9. You seem shook about us already lmfao.
  10. That's my fucking shooters.
  11. Nice gatekeeper you are supposed to be neutral you bias ugly!