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  1. Finally remembered my phone sb accs password woo I'm back :- )



    btw clans start accpecting 13 def you cucks robes is for rng brown sticky stuffters

  2. Not gonna lie idc about people crying about mains the rvary was fun lol I had a good talk with BA42 after olympus closed and we just were like it was all good fun and the mains made it more fun and intense imo
  3. Driving back from spring break :- ) gl on trips clans

  4. Why did you compare us to fo lol I didn't read much after that
  5. Not bad Ant was on a 101 has a nice advantage
  6. Like I said a month ago that was a one time short fix that would end up killing your clan in the long run. Today is the long run
  7. Ba would be disappointed in how you lead his clan
  8. Stop beings a bitch and lead your clan. BA is only one with common sense. You give cd a brown sticky stuff name then blood arrow has to.clean up your brown sticky stuff along with dons.
  9. I agree with this doom would be better in larger preps than most giving us (op) the advantages during our 25v25 prep. As of losing recently idk wasn't there been on spring break along with a good amount of the others
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