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  1. Kevv

    With the laughable anniversary over

    I remember when I left eom cos they were very very bad
  2. Kevv

    With the laughable anniversary over

    Basing ub quality off w/l’s against fo is awkward cos ur w/l to fo is easily at least 1:4
  3. Kevv

    CD Is Coming

    Get a grip and give up
  4. I feel bad for you because you have a disgusting Muslim name, you’re Dutch and rs is your life
  5. Kevv

    The Cancer [FoM]

    I feel bad that you can reply to me ASAP, no matter what the time of day Yikes.. no job, no school or no college or uni
  6. They’re being trolled by the darky
  7. Kevv

    The Cancer [FoM]

    If I wanted to know your life story I’d ask loser
  8. Kevv

    It is I, Antonio The Legend.

    How the fuck do you get baited by a troll into writing a wall of text about how an xlpc was brown sticky stuffe
  9. Kevv

    A Year of Unbreakable

    Gz ub
  10. Kevv

    The Cancer [FoM]

    You’re posting a retaliation topic from an anonymous account on a medieval simulator fan forum about another guild having higher pixelated prayer levels Fuck being u
  11. Where did I try claim it pea brain? Do you not get sick of being this cauliflower