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  1. lmfa0 foe is destroying doom in their 'rivalry' so dome tries to be OB's rival l000l zenith quality
  2. Recep Ivedik


    i just realised i lost some brain cells reading this topic..
  3. Recep Ivedik

    [guide] how to apply for ir

    ty i needed this
  4. Recep Ivedik

    clan wars/verfied Fatality vs Doom P2p Prep (3-0)

    looks like doom gave up on r1, gj fi
  5. Recep Ivedik

    from a mere snipe team to...

    all the best pigs
  6. Recep Ivedik

    Doom TEAMSPEAK Audio

  7. Recep Ivedik

    PCL Friday’s FAQ (clan leaders read)!

    i dont know u lmao? go play minecraft or something tomato
  8. Recep Ivedik

    PCL Friday’s FAQ (clan leaders read)!

    id rather have p2p fridays instead of pcl fridays bc it wont last long if it will be released
  9. Recep Ivedik

    LPC is about to be lit

    the more clans the better right
  10. Recep Ivedik

    @Dillon howlett

    im very sure that you have an extra chromosome my friend
  11. Recep Ivedik

    Omg a day for us

  12. Recep Ivedik

    April Fools

    for a second i thought eop wasn't gonna close xd
  13. Recep Ivedik

    Top 3

    foe, tlp, ob