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  1. Cry more, EOP got ddossed as well so if you want to play that card EOP fought down the 4 + 5 that got ddossed, making it 9. brown sticky stuffty excuse m8 Truth is eop beat foe matched in round 2, and foe would not fight down 1 in round 3, when eop fought down 4 in round 1 pathetic
  2. Turns out EOP is the real winner when looking at those 2 rounds then 46 vs 50 = foe win 50 vs 50 = eop win clearly eop is better then
  3. congrats on beating brown sticky stuff clans and being #6 after eop/tlp/foe/cp/rd
  4. Floor

    Kings of P2P

    foe lol
  5. heh u know it Suprised about all the brown sticky stufftalking foe is doing after they crawled out of their hole o-o
  6. can u fix our memberlist first ? It is completely fucked up - Does not update properly - Makes 3 of the same names appear on the ML - Shows wrong averages
  7. Floor


    lmao you mean those cp people who pretend to be eop ?
  8. The fact you are bragging about winning a prep after a year on a day you are supposed to go out in wild is just embarassing, it shows how dead your clan is hehe OT: at least you get to have fun in eop
  9. Floor

    not counted EoP vs RD F2P Prep

    technically it hasn't been added yet.. its been on 8 - 7 for a while now. What about our declaration wins vs. SV? thats another 2 wins that havent been added? @
  10. Nice job rd prep us again please! p2p/f2p