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  1. expected result beating apec the boys suck my ass
  2. anyone who join either clan of aao or envy must have a really small brain and tiny iq. either u are led by roid rage arab towel head or female with male genitalia. this is a lose lose situation my brothers
  3. this titan guy should stop stuttering so much also he sound like someone stuck a crayon up both his nostrils
  4. aao is really piss clan i recommend you close asap and move on with ur pathetic existences
  5. envy really shit clan all envy people should srsly consider quittin this game cos none of you are good at it
  6. typical ir to choke a 10 man lead (8vs18) lmao!! this is what happens when ur clan is led by people with names like michelle, casey, jessey, etc. shame audio is ruined by shitty discord potato quality but still funny to listen to ha
  7. hassan that is some kinda terroriser name brother are you sure he isnt responsible for suicide bomber attacks?
  8. you should get 60 atk for better accuracy in hits and also d scimitar its a much better weapon to use than rune scimitar
  9. you guys should all get the overhead pray to last longer in fight also 60 atk to dds spec nigga out in pay2pay
  10. mustafa is currently fighting the holy war against ir and apec. all infidels must suffer a horrible consequence
  11. both clan stink of sweaty ass cheek i would not wipe my ass with either clan
  12. last i heard hes smoking shisha pipe getting dome from michelle, casey, jessey all at same time so hot trio of babes
  13. cd is a piss clan that sucks i closed cd many time before
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