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    ibro got a reaction from Broxxx in Ascent Leaderboards: Part 1   
    @Tyendinaga i don't think i asked stop calling me
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    ibro reacted to Lenin in Resolution to Sharkbrew Rank Leaking RL Names   
    Person A: Yo lets just dox one of their ranks fuck it. That'll scare them.
    ~ Person B in another clan doxes someone else ~
    Person A: Yo wtf why are they doxing people? Scum people.
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    ibro reacted to puppyslush in Resolution to Sharkbrew Rank Leaking RL Names   
    And you speak on behalf of the pure community? You would be innately naive to believe the community does not accept doxing as even your own clan also DOXes people.
    The word you are looking for is cronyism not corruption. And if Sharkbrew was corrupt we would have swept this matter under the carpet, and not made this topic, so I suggest you show some restraint in your choice of words.
    I agree with your statement punitive action has to be taken. Phil is a new Sharkbrew rank. My full knowledge of the case is that Phil made a judgement call under duress and he was agitated by the DOXing threats against his IRL friend.
    Therefore, Andy's conclusions that the shame from publicly exposing Phil and this topic is more than suffice in this instance.
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    ibro reacted to Lenin in IPB 4.2 & New Theme   
    We've upgraded the forums to 4.2, which will definitely serve us all well. We're still doing a lot of upgrades and changes right now. Some of the functions aren't going to be fully functional atm. If you see anything wrong let us know.
    The bright theme will be disabled and later removed. We have installed a darker theme and will keep modifying it as we see necessary. I hope you all like it.
    Let us know if you have any ideas on improving the community, the theme or anything in general. We're discussing a lot of changes to Sharkbrew, COTM and WCOTM. We'll keep you updated.
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    ibro got a reaction from R3ALITY in Supremacy Sunday Domination   
    Started by Tigers, Yesterday
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    ibro got a reaction from Aaronn in clanning free agent   
    hi @
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    ibro reacted to Killa in Founders of the 1 def era??   
    Mf rd iv dmk
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    ibro reacted to Salso in interesting: 11x SHARKBREW COTM CHAMPIONS   
    fav prep
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    ibro got a reaction from Satans in @EOP   
    you don't know how to use that meme. dont use that meme.
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    ibro reacted to موني in Leaking   
    Never leaked/spied why would I sit down for 3 hours to make 8 dollars would rather enjoy myself and not be known as scum lol 
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    ibro reacted to Koed Beastly in Promotions!   
    Everyone who got promoted: Well deserved and good luck! 
    I'm going to give my best shot at this and actively contribute towards the community.
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    ibro reacted to Savior in tfw   
    mfw eop broccoli cries about ddos lmao
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    ibro reacted to Tripluh in SV   
    i see hittin rustled you
    sv is going to cock u, cry more
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    ibro got a reaction from Trajan in timbo needs a new home   
    join all of the clans all of the time
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    ibro got a reaction from Ibra in To All My Lost Fearless Brothers   
    Zacson xD
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    ibro reacted to Lenin in The Communist Returns   
    Alright, so I'm picking up where I left off. Although I did say to @@slushpuppy I'm not sure if I return he let me know that I'd be welcome back by all means. I'm pretty much back and things are getting stable again.
    Where did I go & what happened?
    Around October I left to Northern Syria/Iraq to the Kurdish controlled region. I was in a safe village away from the war and the ISIS controlled regions. It was overall a beautiful experience, and I got to meet so many different people with different races, ethnicities, views etc. all under the same roof. I got to taste what true poverty and famine feels like, and it really does put your life into perspective. You care more about what you have and learn not to be greedy. I got to play around with the children, go take some photographs, visit a few holy places, listen to the stories of many people, and at one point I got to fire an AK-47 (weapon of guerrillas). I preffered to teach the children basic science, philosophy, language and mathematics rather than how to use guns - independent thinking will give more change than a weapon can ever do. I heard a lot of bombs go off, I saw a lot of injured people and dead bodies - that was probably the most negative experience out of it all. I had to return eventually because my visa was only good for 6 months and if I exceed those months I could not return back to the UK without filing in applications. My relatives also let me know that I could come back later if I wanted so I always have that option. I'm going to try my best and open up a little company here and send money and resources to such areas around the world to support them from a distance.
    Am I here to stay?
    From my POV, yes. I'm starting up a few projects, getting involved in a few projects and decided to return to a few communities like Sharkbrew too. As you can see I've picked up my rank again. I'm going to be working alongside slushy on hooks, themes, services for you guys e.g. exp tracker will come as a hook soon as well as more brown sticky stuff to come. I've nearly got all my things back on the computer so I think I'll be starting soon. This also means I'll be taking graphics orders soon (after I get some practice). I'll also help out with the other ranks too.
    Am I going to be clanning or joining a clan?
    For now, no. I cba with runescape anymore. Even if I have an account, I'm just tired of the game really. Maybe in the future.
    I've got an account and I'm contemplating on joining Rage again. I will most likely.
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    ibro reacted to Lenin in Hello, once again   
    I've had quite the experiences in the past several months. TL;DR I'm kinda back I guess I'll start catching up with everyone soon
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    ibro reacted to Notable Imperial Member in Sovereign   
    At the end of the day we're playing a 19 year old java game that has had more ups and downs than club penguin
    I respect SV for not wasting their time in a cauliflower crashwar and bending some virtual knee just because some obsessed runescape freaks told them to. Goodjob at keeping the community together and doing what THEY want.
    The pure scene is healthy and clans are doing a decent job at keeping it that way, meanwhile the main scene is awkwardly silence especially p2p.
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    ibro reacted to B-ryan in B-ryan's first ever Gfx   
    This is the result of me using photoshop for the first time. I'm a really good traditional illustrator with pencils so I thought i'de try gfx. Idk anything at this moment tbh but I think I did good enough for this to look decent. If any gfx artist has any pointers that can give me that would be highly appreciated
    Also special thanks to my brother @@Ir0ny for the pointers
    Also, thanks to @@Maxx for the solid banner tutorial he made, it definitely helped me continue this banner after free-styling
    EDIT: Created a divider to go with it
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    ibro reacted to SkoJenno in Supremacy Vs Anarchy in P2P   
    that was some good action goodjob!
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    ibro reacted to Salso in Eruption of Pures vs Against All Odds | P2P Prep | 3-0   
    that backfired LOl
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    ibro reacted to Dipsonn in Eruption of Pures vs Against All Odds | P2P Prep | 3-0   
    hey, didn't u close 3 times in a week...
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    ibro got a reaction from Kip in Olympus Closes   
    It feels like a part of me just died :/
    Good luck friends and all
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    ibro reacted to Bradyb in mfw supremacy leaderboards get leaked   
    Bro if your going to leak leaderboards be winning the rivalry 1st.. 2ndly maybe wait for them to make a topic worth leaking b4 u expose u have their boards lol.
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    ibro reacted to Wack Sparrow in Audio Leaks and Locations   
    How important are audio leaks for your clan? I would think they are very beneficial when you are pking in P2P. Not like I would know but hitting a clan on log in can be extremely demoralizing. Clans often use them as propaganda but I think for the sake of pking they are extremely useful.
    On locations, we usually fight in the wilderness but I noticed pures fight in different locations in PvP worlds which I found quite interesting. I saw a video in which Unbreakable fought in Al Karid, and then also near Castle Wars. I do not think mains will ever fight beyond the wilderness due I think the pures do a great job in spicing up by fighting different styles and locations. 
    ditter, ill try and remember for next time #
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