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  1. KG doesn't off till you pay.
  2. What?? Anyone can run a clan and say bullshit to make their clan look better. Also, you can't boot someone that's not in your clan, can you?
  3. I have been contacted by three members of terror to bring tanks against FS members using terror capes:
  4. Was a good fight. Looking forward for more legit 1v1 fights.
  5. FI and apex in the same alliance???????????? KG is going to ruin FI.
  6. Ah yes. "Are you going to hit me or not" famous last words before kitties went all out.
  7. Don't associate this with the real misfits, thank you.
  8. You're showing us stationary rags. Show my tanks going out of their way to attack your clan for the benefit of divine.
  9. Your clan runs over my rags at 2:30-2:35 too attack Divine. They didn't attack. Your claim of using the rags to help Divine doesn't apply, I would attack 40 of your members when Divine is no where to be seen, but I won't help divine when you engage them?
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