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  1. 7 hours fight, danny wanted 20, danny didn't last neither did foe. GF foe, your legacy ended.
  2. CD won't be able to open in f2p ever again.
  3. True Loyalty

    Pandas Vs Reapers 2-0 Sets

    Good fight Nightmare!
  4. Are you delusional bro? Tell me how the hell am I piping up? Have you seen my post history? You need to stop taking whatever you're taking and stop the delusions. You're seeing things.
  5. Don't wear CD's cape next sunday and we'll see who's dead.
  6. He said he was quitting twice. BTW WHERE'S THE FUCKING VIDEO?
  7. And again, like I said if you have proof that I was at more than 1 or 2 trips of your shitty snipe team, I'll quit rampage right now.
  8. He's delusional again.
  9. Yo remember the time where we cleared you within 2 seconds? you had 17 we had 5 of us and you guys teleported. FsHit. Brooo, I am still happy about the gwas we fed you at 13 ports. https://gyazo.com/00c3da70a8fab068a3717f9d5a29133a You guys better start calling CD to be your lookouts.
  10. True Loyalty

    xlpc Rampage #1 xLPC - 55-65 Combat

    A whole summer of being #1, RP vs every XLPC clan and snipe team out there. Was fun fighting and sad to see Ascent, BT, HA and now NM go. GL CD, LETHAL and UPRISING.
  11. True Loyalty

    main Rampage Ranks Need Help! LOLOL

    0 care. I am a little dog? k. For the love of god, how much do you guys love me? Discord and Sharkbrew @'ing every fucking where, dawgg.
  12. True Loyalty

    main Rampage Ranks Need Help! LOLOL

    You ok bro? Hiding behind who? Get off the drugs bro, you're getting delusional again or blind.
  13. True Loyalty

    main Rampage Ranks Need Help! LOLOL

    Stfu already. You're a living propaganda dawg. Your delusions are out of this world. Get off the drugs and retire for good, don't just say you're retiring, retire ffs.
  14. Bro they complained about us cancelling on nightmare, but cd and nm won't prep us, sorry i meant ND.