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  1. Don't associate this with the real misfits, thank you.
  2. You're showing us stationary rags. Show my tanks going out of their way to attack your clan for the benefit of divine.
  3. Your clan runs over my rags at 2:30-2:35 too attack Divine. They didn't attack. Your claim of using the rags to help Divine doesn't apply, I would attack 40 of your members when Divine is no where to be seen, but I won't help divine when you engage them?
  4. Look at your blue dots at where you mention my rags were "attacking you", you have your own clan members attacking my rags. 2 dots go in there, my rags have auto retaliate on. You attacked my accounts. My accounts are there in retaliation for
  5. Good fight IMT. Can promise that those "NRG" members were just there to watch IMT get destroyed and rage quit after the loss. Never forget that IMT logged off immediately after losing the second round, they didn't even try.
  6. 7 hours fight, danny wanted 20, danny didn't last neither did foe. GF foe, your legacy ended.
  7. Are you delusional bro? Tell me how the hell am I piping up? Have you seen my post history? You need to stop taking whatever you're taking and stop the delusions. You're seeing things.
  8. Don't wear CD's cape next sunday and we'll see who's dead.
  9. He said he was quitting twice. BTW WHERE'S THE FUCKING VIDEO?
  10. And again, like I said if you have proof that I was at more than 1 or 2 trips of your shitty snipe team, I'll quit rampage right now.
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