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  1. Thanks Foe/EoP and the numerous other clans that partaken in today's big return fight! Much respect for keeping it clean and fun! 2 Years Bee Strong !
  2. Good shit MF, thanks to all clans for action on Sundays!
  3. If we indeed did attack first twice, you should have left arena and not commit to the round. Either way, thanks for the prep VD
  4. Damn Vendetta giving Envy the smoke lOl. Good job goons.
  5. Looks like a solid trip Vendetta! Thanks for action
  6. Good trip Mf!! Thanks to all clans for action!
  7. Good trip Mf! Thanks to all clans for action!
  8. Good shit bees!! Looks like a solid day of action from the Pure community!
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