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  1. Lankz

    New sig for rage

    I could be swimming in sharkbrew points rn but nooooooo @slushpuppy
  2. Envy actually thought 😂

  3. took envy 3hrs to pull 10 l00000l

  4. Lankz

    cwa Vendetta vs Resistance PKRI & First to 100

    nice action for vendetta gang gang
  5. better luck next time, train up!
  6. Lankz

    F2P HYBRIDS 2015-2019

    That made no sense but keep trying 👍🏽 Bullied out of fh and ob & no one in sup likes u yikes. Go back to moderating a runescape discord you freak. Btw why do u sound like that cuh
  7. Lankz

    F2P HYBRIDS 2015-2019

    u got bullied out of fh lmfao enough said
  8. Lankz

    F2P HYBRIDS 2015-2019

    You left fh because a few fs guys came thru lmfao definition of beta kid
  9. Lankz

    F2P HYBRIDS 2015-2019

    Dill fits perfectly in the beta team tho
  10. Lankz

    F2P HYBRIDS 2015-2019

    I don’t remember asking? 🤔
  11. Anyone play csgo wanna trade my min wear boreal forest butterfly knife for 100m??? Hmu

  12. Unbiased that was shit banter 🙄
  13. Lankz

    hej noxi why u sound lie dat

    Why are these rejects wearing daddy noxi cape? Apps are open btw