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  1. Sup peaked at 65, I have perfect vision and IR didn't do signups lmfao. Gz on #3 today though.
  2. SUP sat in single and edge all day. No surprise lmfao!

    1. d1ego


      no1 believe this l0l 

    2. Delhi


      Lmfao talk more shit

    3. roflcats


      no1 is buying this.  Enjoy watching our videos that are longer than yours with more wins than your clan gets in a month l0l

  3. Nope. Please refer to the number of other parties claiming some of these mains we supposedly brought.
  4. This time to 5:12 when you hit us with +5 and then go down 10+ only to have the vid cut out LMFAO. Great SUPx quality right there.
  5. Lo at how many supremacy alt accounts posting on this garbage. IR doesn't use mains. In fact, I recognize a handful of those names as mains we killed all day. @ me when you got something real.
  6. Typical supremacy just copying big winner clan IR when it comes to banners. Johnz did good work, but his work for us looked a little cleaner.
  7. "Press 1 if you're returning" PX was an inside job btw
  8. Supremacy's topic implied they peaked at 67 AND IR had +15 on them. Sick cape counter on the video LMFAO
  9. PX was an inside job and IR went 9-0 in preps in April. 

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    2. d1ego


      drop the mains btw

    3. Crunk


      you have a point @d1egothey did decline prep requests from Apex.

    4. holydreams
  10. They had a clan close into them and still refused to fight their "rival". No news here.
  11. Pretty much this...Ask Carnage James to send you our discord link. @asher

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      y u no speed up video no1 watching that brown sticky stuff lmao

  13. You must have missed us clearing FO multiple times yesterday. Here is the video:
  14. IR won more preps this week than PX has in 2018. 

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    2. Ari


      didnt doom kyp u at sewers today nice crash

    3. NiggV


      RD REALLY LOST a prep to envy hah.

    4. Kanicus


      Px are awful, we get it 

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