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  1. Can anyone explain how Rage pulled 90 people? are those invites or actual recruits? even Foe, FI, and Outrage pulled less.

    1. BvG


      we've gotten over 40 new applications in the past 2 weeks.

    2. Bluewatch


      edgis sand crab recruits

    3. coolguy4731


      thats sick holy shit

  2. when do people learn that ace krave is never trust worthy lmfao
  3. k2p pizy braden giggs are u there sliq chief ted @Shoanthoughts all leaving foe for Ub
  4. KG will never return. Most likely Paul will be back, Borzor, Adhi, Jack arent coming back. All we know is that Danny pmed almost all ex-ranks, retireds and elders to come back and help him. Most of them said no, but next week it will be public.
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