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  1. From an unbiased point of view, seeing FOE posting this topic is absolutely hypocritical. During EOP's anni last year, FOE had more than 70 tanks combined, thanks to cd and all went into foe capes to counter Eop. Fast forward, every fucking clan brings mains now. Maybe only little clans like onslaught or resistance are the only ones with no mains. Crying about mains, where you used them to benefit you is like asking a girl to wait for sex before marriage while you fuck all sluts you can find. The only solution to this problem are 1-5 def worlds, that will never come. So yeah
  2. ur 30 years old still living with your parents and ur bald irl lmfaooo yikes dude
  3. Unbiased The rivalry just started, Foe and outrage are even opts rn. The upcoming months will decide who will win this rivalry
  4. Can anyone explain how Rage pulled 90 people? are those invites or actual recruits? even Foe, FI, and Outrage pulled less.

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