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  1. Proteins

    weekend Sunday Massacre

    Where was res?
  2. Good action gz
  3. Proteins

    midweek Veng Thursday all day PK

    Good action gz
  4. Avalon smoked lmao gz on action veng
  5. Proteins

    pkri Killed ct again

    💨 puff puff
  6. Proteins

    midweek Vengeance EST action ft. Rev & UNK

    Big action gz
  7. Proteins

    pkri Resurgence EST Sweep Ft. DL

    Day 4 talk to me please return my call lmfao
  8. Proteins

    pkri Monday Madness ft. 1 Hour with VR

    Gz on action
  9. Proteins

    weekend Vengeance EZ Sunday ft. Clan World

    You’re a clown lol it doesn’t matter what happens during a fight ever you will always find an excuse not to fight it’s in your nature. Months back we offered clean action in cwa and wildy we even went by your rules and all you ever did was cry and find excuses not to fight. Here is the product of that months later you claim to want to help the scene grow yet never take any steps to make it better sounds to me like you’re full of 💩, all your previous ranks know it and so do you.
  10. Proteins

    pkri Res Friday Ft. Cleaning Altar

  11. Proteins

    pkri Resurgence Late Est Sweep

    Wonder if veng will cancel another sunday trip this weekend...