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  1. Proteins

    midweek Vengeance GMT Shows Superiority

    Next excuse or will you finally fight us?
  2. Proteins

    weekend D C no clan should have all that power

    Nice dudes
  3. Lmfao these poor retards getting dicked left and right, back to cwa with pures to build your self esteem back up pussys.
  4. Proteins

    midweek Resurgence's Monday GMT Sweep [125m+ loot]

    Shits getting too easy
  5. Proteins

    weekend Resurgence's Busy Sunday Ft. Veng Skipping Class

    The being a pussy strategy did not work in v2 and it won’t work in v3 do you ever learn?
  6. Proteins

    Exposing Vengeance: Part I

    What a waste of a clan lol, literally all you had to do is fight one of the only clans in your bracket and you would be allowed to grow and thrive, maybe even give your members motivation to be better by having a rival you actually fight. Instead you decide to brainwash your members into being pussys and allowing them selfs to get fucked week in and week out, as well as being flamed by their own leadership constantly. Not sure what the end goal is here lol...
  7. Proteins

    cwa Vengeance Multi Spells CWA vs Team Potent 2-1

    Not sure what that proves but gz on agsing me in singles while your team gets slaughthered in multi, I think your priorities aren't in line might be one of the reasons why your members don't get better...
  8. Proteins

    cwa Vengeance Multi Spells CWA vs Team Potent 2-1

    I see you took my advice and are trying to make your members better gotta start them out slow good strat. Gz on your action hope to see you guys fight someone in your bracket in cwa soon 😃
  10. Pipe the duck down you sound like a moron. Gratz on your action jaja
  11. Gf all involved, on another note this shit getting boring you ever gonna step up veng?