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  1. I Merica I

    showcase Resurgence Recruitment Video [FRESH][HOT]

    We out there hunting at all times. Come Join The Feast!
  2. I Merica I

    Resurgence early GMT sweep | Taking over caves

    The Trips have been nonstop today! Just bringing in the loot! Every time zone has had something to eat! Gotta love it.
  3. I Merica I

    Resurgence Late EST Feast [50m+]

    Crazy thing is this is only half the damn pics that where submitted lmao. Was a hell of a night with the boys. Nom Nom Nom Nom 🍰
  4. I Merica I

    Resurgence Friyay | Chillin' n Killin' Kids

    Om Nom Nom Nom Nom 🍰🍰
  5. Good ole Rylans Ags ... The man should be geared capped at this point. Veng's number 1 planker. XD Twas a feast boys.... always a blast
  6. I Merica I

    Count Topic

  7. I Merica I

    Leak's Graphics Shop

    @LeaksCityYou've come a long way with your services man. Great to see you getting so much work. Y'all jump on this! He has his own wicked style but can also provide damn near anything you're looking for. Great guy to work with!
  8. I Merica I


    I'm dead XD
  9. Honestly... I've only been back to the scene for about 2 weeks. I've noticed quickly not everything is as it seems. You claim to be "Honor" "Most Mature" yet I've personally had your guys "Assuming someone that doesn't know me" flaming me. Personally you know I care nothing about Flame because it's part of the game..only pointing it out due to the claims Veng makes about being "Most Mature". I have several close friends in your clan and they're great folks... I'll always be close with them...but you have your fair share of idiots just as every clan in this game does. As far as the "Honor" claim goes...let's be honest... I've personally caught multiple mains on your trips and watched the CWA in which you claimed we had members leaving CC and literally seen your guys doing the very same thing. I guess my issue is... if you're going to come up with reasons such as these to avoid a clan perhaps make sure your own clan is following it's own rules. Veng "Used To Be Honorable" now ..... it's just a mess #NotSoHonorable #SlightlyMatureButStillNeedsWork #StopCryingStartFighting
  10. I Merica I

    2nd Biggest PK in RS History

    🙄🙄🙄 Hmmmm