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  1. Nice to finally put the “who’s the better clan” to bed. Gz boys, nicely done.
  2. Oh you mean the picture of wolves killing some random main? Or the picture from 3 weeks ago of us fighting SV at Annarkarl? Lost as to what you think you contested 😂
  3. Ez for Veng again. 2v1 for an hour straight and they still had to get mains to crash it. Looks like resurgence has finally died a long needed death #VengUp.
  4. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ With the EST Vikings hungry for some action we decided to run a small man with some of the finest shooters across the RS land and run caves. Having hopped around caves for a around 2 hours and only seeing PD with a big pull and no other teams we decided to continue clearing the small mans for free loot. We manged as we were hopping to run into NL with a slightly larger pull, but with the Vikings hungry for some blood we scrapped for a while, went to and throe on numbers, but nothing came of it and they managed to mass more numbers up so we dipped. Unlike Resurgence we know that writing aftermaths of "we knew we'd get farmed but stayed anyway for the donates" isn't really our style. On one of our sweeps we managed to scout out a small man of around 9 opts and decided to fly up with some of the Vikings still hungry for loot to sperm hill to rush them. Run in only went one way which was ours and we ended up clearing them with ease with no returns from their side, might have been something to do with the Staff smite we got off of them as a reason? But we decided to take our ending there having been out for around 3 hours at this point. GJ Vikings always a lovely sight when you see those 10m loot pics as much as the 1m ones! #VENGUP
  5. Ty VR for the fight. EZ body by the Veng members yet again. Res getting slapped around when they're the ones trying to crash?!
  6. Ez clears. Res demoting all their ranks ready to close, being bullied into having to run aest as they get nothing est or gmt. Not long now boys. #VengUp
  7. FOMO when you go to bed and wake up to a res smoked topic. Good job boys, looked like a lot of fun!
  8. Another day of clearing res. By this point you’d think they’d have given up the amount they need main clans to dig them outta the hole they’re in... Looked Ez boys! Good stuff! #VengUp
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