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  1. Another day of clearing res. By this point you’d think they’d have given up the amount they need main clans to dig them outta the hole they’re in... Looked Ez boys! Good stuff! #VengUp
  2. go check the Veng aftermath from the last 2 fights. Our footage is completely uninterrupted footage of your clan getting cleared. Yours consists of cuts that make it look like you're being dropped and then a transition to a point after a fight where you're taking finishing pics. You've never publicly posted an L, you spin that your clan is always "down" yet have resorted to calling multiple mains clan in to try and clear us the last 3 wildy fights. Your clan got dropped on login last night and you hid singles for 30 mins+ something which an ex member confirmed to the whole discord who you kicked last night. You hid until you managed to find someone to crash and as soon as you found someone cried that PD ac'd for us. So to surmise... 1) Your team cant hit an ingame spam mid fights due to the lack of numbers you have mid fight because you've been cleared. Any decent clanner can see from both POV's of ours and yours that iingame spams from Veng are dominant all fight. 2) You've been caught PMing multiple members of our clan saying "do you know they think your a leak?" attempting to worry our members (hasn't worked as of yet). 3) you've openly tried to put leaks into multiple Clans including my own, were caught and failed and then cry when it's done to you. 4) The vile shit your members come out with on a daily basis on these forums and your own shows the level of care you have for the scene and anything you've posted above. Literally everything you've just said you've done and do regularly to try to make your clan look better or give you a leg up, and it's honestly hilarious to see because of the desperation. GL GL TLDR : 4 smokes in 2 weeks cleared every time. SIT.
  3. Still waiting on an answer from the unedited video we put in our aftermath, of you getting cleared yet again. Wonder how you're going to spin this one with all your members either dying or teleing...
  4. No from me. Is currently a member of a known doxxing clan. If he's happy to be in a clan of doxxers he's causing one of the many problems this community faces.
  5. @Stl Arrow @Bassive @Steeze This is why resurgence will never beat Veng. Your clans built on propaganda that fails harder than your members at tanking in multi... Local just bodied your clan solo.
  6. Res reduced to rag for yet another week. The new jaja strikes again! Funnier that a med clan has to call on mains to bail them out of the slaughter fest and even the mains get clapped by Veng. @Stl Arrowmight wanna teach your ranks that there’s a prayer to protect item, I don’t think they’ve realised yet...? #VengUp
  7. Your two ranks above you both got suspended... Man oh man res seems like such a sick clan to join! BTW arrow, next time you switch CC's to join your main clan friends to try and smoke us, maybe don't put it in your official video? your minimap spam was 10 seconds after with all of your rag mains in there! LMK when you can fight with med levels as a med level clan
  8. Oh is it? I started a new job and Heath didn't want to solo lead so I think someone's telling a few lies. You weren't shit in Paragon and i was in there from the start... Your clans turned into the new jaja? Rag gears nice and all but i already have my return sets sorted my dude. Two stams for the run down to 30's to tele out is about right though! The topics on first and second fights this weekend and the last speak for themselves, don't make a fool of the scene by thinking your clans good dude, you've been the laughing stock of the clanning world for a while now.
  9. The guy who got multiple clips of you and your callers running away whilst Veng piled your remaining shit clan. Paragon chose to close, res started closing itself and should have stayed that way based off your last two performances...
  10. Ez smoke. Res should have closed when they had the chance.
  11. @[email protected] you guys seem mad? I mean I’d be mad if my clan got smoked two weekends in a row but there’s no need to get that mad over a video game
  12. I look damn cute as always. Good stuff boys!
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