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  1. Been around 10 years since i used sony vegas, don't bother flaming me i cba. If you like it leave it a thumbs up/commnent on yt
  2. Lmfao dogshit clan keeps claiming false wins your vid contains 1 foe member who you 4v1 and manage to kill becouse of tb
  3. Hey Rage, saw you had a great trip. I'm sure the videos of you teleporting to edge for 6 minutes straight will be very exciting! Pulling 60 is pretty impressive for a clan that's 5 months old, but you ended with only 24. That's a 60% drop. Yikes! Not a good look! I'd try to explain clanning tactics to you but unfortunately your leaders are dogshit mongoloids with a combined IQ of 43. A man can dream and hope that you won't suck in 2020, but I think we both know better. LMAO. Would be funny if it wasn't so depressing. Also half of your members can't spell and the other half doesn't even bother spamming your awkward "spams". If mad please refer to my Jcup statue :slight_smile:

  4. ??? is the guy who made this topic retarded?
  5. Seemed fun i missed it i will be at p2p
  6. uhm my first clan was mm in 07 or 08 but upon joining i already was familier with most terms idk if this is normal but i think it is common knowledge
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