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Found 209 results

  1. Discord | Website | Twitter @Gochance @Paul #Adam #Nick #Alan #Ashley ››David ››Devin ››Mohd Renegades is a main PvP clan that opened earlier this year. Although we are one of the newest clans around, our leadership is made up of experienced officials from legendary clans such as Downfall and Damage Inc. We pride ourselves in thriving in both F2P and P2P and host daily PK trips. Aside from in-game content, the community aspect of the clan is very important to us. From just hanging out on teamspeak and socializing with clanmates to attending pk trips and various community events. Below is a graphic of the very basics of our requirements. Visit our website to see a much more detailed list of requirements. Media:
  2. Forums | Discord | Twitter Divine Forces is a P2P PvP clan that has been actively operating since 2005. Although most of our history has been spent at the pinnacle of the F2P clan world, we now focus solely on P2P PKing almost daily in the GMT timezone after work hours. Outside of PK trips, we host numerous community-oriented events ranging from LMS tournaments, PvM competitions, and so on. Despite our low requirements and semi-competitive atmosphere, we expect all of our members to be playing RS actively to better their accounts wherever possible. Much more information regarding Divine Forces and how we operate on a day to day basis can be discovered further by registering on our Forums, following our Twitter, and idling in our public Discord. @Leader Murray 1991 »Council IMK Rene Jelle Omniusha Sugarmama4 110+ Combat, TeamSpeak 3, IRC Client or Discord With a registered account on our Forums, you can find a full and detailed list of our requirements and other recommendations here.
  3. important Main WCOTM

    WCOTM *Wild* = Wilderness Clan of The Month Much like our goal for COTM, our goal for WCOTM is to increase activity mainly in the wilderness for the main scene. We're trying to encourage not only your daily pk trips/midweeks but scheduled and matched fights well. We know the system will not be perfect aswell but we hope to improve with the help and feedback of all you participating in it! Rules And Guidelines: These are the time-frames in which wilderness topics will count towards WCOTM Start: The first day of the month at 12:00 PM (Noon) EST. End: The topic must be posted ahead of 00:00 AM, before the last day of the month finishes, for it to count. Trips counted for a previous month will not count towards the next month (This is a monthly award) The bracket will reset every month. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams & Clans There isn't much more to be said about this other then that there's not enough teams to create a completely separate bracket. So for teams and clans alike they'll be participating in the same ladder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum amount of points required to win WCOTM Award The Minimum amount of points needed is 10, this can chance overtime if it's to high or low but for now it'll be trial and error. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do we judge winners from either side of a setup fight? - Clear winners (Example: If one clan has 10 ingame and the other has 45 it'll be judged as a clear winner from the clan with 45) - No one from either of the two clans participating in a setup fight has any say in who's the winner. We want this to be as unbias as possible. - For wins that aren't clear we'll look towards Runite Ambassadors to help us with the matter (Voting/Feedback) - If a clear winner can't be drawn they'll be receive the same amount of points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One-Iteming/Ragging - If we see one clan start to return in one item it'll be the opposing clan that receives the win -Rag Wars don't count as "Setup fights" obviously Point System (How Things Will Be Tallied): F2P & P2P Scheduled Fights (Set Up) Set-up fights will receive 2.5 points (Regardless of Opts and Server you'll receive the same amount of points, we want to encourage clans of all pulls to have equal opportunity to win WCOTM) Participating in a setup fight you will receive 1 Point regardless of losing FRIENDLY FIGHT -> If both clans set up a "Friendly Fight:" regardless of the winner both clans will receive the same amount of points The clan AC'ing the fight will receive 1 Point (We want to encourage AC'ing which leaves a less likely chance of the fight being crashed and ruined for both parties so we will reward the clan that is AC'ing) -> Must provide us the name of the clan who AC'd. Regular Wilderness Trips (Revs,GDZ,Ports etc) Will receive 1 Point
  4. important Main COTM

    COTM *CWA* = Clan of The Month What is our goal? To put it quite simply our goal for implementing COTM for the main and pure communities alike is to increase acitivity for both scenes. How will it increase activity? Well, we hope to offer incentives such as a (Monthly made GFX that is tailored to the winner with the specs the would like, Hopefully money once we work out sponsors and most importantly bragging rights). We know at first things may not be perfect and there will be complications in the future but I guarantee if we all work together this can be the system that rivalries the CWA activity for both scenes as they've been lacking quite recently. Rules And Guidelines: These are the time-frames in which preps will be counted into the COTM system Start: The first day of the month at 12:00 PM (Noon) EST. End: The topic must be posted ahead of 00:00 AM, before the last day of the month finishes, for it to count. Preps done in the previous month will not count into the next month ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conditions On Forfeiting A Prep or Getting DQ'd from COTM for that Month Leaving the prep after Rounds 1 or 2. Leaving the prep when your clan has the ability to continue it. (Example: If your Warlord/Leader is DCing or can't login and you have other ranks who have the ability to call there's not reason you shouldn't continue the fight) Any information given to us about a clan buying a prep will DQ that clan for the entire month from COTM. If you lie on a OPT count to gain more points in a prep you will lost x2 the amount of points the entire prep is worth for example, if Clan X says they did a 30v30 P2P Prep but the video shows 25v25 in 2/3 Rounds they will lose 5 points for that month. On the flip side if there's "Human" error that doesn't change the score we will not punish it, for example if Clan X says they did a 25v25 prep but the video show 24v24 we will not penalize you because you don't change the outcome of points. Disputing COTM What can you dispute? Below is quick rundown - You can dispute if the clan/team you're prepping doesn't show up to a scheduled fight *must provide FULL proof* such as ingame screenshots,timestamps,discord/irc logs and/or ingame PM's that the opposing clan canceled last minute in which you can receive full points for the prep if you wasted your clans time by massing etc. - Preps that break the rules as agreed on by both clans. MUST keep logs of rules or else dispute will not count. (Example: if the fight is 55 def CAP and someone of the opposing clan brings a ely or something of that nature you can dispute the individual round that it happened in) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What counts as a CWA Event and towards it Only two preps count towards COTM per day. The opt count must be met within atleast 2 rounds. Example, if 30v30 prep aftermath is posted, atleast two of the rounds must have been 30v30+. If one round is 30v30, and the other two are 29v29, this prep will be counted as 20v20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DDos'ing and DC's Plain and simple, if one clan has players who are DDos'd or DC it is not required by the other clan to redo but if they choose to they can. That being said if we find evidence of the opposing clan DDos'ing your members to win they will be DQ"d from COTM for that month. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams & Clans There isn't much more to be said about this other then that there's not enough teams to create a completely separate bracket. So for teams and clans alike they'll be participating in the same ladder. Point System (How Things Will Be Tallied): F2P CWA Fights Why is F2P Worth More? The pat 2-3 years in terms of CWA Matched fights F2P has been extremely under-whelming which is why we're trying to encourage a bit more F2P to try to even out F2P and P2P activity alike. 20v20 -> 1.25 Point 30v30 -> 1.75 Points 40v40+ -> 2.25 Points Participating in a fight regardless of losing you'll receive .25 Points P2P CWA Fights 20v20 -> 1 Point 30v30 -> 1.5 Points 40v40+ -> 2 Points Special Points: We know 70v70 fights don't happened often but if they do you'll receive 6 Points Participating in a fight regardless of losing you'll receive .25 Points
  5. Website: https://jaja-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/5WqG65Q JaJa is main clan dating back to pre-eoc. It's very much a banter clan and we all enjoy having a laugh. If you're looking for an active, friendly and dedicated clan we're the right choice for you. JaJa is the #1 undisputed rag clan, we fear no clan. RequirementS Media
  6. Last night we decided to take a visit to the rev caves to see what was up. After an hour our so of claiming our spoils but not finding much actual action we decided to head deep wilderness to see if there was any action for us out there. To our delight we ran into TB who had similar numbers to us which lead to our first return fight of the current vengeance makeover. The fight lasted around 30 minutes however we maintained control of the battlefield with our consistent piles and swift returns leading to us take the victory. Big shoutout to TB for a clean return fight. Also big thanks to all vengeance members who attended. Excellent performance from you all. To the first of many. VIDEO: LOOT PART 1: LOOT PART 2:
  7. main JaJa defeat VNG+SV in EST ft randoms

    hit up altar, killed everyone, then moved to the caves where we ran into vng. shortly after the fight started SV mass poked on ts to crash us (pulling a whopping 10 in their own timezone). after 30 mins vng+sv stopped returning giving us the win. (srry about bad pov was getting my ass ddosed) Report post Posted 8 minutes ago
  8. On this fine Thursday heard that SV/Rev were scrapping within the cave so, I logged in on my main and SV instantly ended? Later on Rot vs CT was going down so we decided to clear all the SV/VR crashing however... at 10:30 GMT we cleared VR/SV and SV decided to gear up again for 2 minutes before they figured out that Rev was unable to login to the world and was only allowed to PK in the cave so...! they decided to one item as their allies were unable to save them on this fine day. After 1iteming for 10 minutes their numbers dropped in half (learn to 1item) and this is when we took the pleasue of macing them for 15+ 1s. PM Marky#7465 or Jibs#5286 for a way out Part 2 - Cave Sweep FT Rev
  9. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Was at work and heard a few of you guys got a PvM trip going at Callisto. After making some bank and killing some PKers there, I got home from work to hear we were fighting some noob team at GDS. Logged in and got there, cleared them quickly and noticed we had a good chunk of numbers and decided to move to Revs. Hopped around and ended up finding a stream + Divine Forces who were chasing them stream. We dipped from that as both had good chunk of numbers compared to us and we didn't want to fight rags. We hopped around and cleared a few 5 man teams before hearing that Blue Owl's open discord who disrespectfully opened with the name "Frozen Fury" was PKing. We decided to hit them for a bit and tell them to change their name as pretty much all ex-FF ranks are in VR. We followed them through ~6 worlds, clearing them over and over and hitting some clumps before they called it a day. Ibliys then started up a PK and we heard JaJa and SV were all out as well. We decided to hit ibilys as we heard they were coming down in a world and caught them in a clump in the corridor. After a small little barrage clump killing a few, we single-multi fought them picking off a few retards that couldn't get to single in time before half our group banked and they had all ingame and rushed us. Think like 2 of us died to them and we came back up to fight them again but they had left to bank as well. We then got word that SV were on a world and hopped there to bang out one of their members. Rest of them logged in and we started fighting for a bit. Eventually ibilys came in and we moved north barrage into the fight. We continued holding north side of the fight til both clans came into dragons after us. We moved to single, single-multiing them for a bit catching both in big clumps south east of single before both clans hopped from the world and we did the same. Went around a little more looking for some small man stuff but looked like ibilys and SV were the only two out and in rags so we couldn't be fucked and decided to call it as we had been out for 4 hours. Pics: Clump city bish
  10. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Mog Time decided to host a World War, inviting every clan who wanted to attend. We decided to stop by and see what was up. With most clans having chunks more than us, we decided to play it cool on the outskirts of the fight and fuck around. We started around Dwarves where we fought Avalon. After a short scrap, SV came in from the north and Vitality from the south east so we pushed to the south west to single and started single to multi-ing. SV cleared Vit and VR continued to barrage SV from single. Shortly after, JaJa logged in under us and joined us in the barraging of SV. As SV pushed east it dragged pretty much ALL of JaJa's pile into multi where VR turned our attention to JaJa's barrage clump and cleared 1/2 of them before they got out of it lol. After ragging each other in singles for a bit, we decided to take a bank and get everyone back together. We repeated our south west of dwarves location and picked off more FOOLS, PD and SV who came down from the cluster north. Eventually the fight moved to New Gate where we started to position ourselves to the south in single. We caught Vitality as they attempted to get south of the fight and cleared a chunk of them along with AC who came in and got gwased. Eventually VR vs AC went on in multi for a little bit before we decided to move to Axe Hut. We cleared a small team around Axe Hut and spent a while fucking around with a team there. After a while we moved multi and started to barrage Membersgate. Halseys team logged in and we barrage them out for a bit til outnumbered and decided to gear down. We went back into the fight in rags where we heard everyone but Rev vs CT was pretty much the ending fight of the night. We decided to fuck around hitting some CT kids before calling it a night. Pretty fun little World War. Thanks to Mog Time for hosting it and good job to everyone VR member who attended. Pics:
  11. Forums | Twitter | Discord Stupid ass Mog Time wouldn't leave w65 so we called out some clans on other worlds. RNG took the bait and came to our world to battle. For some reason RNG weren't alone and decided to fight us 3v1 with Playdead & Brutal Awakening teaming with them. We said fuck it and fought em anyway. Addy sewer rats (Jaja) showed up to help RNG & co, so no point fighting 1v4 for 10 hours. Can watch some footage instead of random pictures. Hope RNG can fight solo next time! 1:05 for RNG & co massacre Full topic: http://df-rs.com/topic/15718/
  12. Not much to say, Fools saw an opportunity in fighting along side 500 MogTime viewers & it didn't work out very well for them. Hit fools at gap, dwarfs, and new gate before they finally started fighting back at gdz. https://forums.rs-rot.net/t/67100/
  13. Heard Sv posted a prep for that mog time shit, so we posted one for ourselves. Knowing they hyped it up massively and were going to bring everyone and their nan on TS. That being said, we pulled 50 green goons ourselves and hit them everywhere they went, every fight they got into, every regroup. After about an hour of constant bullying they dropped from 80 people 50 on Ts and barely 40 in cc(LMFAO) so we rushed them one last time hoping they would fight us but instead they ran down and ended their trip. Part 1 - VIT/DF2 Part 2 - Ending SV Part 3 - Baiting Rev l0l Part 4 - Ending VNG/Smoking Rev/Faggots
  14. Today the clan world got together for a giant P2P cluster in the wildy. It all started when the streamer MogTime announced that he would host "World War II" a couple weeks ago, and as the date came closer and closer it became apparent that every clan planned to prep big and be a part of it. Being written off as a F2P only clan, we were determined to get our foot in the door and show the clan world we're capable of much more than just that. Chapter 1: Sovereign and Violent Resolution Our day started with us rushing SV fighting someone (jaja?) south of Vet'ion. We got a north to south and rushed in with barrage and hit them hard initially. That big initial hit gave us the momentum, and with SV caught off guard they quickly had to dip south below 30 wild and regroup at Edge. Once they had left the wild, we accidentally found VR sitting in singles right next to where the fight was. We killed their downies that were in multi and flamed them trying to get them into multi. Unfortunately they wouldn't budge, so we began spearing people like Cera and others into multi and killing them. We did this for at least 5-10 of their members before running south to hit a couple Avalon at corp cave back to Edgeville before regearing for our next fight ourselves. Chapter 2: Divine Forces Shortly after re-gearing DF2 pmed us for a fight, clearly feeling confident with their first 30+ pull since dropping out of the Sharkbrew Tournament. There was no hesitation on our side and once they told us they were at dwarves we came flying in. Throughout the fight we dictated the spots on the minimap we wanted to control, forcing DF2 constantly into the trees where they couldn't kill anyone and if they tried to get out we'd just crash into their clump. After ~45 minutes, DF remained stubborn refusing to leave despite the highlights from their POV being at best even with us. They began to drag the fight to poison spiders, to bear, to north of single strip, then finally new gate before eventually giving up and logging out. Nice try DF2 but stick to hugging the 30 line in rev caves with 8 ballistas. Chapter 3: Sovereign's regroup Quickly after clearing DF2, our intel told us SV were going to regroup at RDG on a different world. Knowing we didn't have enough people to fight them head-on, we played it smart and quickly sped up our re-gear to catch them in a barrage pile while they were off-guard and at half-power for a ton of easy loot. We spread north to south just west of RDG and executed our plan perfectly - killing 40+ SV in clumps and chasing them through gap and down to dwarves. Chapter 4: Vanguard and Violent Resolution In our last chapter of the day, we found VnG just sitting around at tip. We positioned and rushed from the south and killed about a dozen before the rest logged out - successfully ending their trip. We proceeded to walk east to see if we could find anyone else to kill before bumping into VR south of gap, but unfortunately their small barrage squad barely fazed us as we pushed through gap and chased them all down. Overall it was a really fun day. We fought vs 5+ clans for 3 or so hours, had barrage gwas's and clean 1v1's with multiple clans. Thanks MogTime for hosting the event and looking forward to the next one!
  15. A couple of weeks ago we posted a prep as we got news that the streamer Mog Time was going to be hosting a world war. When this fine day rolled around, we massed up 80 strong purple goons for our opening PK trip. We started off at Vetion, picking off stragglers and getting loot until the big action begun. Not too long after this Fools rushed us and a nice little fight ensued - JaJa logged in from the west side only to get fucked and pushed to singles in less than 5 minutes. After this fight we went back up and proceeded to have multiple fights with Fools, Vitality, VR, Avalon and PD + Renegades. We caught some absolutely massive clumps and had some great action. We then focused on killing Mog Time a couple times and swept through deep clearing absolutely everything in our tracks capping off 3 hours of clean, uncontested action. Thanks for a sick opening trip clan world and great job to everyone who came out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRHwI-5tG6E
  16. Clan Chat: VR_Clan Chat Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Website: www.vr-rs.com VR Twitter: twitter.com/OSRS_VR VR Twitch: twitch.tv/OSRS_VR Introduction: Founded in 2006, VR was a merge between Hostile and Awaken and against all odds VR has achieved over a decade of success and is one of the only clans still standing today to of not closed and to be pulling enough to compete with most clans in this current era. Currently VR pk on a daily basis and we thrive on having one of the best community's in the game, unless you have been VR you can never understand what we have here. We are more than just a RS clan and our community runs deeper than people imagine. Some of us have been here for all 10 years. Many for the vast majority of that time. Our core member-base is the epitome of loyalty. Our allegiance to VR is unbreakable. VR do all kinds of events.. this ranges from PVM or PVP on a daily basis and we constantly aim to be as active as possible even with the state of the current clan world. Clan Ranks: Leader - Mike-Cera Warlord - Kaochinx27 Pk Leader - Dj Av Valeni Council - Nodari, Sparze, RJ Deathlord Clan Requirements: Recruit: 110+ Combat 85+ Magic Must Have an invite by Member+ Applicant: 115+ Combat 85+ Magic Minimum of 14 days as a recruit Both of these requirements also require you to be active within our community so that being the forums,ts,discord and ingame. Useful Info: History of Violent Resolution :https://www.vr-rs.com/forums/topic/34/?page=1 VR turns 12: https://www.vr-rs.com/forums/topic/6948/?page=1 VR est 2006: https://www.vr-rs.com/forums/topic/633/?page=1 VR Awards:
  17. main Sunday Aest Sweep Ft. Cl

    Went out pking found CL at GDZ cleared them. Then went to revs for another sweep and yet again and we started fighting, the likes of Jaja,CT and The Storm crashed our fight despite this we fought for 3 hours strong and cleared them.
  18. main Renegades vs Avalon

    We set up a lil saturday fight with Avalon in CWA. Low pulls since it's labor day weekend but was still hella fun. We ended up giving Avalon a +4 for each round at around 24v20 opts. R4 it was 22v18 and Avalon managed to snag the win. Thx for the fight Avalon hope to do it again soon. R1-3: R4: 23-25 for Avalon.
  19. 18 Days since the Veng makeover/Rebuild. Wanted to put together a little highlight real to let y'all know we still here and Apps are open Enjoy: AND I figured I would throw a congrats to a couple of our members on some nerdy 99s. GZ buddies
  20. where was sv/rev/vr/dk? crash war btw rev trip
  21. Im a guy they hate?...... A LOT!........................ whats rampage coming to? @Daddy Nate thoughts you cockroach even your own man knows your garbage ?????????? @F U D O G only tagging you cuz i thought you'd have a laugh at this
  22. Adrenaline is an RSB (maxed gear CWA) clan founded in late 2016 by a small group of long term, well known pre-eoc RSBers. Since our opening, we have been widely regarded as the #1 RSB clan and are home to some of the most talented warrers in the scene. RSB warring is similar to pure mini warring in the way of small scale fights, tactics, length and sometimes gear restrictions. We expect newer members to be open to advice and it is mandatory to record your perspective of wars and actively use your mic to communicate. In Adrenaline we do both restricted and uncapped gear wars, the requirements for both are outlined below. Owning all restricted gear is the bare minimum for Adrenaline. Ely OR DFS Rigour and Augury Arcane (not required if you have an ely) Armadyl armour Barrows gloves Fire cape/Infernal cape Ava's assembler Zamorakian hasta Toxic staff of the dead Rune pouch Serp helm Imbued ring of suffering Mage Arena II complete Restricted Gear | Max Gear Mages Ranged tanks Videos
  23. main AAO 100M+ PK

    Been out for 3 days on main/pures for fun just getting +1s of everyone ty
  24. Forums http://ttrinity.me/community/ | Teamspeak3: mikesucks.ttrinity.me:6609 | Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/HH5mPUV Clan Chat: Team_Trinity Key Members of the Herd: Leaders Tiffany Mike Unrated PvM Coordinator Blackinese Vita Veigar CWA Coordinator Kbdick Jared Outstanding Site/Teamspeak Admin Banana Message me here or on Discord (mike) if you want to set up a fight Team Trinity first opened as a clan wars oriented team back in 2011. As the years came by, the clan wars scene decayed to a point in which we did not want to identity ourselves as a clan wars team. As a result, past members of the team have decided to re-brand as a team centered around community and non-pvp events such as a raids, skilling and PvM. We are open to anyone that wants to join our herd. To become a member, there is no application process, you just have to register on forums and idle on teamspeak. Here's some pictures xd https://youtu.be/yyiz3OqlZfE
  25. Hello, My name is BeBrilliant and I recently maxed my main out and am looking to join a main clan. Im currently a Legend in Against All Odds (pure) and dont have any main experience. What I'm looking for is a clan that does multi and also do single trips(official or unofficial) and where I can be a +1, as my main focus wil remain on AAO. Any advice is welcome! thanks <3