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midweek Invictus teaches Fearless about the Back of the Hand

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Invictus decided to head out today with 22 Pimps to go slap our Fearless hoe's around a bit for talking brown sticky stuff about Daddy Bowsz and African Dave. They expected no hands and literally tried massing up a +4 to try take on the undisputed kings of pimping and clearing bitches. Using the ways of the back of the hand we sent these guys from Corp > Lumbridge > GE then Corp > Lumbridge > Lobby. Easy day for Invictus, pounded a few hoe's, shut down a clan and shot up some gangsters.







Started off the day with a hit on FS defending at Corp Hill, they had +1 on us. We didn't give a fuck, we smacked them around controlling the fight and banging out all of their +1s sticking out, including @@Tannie getting 1banged x2 after returning. After they knew they couldn't handle the big blue cock, they got cleared and sent back to massing.






FS massed up 26 to come hit Invictus's 22 Pimps. We waited on Corp and they hit us, fight went back and forth for about 5 minutes before Fearless tried to abandon and log out. They dipped south with around 15 and we followed, logging onto them with opts quickly rising to 20. We continued to fight North CA, and continued slapping them around and eventually cleared them as 5 rats scattered, leaving the rest to be sacrificed to the hands of a pimp. Easy fight, ez W down 4.








@giphy.gif-WILL- POV


@giphy.gifiCalx POV

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