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  1. alrdy have 6 accounts with 39def lets go @nigglet im backer
  2. Havnt been on since august, heard Rage still #1 f2p matched!

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    2. EV Ice

      EV Ice

      Hassan is posting gym-selfies erryday itz freaking LIIITTT

    3. Asuna


      iceey wassup u gonna come back or wat

    4. Munqki


      Ohman wassup mate! And ye we still #1

  3. 20 Rage members join Sup and they become relevant again :thinking:

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    2. Satans


      What to think about, it's a numbers game.

    3. Kevv


      Rage closed bcos they were irrelevant I'm not seeing ur point here

    4. Wild Observer

      Wild Observer

      They were a punching bag

  4. Now what..

    1. Koshar1
    2. Jamie ツ

      Jamie ツ

      could give sup a try Iceey, but good luck with your decision friend :)

    3. Infernape


      the boy, love you my Trihard

  5. Thank god the bois didnt win last night :phew:
  6. wasnt there but it looked really easy lmao
  7. @ @@Niblet O captain! My captain!
  8. cd garbage asf why would ppl join em lmfao
  9. Glad midsommar, horungar! :)

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    2. Brap


      what did u just call me nigga

    3. Anton


      ledsen kille :/

    4. Tzu


      små grodorna små grodorna

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