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Eruption of Pures Leadership Outsmart & Outplay over 35 years of combined pure clanning leaderships


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First let me address my friend in fatality, Hej @@Obbyx Remember dont ever pipe up to me again.






Fatality's 25m : 01da104b2fc273bb7153255032e9aa89.gif


Fatality's 50m : 27e3a1ace070874ad0eb6c18ca41df2d.gif


Fatality's 75m : 9600f497459c73fc30429be1e691dd98.gif



FinalOwnage's 25m : 980725509b04f3ae20eeccd27b8bddb6.gif


FinalOwnage 50m : 592d57f469a6cac90c9853d0f4a0d21c.gif



Unbreakable 20m : 0df622dee2d3363b084fd1599540152f.gif


Unbreakable 40m : 9340b9725960377cf5a91e3326c82d0a.gif


Unbreakable 47m : 899bb4de7a4f1b8165798a9ce73527c0.gif



Rage's 20m : 55f92f289a5e0d23d00d073c1eb6bc73.gif






~Special Shoutout~


@@JAMZ for being the target of abuse. You have played a good victim. Oh btw just wanna tell you, i honestly hate you thats why i picked you as the victim, i guess after what we've been through you would have known your place by now. x]


@Murd @@Nick @@debb with providing the fake names to fool all the clans and editing of fake leaderboards


@Jizzle for the extreme trust. I love rage so pm me on irc, i'll give back half the money.


@FO Jack for paying for nick's dinner with holydreams


@Braden for paying 7m for a fake hostmark lmfaooooo




Last but not least @[Fi]Obbyx @Joseph for co-operating this community wide troll wuu2 jamz trilogy. Without Fatality's help, i alone would have never made it possible. 


Oh btw,




u actually thot lmfao.




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