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Dillon Howlett

pkri Critical Damage Slaps the dogshit out of Purge and their 20 invites in their own server

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We setup a 1 day prep for tonight to fight Purge in a Wilderness PKRI.


Soon enough we were informed of Purge's snake tactics, Lowriders, various other teams and also them bringing a Rev main team ALL focusing CD.

7:48 PM] Moi Orchid: @everyone Purge are doing a 25v25 against CD, we will be Aiding purge as Nemesis , I would like everyone to turn up. 9pm GMT




We weren't phased, we knew we were up against a clan full of retards considering they still listen to the guy whos scams his own members for $10

Mass time came around and we mustered up 35 Abdullah's ready to go, while Ace Krave was still begging everyone who would listen to go with him, but still only able to gain to 39 people between 3 clans.


Long story short, We smoked Purge over and over. Fight lasted for little over and hour before Ace Krave's pebble brain couldn't take the beating anymore and called it a day. 






Imagine getting outpulled (without invites) and losing in your own server to a f2p based clan LOL


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7 minutes ago, Ace Krave said:

by looking at the mini map on that vid It seems to appear that u did indeed get smoked.

It's a miracle how people actually join your snipe team when you got cleared by a f2p based clan

not to mention you can't pull over 20 lmao

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4 hours ago, GL Im 2h said:


Who's autistic mans is this


2 hours ago, Reds said:

Looks like CD got cleared 

You should know better than to pipe up to us considering what we did to your clan in the past

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