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  1. Ly and supremacy both having weekend topics about bears lmfao, 3v1 np 

  2. Midweek at revs whilst every clan uses mains on us cry more pussy
  3. Peaked 45 smoked ly ez 

  4. Swat bruv stop acting up mate clearly takes supremacy and u retard mains to even compete with rage lmfao
  5. Imagine being in supremacy not being able To mass up for there rivals without ly capes on.. 

    Imaging getting closed by ly and the wearing there capes cd kids lol

    That big big yikes 

  6. Who's team rev lol they can 1v4 us also lmfao fucking pussy stop doing topics on this cringe ass forums no1 cares
  7. @Viikingsty 4 fistpuncher beef hari and harrison retard were gonna kill ur clan lmfao
  8. Supremacy always quiet on Sunday?

    Ps ty ly for fistpuncher/beef/hari and harris

  9. Stop trying to be relevant in 2k19 the only people who listen to u are the shitty fucking left overs off cd lmfao all the good ones joined rage inbred pak
  10. @Moniimagine posting gif of green d hide go wank of to some pk vids u brown weirdo @D o nu know every clan I've been apart of with u u crumble like the shit leader u are lol, eop closed you, olympus closed u, still obsessed about a 2k16 rivalry smelly fkin punjab @ParaCommandoain't you a mute? Gj bro stick to what ur good at typing cringe awkward kid lmfao
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