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  1. Hahahaha innocent member? So why is it when he got caught you took 20mins to find us in fally cos going by your vid you didn't have a hit until then. That's what happens to leak we victimise them deal with it
  2. So legacy are supremacy bitches now l00000l

  3. So legacy are supremacy bitches now l00000l

  4. Oh no we just pulled 55 we must be closing! Lmfao!
  5. Sat at 13 ports whilst ur ranks spilled propaganda over ts lmfao. How the fuck you have +10 at Corp to to end up even numbers and dip fucking pussy
  6. Stfu we waited for u rats at 13 ports whilst u get spams in level 3 u cringe hill Billy sister fucking freak
  7. Ly really didn't want it today lmfao 

  8. LMFAO spamming cd cleared while we waited 10 mins sitting at 13 ports. Ly shaking now we're back to a steady pull dumb dogs
  9. Outrage first time pking at REVS cute for a hpc clan
  10. Speak up L0000000000L wheres ur topic rejects? @Fat Scott
  11. Ly fucking smoked lmfao, stick to revs u reject fucks what's ur excuse this time getting cleared pure v pure down 5? Dog ass quality rats
  12. Lord ex offering juice on his own leader lmfao

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