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weekend Vendetta Winning Saturday Trip

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Today The Masked men of Vendetta massed up 35 winners, later peaking at 40 for a fun Saturday.


Most clans pulled significantly lower than us, besides RD who matched our pull. Sadly after we smoked them at Barb village, they decided to spend their trip hitting snipe teams in Singles. Shout out to Apocalypse for giving us some action down levels and opts. All in all, it was another winning day for Vendetta!

vendiconswarlord.pngJoin the #1 XLPC today!!vendiconswarlord.png


Chalu POV: 

Discord: https://discord.gg/2ZrWy8

Teamspeak3: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com

PM sammy#2994 on discord to leak 10m/ trip!!!


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