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Legacy Vs. Fatality - F2P Prep (2-1)

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For today's event, Legacy massed up 31 Spartans for a scheduled F2P Prep vs. Fatality.

After coming back from a long break from preps, we took the strong victory over FI 2-1. GF boys.

- Round One (DEF) -


- Round Two (ATK) -

LY Starting / Ending: 25 / 12

FI Starting / Ending: 25 / 0

- Round Three (PKRI) -

LY Starting / Ending: 26 / 17

FI Starting / Ending: 26 / 0


(Forgot To Vid R3 Win)


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@Scimscan you provide me with a vid including R3 win? If yes, please upload the raw footage to YT and DM me the private YT URL, so it doesn't have to be top-notch.

If not, I am unable to League Verify this thread.

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