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⚔️weekend Berserk's typical #1 Trips: clean & mainless fights over and over again

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berserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' cc

We keep repeating ourself but we do it with a pleasure, Berserk massed up about 20 Samurai's at the start of the trip with the intention on having clean pure vs pure action. Our intel apartment looked at the opts of the other clans and their locs and made a gameplan. And the gameplan is every week the same actually Set up PKRI's vs CLANS and compete.


Berserk vs Atlas Ft. Demo & Stinky mains + vision

Well we tried to actually setup fights but either they ignore or clans cba to setup fights, so even tho the trip started slow we decided to pay clans a visit. Our little birds told us Atlas was walking towards the Ditch in W308 and we decided to pay them a surprise visit. So we tussled and pushed them into the save zone to regroup, meanwhile the fight Demolition was setting themselfs up to crash this fight. Which we saw comming and moved North, because we werent ready to bank yet. And surprise surprise as soon as Demo started hitting us, Atlas rehit us and try to sandwhich us. While avoiding the sandwhich from Atlas by running West we managed to kill alot of Demo on the northern side  before we dipped into singlle because I saw on my little laptop that the Stinky mains and at the same time Vision was trying to crash us. 


Berserk vs Demolition PKRI  1 ft. Stinky mains + vision ( U guys see a pattern yet?)

So we got some refreshments and headed out again to fight Demolition. We started off and was basicly even when we saw clans starting to log in to crash. Seeing that the Stinky mains was one of them and our philosophy is not to entertain mains in the pure scene we just dip out of the fight when not agreed on team on crash. But we didnt leave demo out high and dry and managed to snipe some dum dum stinky mains from single and send em to the lobby.


Berserk vs Demolition PKRI 2

Even tho our first fight got crashed pretty quick but gave it the benifit of the doubt and moved the fighting location to East bandits. While walking towards our defending spot we actually ran in to Demo already and started fighting. Our callers were definitely on something I think because Demolitions members started dropping like flys and were fully cleared pretty quick I must say. But hey the fight was clean and we both had fun, dearly appreciated for the fight Boys!


Berserk vs Demolition PKRI 3 ft. Stinky mains & Vision (Still no pattern?)

Demolition didn't give up! And wanted to setup another PKRI which we gladly accepted ofcourse and changed the fighting spot to Corp Hill this time. Fast as we are we were waiting a while in one of the popular fighting spots so it wasnt hard for scouts to find us after, Demolition triggered the other clans Worldtrackers when they hopped over. But its fine right? We can just make this into a big Pure cluster right? RIGHT??? But surprise surprise when we heard clans were logging and rushing us it were Vision and KP together AGAIN. Which forced the fight to end immidiately and both clans ran east to singles.


Berserk vs Atlas Pkri ft. How team on crash is done PERFECTLY & BU

Even tho Atlas their opts was a bit lower they accepted a PKRI. Because we barely touched our food udring the pkri vs DEMO we decided to defend at corp hill again, and almost at the same time got hit by some random mains, which we farmed pretty easy along side Atlas. When they crashed we split of North and Atlas went South. We dealt with our mains and farmed them pretty fast after that we were gonna check up on Atlas and helped them finish the last ones. When BU decided to come hit Atlas from the East which forced Atlas to run south and gave us the oppurtunity to hit them from the North. But birds told us the stinky mains were on the way again and without giving them any chance we Dipped and Ended ANOTHER SUCCESFULL trip 











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2 minutes ago, UncleRash said:

Was sick action today, thanks everyone who gave us PURE fites.

excuse me Mr. Rash?

How’s it feel to be a part of the most DOMINANT xlpc to ever exist????

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