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⚔️prep Terror Wolves Snack on Salty Apeg Sardines [FT100 PREP]

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Terror massed up 30 Wolves for our scheduled F2P FT100 vs dirty slit-eyed Apex ch*nky sardines tonight. We've been practicing a lot and showing our dedication to F2P lately, so we were eager to take them on and pull off the Dub. Unfortunately they only pulled around 20 so the fight was capped and we began.

The fight was neck and neck all the way until the 60's mark where we went down roughly 5 kills, we were able to close the lead and ended up winning 100-99. Great job wolf pack, that fight really solidified all the hard work you've been putting in.

Ty peggies for action, for as much time you guys play the game you sure do still stink like smelly sardines...

Round 1 - WIN

TERROR Ending : 100

Apex Ending : 99





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