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  1. Looks like you weren’t even apart of the fight at all and you were merged ccs with sv, bad topic it seems you got victimized
  2. Looks like rev are #1 in f2p and p2p
  3. Nice I personally heard Jordai screaming for mains to log in for opts as they got smoked 1v1, Gz on your win new foe looking like a slippery slope
  4. Foe pures and mains getting leaked twice in the same day, not looking good lool
  5. Nice looks like you owned foe in a 1v1 probably why they had 40 mains after losing. Good job rage
  6. Looks like foe was hiding behind ly today to prevent a loss vs you guys, gj on #1
  7. Zenith best in wildy by a mile ly fi rage doing well apex good in cwa foe in a shambles losing ranks & got admin logs leaked twice but were good many years ago lol bp and og pretty cool clans
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