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  1. Swear zenith pull 42 with 15 ranks nowadays lol
  2. Easy win for rev, forced sharks to go cwa and watch their pulls decrease every week LOL
  3. There’s no way you uploaded that and thought that’s a solid POV to represent my clan LMAO
  4. Terrible performance by apex, shame to see them go down the roads of doing stuff out of the game! Rev dominated completely evidently
  5. Looks like rev won all day, apex going downhill and rot well....
  6. Rot started trying to embargo all other clans except their minion clans to be in a pure clan, Rev retaliated by removing all sv in foe. Rage has a few veng members in their so rot try to 1 item their fights. Apex snipe for rot in f2p the other day + been a minion to rot (Nox’s topic about anti rot clans) so they getting fo treatment now
  7. Looks like you weren’t even apart of the fight at all and you were merged ccs with sv, bad topic it seems you got victimized
  8. Nice I personally heard Jordai screaming for mains to log in for opts as they got smoked 1v1, Gz on your win new foe looking like a slippery slope
  9. Foe pures and mains getting leaked twice in the same day, not looking good lool
  10. Nice looks like you owned foe in a 1v1 probably why they had 40 mains after losing. Good job rage
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