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  1. Beastdefire

    EOP back up?

    lmfaooo stay in the grave where you belong
  2. Even with Jaja helping eopoo, they still couldnt win lol!
  3. Beastdefire

    [POP] Plague Of Pures Returns

    lmfao "pop"
  4. Beastdefire

    not counted Tournament World Foe+Randoms vs Others fun

    poor noob got 1 banged leave them alone
  5. you're brown sticky stuff, gj.
  6. Hpc sv --> Main Sv --> Lpc Sv --> Hpc sv again --> ???
  7. Beastdefire

    foe p2p mini vs tlp 4-2

  8. Beastdefire

    L0l fatality, Sinister pures vs Foe Clan cup final

    Who the fuck are the sinister pures