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  1. Big trip be on 8 hour fight tommarow

  2. Glad to be clanning for 13~ years and counting :) 

  3. daily remidner your all talented people that are goin to get far in life stay postive my fams :)

  4. Rage full of dogs like iced bow l0l 

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    2. Niblet


      ur tears are tasty faggot

    3. Spiral


      who even is this dog beta male figure

    4. WarChild


      haha! u seem mad i closed eop faggot lmfao

  5. Wtf is resistance no flame is it a prep team?
  6. Legashit is shit l000l

    1. MAGICfrmda6


      envy is in legacy lmao

  7. ly on my chefth

  8. no1 is scared of rage u dumb fuck lmfao
  9. Imagine reopening dead clans during summer. go outside

  10. Made 1.3b this week need to sell soon ffs 

  11. Who removed my status update o.O

    1. Satans


      Whichever goofy was using your account Zafe was a retard l0l

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